VideoMusicStars Independent Music News Headlines Mon, 29 Aug 2016 14:53:13 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Septimius The Great – a force to be reckoned with! Mon, 29 Aug 2016 11:32:28 +0000 How would you describe an artist that has shared the stage with such artists as: Chrisette Michele, Pat Benatar, Patti Labelle, Jennifer Holiday, Deborah Cox, Dru Hill, Musiq Soulchild, Wale , Martha Wash, CeCe Penniston, Crystal Waters, Pepper Mashay, Ultra Nate , Rupaul, Tiffany, Colonel Abrahms, and more. He couldn’t be anything less than great, right? Now consider that the artist in question began performing in 1997, as well as being a Runway Model, Choreographer, Fashion Show Producer, Talent Promoter, Entertainer, International Male pageant titleholder, and CEO of his own business ventures. Sounds great, right?

Septimius The Great

Septimius The Great

The artist in question here, is Septimius ,who started his recording career as a featured artist with the X9 Records recording label which led to a debut CD single with a local group under the label which topped the dance music charts worldwide.

In 2011, he was nominated by the Grammy Association for the Top 100 Music Artist on the Verge and attended and walked the red carpet in Los Angeles, CA during Grammy week. Again, nothing less than great! It is logical then to conclude that all these achievements could only be consummated by none other than Septimius The Great!

In fact, Septimius The Great is a recreation of the historical figure “Septimius Severus,” the First African Roman Emperor that reigned from 193 AD – 211 AD. Since this was a powerful figure in African and Roman history, this Baltimore, MD USA based recording artist, decided to recreate and rename the figure as “Septimius The Great” Emperor of Music – and went on to achieve even greater things.

His debut CD “To Be Emperor” spawned hit singles and a series of popular videos. Septimius most recently became a top contestant on NBC’s America’s Got Talent TV show and an 11-time Award Winner at the Indie Music Channel Awards for Best Dance Music Artist – “Iam Fashion”, Best World Music Artist – “Exotic Pleasure”, Best Rap Video – “When In Rome”, Best Dance Recording – “We Party For The People” and Best Rap Recording – “To Be Emperor”.

His recent chart-topping recording, “Who’s The Sexiest” earned him the International Music Award for Best Male Vocalist. Also in his song “I Am Fashion” garnered a nomination for Best Dance Song by the Hollywood Music in Media Awards. Most recently he has also been nominated for Best Music Artist by the Baltimore Music Awards and the RAW Music Awards.

The 13-track album “To Be Emperor” also contains remixes of the above songs, including other standouts like “Exotic Pleasure” and “When In Rome (Opera Mix)”.

The album cover

The album cover

Overall, Septimius The Great’s ability to adapt to the present time is remarkable. As hip-hop’s sound continues to change and evolve since he stepped into the ring in 1997, Septimius The Great has clearly done the same. He is a force to be reckoned with in hip-hop, with a crossover sound that draws from a myriad of styles.

“To Be Emperor” is the type of album fans ought to expect from a flamboyant rapper, who blurs genre lines especially with electronic music. Being one of the flyest artists in the independent industry, he knows how to make classics as well as make people dance.

Having deconstructed all stereotypes from his persona, Septimius The Great is doing his own thing. Hate him or love him, he’s only one of a handful of Black recording artists who have actually gotten behind the scenes of a music industry with a history of only exploiting Black musicians, and established his very own pathway.

No gangsta rap, no misogyny, his music is entertainment with a capitol ‘E’, and when Septimius The Great sings the call to response chorus, ““Who’s is the Sexiest”, and the answer come echoing back, Septimius”, believe the hype!


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Emy Cee: ‘Above The Sky’ seamlessly blends the retro and modern Sun, 28 Aug 2016 10:27:07 +0000 ‘Above The Sky’ marks Emy Cee’s return to music after a hiatus. This break, however, wasn’t her first. In the aftermath of September 11, Emy Cee took a break from her art to serve her country. Since then, she has been passionately promoting and supporting the cause of veterans. Another one of her accomplishments has been performing alongside Roger Waters of Pink Floyd, in support of veterans at the Bob Woodruff Foundation ‘Stand Up for Heroes’ benefit concert, which also included Bruce Springsteen among others. In addition to music, Emy Cee can be heard in some popular brand commercials, calls, even tutorials around the globe via her booming voice over career.

Emy Cee has been influenced by the likes of Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Whitney Houston, and the like, but it was the tragic death of Selena Quintanilla, in 1995, that inspired her artistic spark into a burning flame. ‘Above The Sky’ just blows the measly competition out there right now.

emy-cee-350In her heavenly voice I hear the phrasings of Jill Scott, the deep feeling of Fantasia, and the vocal acumen of Corrine Rae Bailey. Three things make this single a winner. 1) Emy Cee showcases a dynamic voice and a unique sound that is her own. 2) The production by Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production, LLC, seamlessly blends the retro and modern, while sounding completely urban soul, with jazzy flourishes to boot. 3) Emy Cee wrote the music and lyrics. How many songstresses do you know that actually compose their own songs?

‘Above The Sky’ is much welcomed return to classy and sophisticated soul, jazz and R&B infused music to the center stage. Rarely does a singer come along whose talent manages to ascend above major record deals, music trends and fickle listeners. Sure, there’ll be plenty of comparisons to other artists, but Emy Cee has a tonality in her voice that simply gives you chills.

The main problem with the music industry is that it is polluted with artist topping the charts who truly are not great singers. The listener is diluted with overtly sexual lyrics and so many obnoxious visuals that when a voice this stylish comes along, many will miss the pure elegance and quality of its flow.

Thankfully, there are plenty of us who will get it. Emy Cee is definitely someone who knows who she is and where she is going. Her strong, resilient, articulate voice with sound influences from legends that made the game, will surely lead the way.

Emy Cee is now ready to tackle the music industry by herself. The New York City based artist is releasing the new single – which forms part of an upcoming EP – on all major digital music platforms, including streaming services like Spotify and TIDAL, as well as shops like iTunes and Google Play.

In fact the single is already available on iTunes. I’m not easy to impress musically and have extremely discriminating taste, but Emy Cee not only doesn’t disappoint, she soared way pass my expectations and promises to be a force to be reckoned with in the music industry during her second coming.


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Roger Cole & Paul Barrere: “Right Outta Wrong” creates musical magic Sat, 27 Aug 2016 01:17:15 +0000 Since the first time I listened to “Right Outta Wrong” by Roger Cole & Paul Barrere it has been in heavy rotation. The guitar work is consistently impressive throughout and is understated in that it is more about flawless execution, inflection and tone than it is about blistering and technically challenging solos. Roger and Paul were in the groove and their interplay yielded a classic sounding blues track here.

This song isn’t just about guitar playing and it’s not just about the blues. It’s about a love for the music and a love for each other. These attitudes ooze forth from the music like syrup onto pancakes on a cold December morning. These guys are brothers where it matters, in heart and soul and in the time of playing together.

ROW-COVERThere are musicians that have nothing left to prove except the fact that they can still make great music. Paul Barrere is clearly one of these. His legacy goes all the way back to the heyday of Little Feat, where he played guitar and slide guitar, sang lead and handled backing vocals.

A mature and consummate musician today, Paul enjoys a working partnership with Roger Cole that functions just about perfectly. The two have their own record label in BetterDaze Music, as well as an artistic collaboration that has spawned a long series of excellent music releases – both singles and albums. The duo also liberate their creative spirits by producing video clips to match their music.

Roger Cole & Paul Barrere explore the many facets of rock and blues based music, throwing in roots or progressive elements when needed. On “Right Outta Wrong” it’s back to bluesy basics, with Roger handling the lead guitar bits and Paul taking over the lead vocals. It’s a formula that works well for the two, as they create musical magic.

Both are in terrific form with voice and spirited guitar interplay the order of the day. Not only does this track showcase the Roger’s guitar skill and Paul’s vocal talents, its warmth leads you to understand that these two men are really just a couple of friends who would be strumming and plucking together even if the recorders weren’t rolling.

I’ve always loved the works of these two phenomenal artists, and I’ve always leaped at the chance to hear any of their new releases thrown my way.  Listening to “Right Outta Wrong” brings back a lot of fond memories while making new ones. There is no way one can listen to the blues and not tap your feet while reminiscing of times gone by.

Roger Cole’s guitar is as emotional as good blues harmonica, while Paul Barrere’s voice is as muscular and deep as it needs to go. Together Roger Cole & Paul Barrere’s sound and style on “Right Outta Wrong” proves that you don’t have to have slept in boxcars or picked cotton in order to be a great blues musician; you just have to be human.


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Samie Bisaso Gains 3 Nominations in the 2016 IMEAA Music Awards! Fri, 26 Aug 2016 21:16:28 +0000 Christian and Gospel artist, Samie Bisaso has been nominated in 3 categories by the ”International Music and Entertainment Awards Association”  which is due to take place on October 8th 2016 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. Sammy will be running on the following categories:

You can find out more about the 2016 IMEAA Music Awards nominees here. You can also watch Samie Bisaso’s latest music videos on his YouTube channel.

About the “Million Pieces” album:

samie-bisaso-million-coverIt is an inspirational album containing 13 tracks, featuring hit songs like, “Completely”, “Live for you”, “Million Pieces”, “Already better”, “Only with You”, “Take my heart”, “Lord I wait”, “Let Him Be”, “Forever in My Heart”, and more!
“When I recorded this album I wanted to deliver something that was going to encourage those who are in the valley of the lives,” says Samie. “To let them know that even though their lives have been shattered like a glass into a million pieces – God has got your back! The question is, will you trust Him enough to help you piece it together again! When life is broken like a glass into a million Pieces, are you able to stand in the middle of it all and say: Lord i will trust you!”

“God can heal a broken heart but He has to have all pieces. We must leave and trust everything into God’s hands,” continues Samie.  The song “Million Pieces” empowers listeners to find strength in trusting God, to triumph over every life’s trial and test. “Million Pieces” is an incredible collection of powerful stores that reach the corner of the heart to inspire the soul. Samie Bisaso says, ”It’s difficulty to walk past beautiful pieces of broken people without knowing how you can help them be whole again.”

“Million Pieces” is a poetic song inspired by Job in the Bible, who believed in hope even when he appeared to be hopeless! And he expressed in a statement, ”I know my redeemer lives”. Even though life has been shattered like a glass into a million pieces, are you able to trust God in a messy place? Will you trust Him enough to help you piece it together when life’s broken, like a glass into a million pieces?


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Weston Simonis: “Moments Of Intoxication” – energetically engaging and precise without sounding overdone Fri, 26 Aug 2016 18:29:30 +0000 “Moments Of Intoxication” by Weston Simonis is a vastly underrated album. On first listen, you might not realize what it is you are listening to, but once you listen again you begin to see how remarkable Simonis is as he mixes pop, metal and sometimes dance orientated styles into his music. Filled with both dread and hope, intensely personal, but never egotistical Simonis opens up some very private trials and tribulations in his life and also expresses his concerns about the world we are living in. He does this all in a very down to earth intelligent, not preachy manner.

Weston Simonis

Weston Simonis

Musically the album is solid, not overly too produced, and brilliantly stylized by relentless rocking guitars and a voice that easily soars across octaves. His footing is that of an artist offering his work to be judged than that of a presumptuous wanna-be icon resulting in a work of substance rather than showy fodder.

Loaded from start to finish with great songs, “Moments Of Intoxication’s” rockers are unfailingly both heavy and engaging, yet they have a strong pop twist and edge. Checkout songs like “Fabricate”, “Lynique”, “Yoga Pants” and “Moments Of Intoxication” for this unique effect.

“Shadows Of The Night” and “That’s What She Said” uncovers an even heavier and more epic sounding Simonis, as he lays on some more thick churning guitars and screaming vocals. And even the acoustic-driven ballad, “Miles Between Us” conveys genuine emotion without sounding sappy or overly trite.

If you love hard driving songs as much as the next guy, but still need to have something with an underlying melody to make sense, then there are enough songs on this album to satisfy your appetite. Moreover, this album grows on you the more you listen to it.

The album cover

The album cover

The tunes and the musicianship by Weston Simonis are top-notch, and the production is energetically engaging and precise without sounding either too slick or simply overdone. Simonis has brought back what rock is supposed to sound like, feel like, and taste like, except he places it inside a pop and modern urban context. Something nobody else I can think of is doing right now.

In fact Weston Simonis is a one of kind artist, and if he keeps on making music of this tone and timber, soon he will have created his own genre. The collage of sounds blends together very nicely. Get your copy and play it loud on a well-balanced system and watch the guitar and Simonis’ vocals blow your speakers!

MORE ABOUT WESTON SIMONIS: A native of the Grande Ronde Valley, Weston Simonis has been on the local music scene for many years. Simonis has been the frontman for several bands over the years, including Drive By, Hopeless Endeavor and The October Sky. As frontman for the band Metal Under the Influence, Simonis and his band mates won the ‘Battle of the Bands’ contest then went on to participate in the Warp Tour, playing at both Boise State University and Eastern Oregon University. After high school, Simonis went on to study at Full Sail University in Florida, known for being one of the best multimedia institutes in the nation. Working with music producer Michael (Wolf) Reaves (Metallica, Jay-Z and Justin Timberlake), Simonis gained the skills needed to open his own recording studio in La Grande.


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Art of Decay: “The Rise” – densely layered arrangements! Fri, 26 Aug 2016 15:45:34 +0000 The Art of Decay started when drummer David D’Auria and guitarist Eric Quiros met in 2013. After meeting, they discovered they shared an interest in wanting to create something exciting and special in the stagnant pond of the heavy music scene. After screening countless auditions and hopefuls, singer Olga Plekhanova garnered the interest and praise of David and Eric with her impressive musicality and powerful, charismatic voice.

The EP cover

The EP cover

Born in Perm, Russia, Olga moved to Los Angeles to pursue the more lucrative opportunities LA had to offer. The band has added bass player and audio engineer, Nikhil Suresh to the lineup, who was preceded by Cameron Williams.

The Art of Decay shifts between heavenly atmospheres, brutal heaviness and death growls on their 4 track EP, “The Rise”. The band’s creativity and top-notch musicianship are in evidence throughout the recording.

The album is as much spacious as it is vertical, with densely layered arrangements of guitars (sludgy power chords, smart arpeggios, frantic leads) atop unconventional hard-hitting percussion. Perhaps most significantly, the vocals, switches from the soaring melodic forays by Olga Plekhanova to the barked and howled maelstrom supplied by David D’Auria.

The opening track, “Free World”, which is vocally dominated by Olga, is terrific. Here the dynamic range is opened dramatically, with quick alterations between spidery licks, dashing drums, thumping basslines and knotty, pounding riffage.

Even better is “Take Back The Night” which ratchets rapid-fire time changes, while the track creates a grinding-sludge atmosphere where the vocal melodies and growling voices blend and meld into piercing thunderstorms which rise above the mass of sound.

Olga Plekhanova

Olga Plekhanova

Interestingly enough, the epics are actually the most immediately memorable songs, in this case “Green Design”. Armed with brutally intense tech-metal breaks, ginormous, rampaging grooves, and a beefy, inexorable rhythm, this track offers a four-and-a-half minute raving rampage.Pure doom riffing, powerful and booming bass lines, plus energetic and technical drumming makes up the sound of the supposedly lightest track on the EP – “Never Again” which is another barrage of instruments that beats you into the ground!

Art of Decay is to most metal bands, what platinum is to silver. There’s a whole lot of this band that is not immediately obvious in their songs on first listening. Their individual instrumentation is refined, pounded into submission, melted down and reformed, over and over until its form bares little resemblance to the kind of metal most bands are making.

There is a familiar menace in the song themes, but the musicianship and vision are about making their music interesting, unpredictable and extraordinarily unique – thanks also to the opposing vocal styles they blend into their songs.  It’s a relief to find a band like Art of Decay, whose work powerfully transcends the genre they work in. Inspired in its fury and tenacity, “The Rise” is a great listen!


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The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 – Focus – Available on all Digital Download Stores! Fri, 26 Aug 2016 14:14:23 +0000 Ann Wilson (of Heart) has released her second solo EP, The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 – Focus, on Rounder Records. If you’re a rock n’ roll aficionado, you’d would have appreciated the music the powerhouse rock group Heart throughout their four decade dominance of the genre. And if you’ve ever been a fan of Heart – sometime in your life, you probably would have fallen in love with one or both of the sisters who have led this band through multi-platinum selling success – Ann and Nancy Wilson. I know I have…on countless occasions.

The EP cover

The EP cover

You’ll never hear finer female rock vocals than those delivered by Ann Wilson. Search, find, and listen to Heart’s masterpiece ‘Dog & Butterfly’ album. Ann’s haunting voice brought forth such emotions as wanting, hurting, and yearning, but also demanded attention, and could grow into a rage.

If there was a better female rock vocalist fronting a rock band than Ann Wilson, throughout these last decades I have never heard her, and probably no-one else has either. Now I am proud to announce that listening to the featured tracks on The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 – Focus EP that Ann still maintains her legendary status.

Songs on the EP include live recordings of Jimi Hendrix’ “manic depression” and Peter Gabriel’s “don’t give up”, as well as two Wilson-penned tracks, the folk-inspired “fightin fer life” and the bluesy “anguish”. Guitarist Craig Bartok co-wrote both of these original songs together with Wilson. There are many reasons to buy this EP.

Ann Wilson

Ann Wilson

It is a great piece of work musically. But what makes this recording really exciting are songs like “fightin fer life” – a swirling melodic acoustic-driven piece that whispers soft and with peaks of creative vocal abandon. The lyrics for this song are ‘visually exciting’. A beautiful and poignant story painted with words, notes and nuances, the way only Ann Wilson can.

However when legend meets genius on Peter Gabriel’s “don’t give up”, the heavens come down. Ann delivers a vocal interpretation of sublimely understated brilliance. She could have torn this track apart with fierce electrical screams, as the musical pallet here, offers many opportunities to do so. Instead she chooses to navigate, explore and burrow herself into the song’s core, fleshing out its deepest definition and significance.

The bluesy “anguish” is where Ann unleashes a reminder her visceral rock roots, forging a voice that is both raw and at its refined best. Throughout the entire EP Ann Wilson demonstrates some of the best examples of the broad range of technical and emotional expression she has always been capable of. And without her knowing it, Ann has made me fall in love with her all over again, as I first did in 1973!

The band...

The band…

The Ann Wilson Thing! #2 – Focus is now available via and at all major digital and physical retailers. Ann Wilson has also announced a mini-tour of Florida with The Ann Wilson Thing!, to take place after Heart’s Rock Hall ‘Three For All’ tour concludes in mid-September.

The first show will be at the King Center for the Performing Arts in Melbourne, FL on Sept. 25 and will be followed by shows at Plaza Live in Orlando, FL and the Pointe Vedra Concert Hall in Pointe Vedra, FL on Sept 27 and Sept 28, respectively.


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Fingermouse & Rubberneck: “Samsquantch” comes off as a very vibrant, modern-sounding record Thu, 25 Aug 2016 13:44:50 +0000 Cambridge, England-based duo Fingermouse & Rubberneck are set to release their first ever EP stateside on September 2nd, 2016 via the newly formed Invisible Milk Records. Fingermouse and Rubberneck are Tom Few (lead, rhythm guitars and vocals) and Simon Murfitt (bass, harmonica, vocals and digital bodging). Blending EDM and hip-hop production techniques with the sounds of indie/blues/rock and funk – “It’s a blend of a very diverse range of influences that works entirely by accident” says guitarist and vocalist Tom Few.

Fingermouse-Rubberneck-LabelThe album is indie-rock at its core, but it is polished and waxed with a nice hipster coating. The marriage of this melodic songwriting, gritty bluesy performances and stylish electronic twist makes for a record that is unmistakably cool.

“Samsquantch” exemplifies a very extraordinary talent of meshing all kinds of different instruments, acoustic, electric and electronic together, and having what comes out not become an indiscernible mess of noise. The guitars are piquing, the bass lush and full, the drums ablaze; this continues for the EP’s entirety.

The one-two punch of the tracks, “The Mouse” and “Nothing I Can Do” that opens the record is the kind of combo that could so easily prevent the rest of the EP from being heard.

Both are bouncy slices of indie rock guaranteed to get feet tapping: “The Mouse” rides a jittery beat and the oscillating vocals make the chorus perfectly memorable and perfectly simple, while “Nothing I Can Do” mixes buzzing guitars and a twisted harmonica with a jangly chorus that just begs to be sung along to.

Fingermouse-Rubberneck-Cover“Samsquantch” comes off as a very vibrant, modern-sounding record. Songs like the “Out In The Heat” and “What You Want” sound like the stereophonic equivalent of a blues-dripping psychedelic rainbow; full-bodied whiskey-stained compositions that embrace a wall-of-sound production style but maintain Fingermouse & Rubberneck’s dedication to keeping it relatively funky and danceable, resulting in something fresh.

They close the EP with two more distinct versions of “The Mouse”, which is obviously the recording’s focus track. As a fan of music nothing pleases me more than musicians willing to experiment with sounds that are as vibrant and rich as the music this duo creates on this EP.

Overall, Fingermouse & Rubberneck toss borders and conventions aside in favor of an expertly crafted funk and groove-induced alternative rock EP. When they create a song they fill it with emotional impact and complex dynamic shifts. When it works, it’s almost magical, and when it doesn’t, it’s still completely dazzling.

And I’ll admit it, I’ve heard a lot of brilliant music coming out of England over the years, but this is by far the most imaginative in recent times. Fingermouse & Rubberneck are probably the country’s best underground export right now!


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Sarantos: “D’ja Cheat” – the music mirrors his artistic persona Thu, 25 Aug 2016 10:40:19 +0000 On the brand new single and video, “D’ja Cheat”, you can liken Sarantos’ voice to the male equivalent of a siren inviting unsuspecting mariners to dash themselves on the rocks. The almost angelic versatility of his vocal range and musical expression is a skill you’ll rarely find in most rock or metal artists, who prefer to go with thundering bombast in their deliveries.

The music is edgy, haunting, melodic and passionate on this track. If you’re into ear-pounding guitar riffs, tribal drums and screaming, you’d probably want to steer clear of this track. But if you like powerful guitar driven rock with sizzling guitar solos and plenty of melody, you’d appreciate this song.



By now we know that Sarantos’ songs are all different, there is a lot of talent and creativity put into not only the music, but the lyrics as well. The mood changes throughout his music, as much as its messages do. He always has great melodies, and Sarantos’ voice is extremely smooth with the style changes.

He manages to adapt easily to whatever genre he is working in and “D’ja Cheat” is probably one of the hardest rock songs he has ever done. Sarantos is also very easy on the eyes and full of emotion when he sings.

You’ll easily fall for the emotion in the video of the song, as he is better than most indie musicians when it comes to performing in, and producing video clips. Relentlessly releasing one video clip each month has certainly made him an expert by now.

“This video is about gambling, jealousy and cheating,” says Sarantos. “The drone footage and vintage cars were so beautiful but the real highlight of the video are the music and lyrics themselves. The story takes center stage. Although this song veers off the pop rock genre, I love trying extremes and even different genres well beyond my comfort level. I can tell my fans that I’m of Christian faith, not in any cults, not a devil worshipper and yet, I love the music as it fits this song. I love rock! I don’t think there’s anything wrong with hard rock music! It’s so misunderstood. Some of the nicest people I’ve met are in this genre. You really shouldn’t judge a book by its cover.”

the single cover

the single cover

Yet in Sarantos’ case, I would say, please judge the book by its cover! Clean-cut, perfectly groomed and dressed, his music mirrors his artistic persona. The musical arrangement, performance and recording, are of a superior level with no glitches or bad batches. It has been awhile since I have noticed his move to the next level in the production sphere.

Sarantos has always been a great songwriter and performer, but like most other exceptional indie artists, the production was also just half a notch below the major label artists, for obvious reasons. In recent months Sarantos has managed to close that gap in a very noticeable way.

I’m not sure what has changed in his recording and production methods, but it is clear that he has taken another step towards the big arena. And “D’ja Cheat” is a concrete example of that!

OFFICIAL LINKS: Sarantos Website – Facebook – Twitter – Google+ – YouTube – iTunes – Vimeo – Reverbnation – Soundcloud

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“INDEPENDENCE DAY”, THE FOURTH SINGLE BY SINGER-SONGWRITER AMARU Wed, 24 Aug 2016 19:02:00 +0000 It’s the story of the relationship he never had with his biological father…

AMARU returns with his new joint “Independence Day”! But don’t expect gloom, because this track will make you shake both your brain AND your booty!

amaru-pr-350While he looks back on very fond childhood memories, AMARU has always felt that there was “something missing”. Despite the fact that he had a wonderful stepfather and father figure in his life, he couldn’t help but to wonder “what if” and “why”. Moving to Europe in the early 90’s provided him with the opportunity to meet his biological father and to try to establish a relationship with him. That proved to be a massive undertaking, as this man wasn’t really interested in maintaining a relationship with AMARU.

A phone call or an email perhaps… AMARU waited for years, to no avail. In the end he had to face the facts and so he decided to turn misfortune into fortune and write about this part of his life. “Back in 2008, when I started to write this song, I had a melody in my head that went perfectly with the first line of the chorus “Without integrity there can’t be love, AMARU recalls. “After that, the rest of the lyrics and the melody just came to me and within hours I had finished a brand new song!”, he continues.

amaru-logoIt would take him 8 years however to actually produce the song and release it as a single! “Independence Day”, AMARU’s fourth single, is a song about letting go, to be liberated of feelings of discontent and sadness, to open oneself up for the promise of a new day, something that everybody can relate to. “While the song has a very deep meaning for me, one may also consider this song a break-up song between two lovers”, AMARU says. “And that’s my intention in my songwriting, the double meaning of words and how different people interpret them”.

AMARU’s “Independence Day” is widely available on all major digital platforms, while the music video can be viewed on his website or on his official channels on Youtube and Vimeo.

Song Credits:

Written by: AMARU

Produced by: AMARU and Marcel van Ling

Vocal arrangements by: AMARU

All vocals by: AMARU

Recorded, mixed & mastered by: Marcel van Ling at MoSound Studio (Zoetermeer, The Netherlands)

Published by: AMARU MUSIC (© 2016)

Artwork & Video Credits:

Styling by: AMARU

Photography by: Manú Santander for

Video produced & directed by: AMARU for AMARU MUSIC / AMARU PRODUCTIONS (© 2016)

Contact information:  www.amaru.n

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