Endsightt: “The Music Demo” – the unrelenting search for truth!

Endsightt: “The Music Demo” – the unrelenting search for truth!

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Chances are you have never heard of Endsightt. He has managed to stay relatively unknown in the music world. Well not for long. Not sure how long this was in the making, but “The Music Demo” is an excellent 15-track album by this artist. Featuring 1 hour and 30 minutes of Endsightt…and just Endsightt – there are no featuring artists, so by the end of this album, it seems as if you know Endsightt on a much more personal level than would seem possible after only one listen. To understand the music, it usually helps to have a cursory understanding of the man who makes it. Unfortunately we’re as much in the dark as you are. So we’re left with the songs and the execution of such.

Endsightt-coverWhat is instantly evident is that Endsightt’s voice is very versatile. He can be forceful, forthright, and extremely aggressive. And when you listen to the lyrics, you get a true taste of the meat of the album. There is a constant battle between what’s good and bad, or right and wrong throughout the songs, no matter what the focused subject matter is.

But the most persistent theme, from beginning to end seems to be Endsightt’s unrelenting search for truth in everything he raps about. And when I say rap, I’m being extremely circumscribed, Endsightt goes well beyond styles, genders, and dare I say…music!

“The Music Demo” sounds like a movie, and plays out like a movie, and certainly maintains the tension and atmospheric aspect of an epic film throughout. At times Endsightt’s spoken word narratives sound like powerful monologues meant to move cultures, nations and entire populations, and at most times that’s exactly what they do (“The Plight”, “Truth”, and “White Devil”).

Endsightt-logoThen at other times it sounds as if he only wants to enlighten and move you personally (“Tabula Rasa”, “Girl or the World” and “The Test”). Endsightt sounds like blinding, disciplined, powerful and fierce love, forcefully looking for the truth and the empowering positivity that is in alignment wi