VideoMusicStars Independent Music News Headlines Wed, 21 Mar 2018 00:30:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 “Rebel” sees Ravenscroft at their most ambitious Wed, 21 Mar 2018 00:30:00 +0000 After dropping a couple appetite whetting singles in the previous months, alternative rock giants Ravenscroft is back and they’re bringing along their highly anticipated studio EP “Rebel” which out right now. The first track, “Denomination” is a deep, dark, solid track that announces its presence with a charging bass, killer drums, a powerful hook, mesmeric lyrics, and lead singer Ralph Buso’s iconic vocals. It’s a culmination of all the elements fans have grown to love about this band. This track is an instant classic. When the song hits the apex and the instruments surge, it creates a musical moment that is, simply put, monumental.  I find myself playing it repeatedly because experiencing this song only once is simply not enough.

The EP “Rebel”, sees Ravenscroft at their most ambitious, crafting new and intricate songs that show a remarkable sonic evolution track after track. Much of the recording is focused on groove and precision structure. Tracks like “The Chase” and “Stand Up” demand movement with the flow of the music.

At the same time, there is also a greater emphasis placed on tempo and pacing throughout the EP. These aforementioned tracks are also the songs which perfectly showcase Brett Octane’s monstrous guitar playing and incendiary solos. Though he shines just about anywhere on this disc.

“Rebel” is an unexpected accomplishment from Ravenscroft. They are able to venture towards the boundaries of melodic hard rock and metal while being wrapped in an alternative motif. And they are at their most melodic on the power ballad “My Dearest One”. Buso’s vocals, raw and emotional, are incredibly clear and reverberant.

In tune with the rest of the band, drummer Pat Magrath and bassist Devin Baker add some very good timbre and textures to the arrangement. Serving restraint when needed and cutting loose on the call. The extremely bouncy riff and massive chorus of “Jaded” is just begging to be blasted out to a sold out arena show.

Both vigorous and varied, the rhythm section serves a set of powerful lyrics on “Jaded”. The music speaks for itself, as Magrath’s heavy hitting drums leveled by Octane’s flawless guitar skills take control. Ralph Buso’s singing is very nuanced, energetic and roaring. Throughout the EP, the whole band complements each other well in a natural way.

They leave, enough space open to allow the other to shine. Perfect harmony together in tone, texture and aesthetic. Each song is better than the previous. They perpetuate their great sense of groove. That’s evident on every song. Each is a huge potential single especially, not least the closer and title track, “Rebel”.

“Rebel” creates a power anthem atmosphere that grips you from the beginning. It’s got a thunderous killer drum attack accented by riffs to die for. All the sections enter in symbiosis to create an intoxicating tune. The Orange County, California based power quartet that makes up RavenscroftRalph Buso(Vocals), Pat Magrath (Drums), Brett Octane, (Guitar) and Devin Baker (Bass) – jump the gates of a new era in the alt-rock community.

Ravenscroft are shaping the genre into something truly reinvigorating. A stream of passion, and a storm of stomping sound that carries you anywhere you wish to go. And in the process they cook up a real hurricane of an EP!


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Meelow – you can connect with both the music and the lyrics Tue, 20 Mar 2018 19:06:46 +0000 Teen songwriter, actress and musician, Lily Garret, better known by her stage name Meelow, draws inspiration from a wide range of artists, such as Queen and Heart, as well as Christina Aguilera, Halsey, and Adele. She’s performed at several festivals and charity events including The Chisholm Trail Art Walk, and the United Way Follies where she was chosen as fan favorite, and she also performed the National Anthem at the PRCA Rodeo in Duncan, Oklahoma. Something she will be repeating for the OKC Dodgers soon. Meelow has been doing covers and releasing original music via Soundcloud, Reverbnation and YouTube for some time now as she continues to grow her craft. She has the voice that represents the youth, which she blends with haunting performances and chilling beats.

Her music is pop on a more subtle level, it doesn’t carry the burden of being written and structured to pander to the masses, instead it endears itself with grounded honesty. Like her first introductory original song “Humans”.

Meelow’s vocals come off as forthright and in control, with an underground kind of crossover Pop-EDM sound; this track is simple in its structure, but at the same time there is a layered and smooth production going on and you can connect with both the music and the lyrics.

Just by listening to “Humans” you can understand why the song should be taking her places, the steady-paced verses are complimented by a rolling rhythm, followed by an atmospheric chorus with a more dominant synth-flavored beat.

“Summer Song” is just as exciting, dramatic soundscapes are created through the instrumentation, along with the hard-hitting drums, it’s a perfect storm, where there are fractional pauses that allow you to take the moment in as the pre-chorus warms you up for a wall of powerful vocals from Meelow in the chorus. This is indie alt-pop at its finest.

Meelow also delights on “Finally Free”, showing that her tracks don’t sound too similar and each present a different atmosphere and dynamic; the young singer’s voice is perfect for what she’s trying to achieve sonically on this piano driven ballad.

She could easily get away with doing so much more with her voice, and that’s why her next release will be highly anticipated. Another aspect you have to admire is Meelow’s candid and sincere attitude when it comes to writing and performing, her aim is obviously to be as genuine and honest as possible.

Steadfast in her developing stages Meelow already has a good thing going, and she’ll only get better as her craft and career progresses. Meelow’s music is a tantalizing blend of raw, lyrical poetry, compelling vocals, and sturdy beats.


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The conviction Billy Swayze brings to the table makes his music well worth the listen Tue, 20 Mar 2018 16:33:24 +0000 Passion for music and entertainment runs deep in Billy’s veins. The legacy of music and entertainment runs deep in Billy Swayze’s family. His cousin Roderick Falconer/Rod Taylor was a prolific rock singer/songwriter on Geffen Records who produced seven albums before launching his film career. Billy’s father was the pro wrestler Beautiful Bruce Swayze, his distant cousin actor Patrick Swayze, and his mother lyricist Bonnie Swayze. Intent on carrying on the family tradition, Nashville’s songwriter and performing artist Billy Swayze, is crafting and releasing his own blend soul, electro and rock with elements of ambient, trip-hop and psychedelia. If rock and roll has been slipping. Billy is a refreshing reminder of the talent that once existed.

His catalog is packed with high-energy, fast paced tunes; the blend of electric and organic sounding instrumentation is really good, and the lyrics tell their own stories. This is a new alternative sound brewed from the past and not to be passed over.

Musicianship and arrangements are superb with the essences of rock and rhythm keeping these songs from becoming just another nihilistic twenty-first century scream from the in-crowd. The hooks cast always feel sharp enough and nothing squeaks by on formula rather than freshness, and when the hooks hit, they hit hard.

Billy Swayze’s first offering, “Got A Hold”, will blow you away, then continue to grow on you. It’s an uplifting anthem with a rousing chorus and some catchy verses. Billy sings, croons and soars always giving you every bit of magic he’s got and it really shows in this song.

This brings me back to the point of presentation. This song seems geared for live action as it hits you with an exuberant and youthful passion. This is an artist set to destroy every stage he sets foot on.

But it’s when Swayze hits the opening notes on “No Sweeter Place” that you realize he has gone into full overdrive with a groove that is simply euphoric. This thing is designed for the dance floor with a funky forward momentum and jangly guitar riff that would make Nile Rodgers proud.

This firestarter of a track truly draws you in until the chorus and then ratchets upwards even further, into a chasm of sweet harmony. It isn’t just the instruments or the melody, but the mastery of classic soul and funk, as the tune slides over the grooves and beats.

“Bad” shimmies and shakes with heavy synth vibes, cashing in on a sound Billy Swayze moves with soul-influenced indie instinct. Out of the gate, this one, hums with an alternative, but instantly likable groove. Rich in sound and dynamics, it will make you want to get up, stomp your feet, and singalong.

It’s not often you come across a set of songs so natural in sound and vibe that mixes elements of funk, soul, groove, electronic and rock. But Bill pulls it off here.

More often than not, Billy Swayze challenges himself and pushes in different directions. Drawing from a multitude of influences, he creates new-enough experiences to keep listeners more than interested.

These cluster of songs prove that he can find longevity in his eclectic sound, and the conviction Billy brings to the table makes his music well worth the listen. Experimenting is the way for any artist to truly surpass their past endeavors. The music here is dynamic and vibrant, lending a new facet to a talented player in the game.


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Voluptas Mors: “Immortality” – a masterfully crafted, emotionally rich and enjoyable record Mon, 19 Mar 2018 23:51:02 +0000 Voluptas Mors is the Barcelona based electronic duo of Ramon (producer, keyboards, guitars) and Laura (producer, electronic drums, percussion). They are multi-talented, creative, extraordinary musicians, who do many different musical sounds, not lingering too long in any one particular style of electronic. Some can be hauntingly moody, while others are intense and energetically-oriented. The project uses a set of supporting vocalists formed in 2017 which works extremely well with all of the group’s musical stylings. Voluptas Mors have something for everyone who enjoys electronica, moving easily among a variety of electronic music, from trip-hop, downtempo, chill lounge and nu-jazz, to pop influences, making it all sound imaginative and absolutely exceptional.

“Immortality” is an album that grooves with impeccable ethereal catchiness from start to finish. At first, it’s hard to be anything except stunned while listening to Voluptas Mors’ latest release. As epic-minded electronic songwriting, this recording pack’s an emotional wallop few other acts are even trying to achieve these days.

Though they may remind you of some legendary downtempo acts in some instances, there’s nothing derivative about these tracks, however; Ramon and Laura’s dense arrangements and the incomparably elastic male and female voices make the sound entirely their own.

For all its overtures toward mainstream song craft, this is an original, edgy album, the work of two doggedly maverick talents chasing their muses wherever they take them. The outstanding opening track, “So I Scream” is instantly mesmerizing, with waves of shimmering electronica subtly building from the piano strains then breaking against the melodic vocal before subsiding on a bluster of melancholic strings and then rebuilding.

It’s a most impressive demonstration of Voluptas Mors’ deft sonic manipulation. The lyrics, deep and intense throughout, reach a particularly evocative place on “Find Yourself”. The track is a consistent, confident expression of their varied styles and influences.

That this is undoubtedly a masterfully crafted, emotionally rich and enjoyable record, becomes even clearer on the male-sung “Is This The World We Want?” This is more than just another thread to weave into the tapestry; another color adding to the texture. This is a warning for society to wake up, and actually look at what’s going on around us.

It’s a powerful chant, the kind which flings the usual human rationality out of the window. While predicting the album’s next musical move proves an exercise in futility, one thing is evidently clear; all of Voluptas Mors’ songs share one common defining quality: it all sounds incredible. Not surprisingly, their pursuit of perfectionism is once again evident on the hard-hitting “Lets Move On”.

The majority of the songs on “Immortality” are wrapped within an ambient sheen and sprawling atmospherics, the finest examples being the absorbing, multi-layered “The Fire Is Burning Inside Me”, and the gorgeously bubbling “You’re Off My Mind”, enriched by the brilliant vocals and sumptuous saxophone interludes.

As is Voluptas Mors’ trademark, “Take The Time” and “Don’t Be Afraid” are intricately constructed musical tapestries, replete with multiple sonic ingredients and vocal flourishes that coalesce for enchanting affairs.

The crunch and clang of “Turn Off Your Mind”, results in one of the finest songs on the album, for me. Curious, even slightly sinister, the vocals are powerful and biting as the soundscape morphs into a beautifully ominous landscape of treble and bass, dark and light, as well as levity and weight, with moments of sheer poetic brilliance.

Having said that, there is something to appreciate in every track, on “Immortality”, whether it be profound lyrics, intricate instrumentals or painstaking production.


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ESP EVOLUTION DROPS NEW SOUL ROCKING SINGLE ‘BURNING’ Mon, 19 Mar 2018 21:11:29 +0000 Although it may still be winter, there’s still plenty of warmth to be found in the music of ESP EVOLUTION. The duo consists of music producer and guitarist Overdose and singer and songwriter The Lady Capri. Together the two “have joined hands to create a whole new different form of the musical genre which promises to break all barriers of how music is composed and what audience is going to experience.

The partnership which started in 2010 is going strong and delivering a series of hits. ESP Evolution proclaims to challenge your musical cravings and leverage your taste buds, making you seek more. ESP Evolution is not only innovative but also a revolutionary step in the world of music.

They aim to unite the world with their unique composition and delivery.” – Jessica Burns

“We chose ‘BURNING’ as our latest single because it embodies everything that ESP EVOLUTION stands for. Through our music we want to wake people up to the truth that this is there life and they should live it the way they want and be who they really are!!! Being happy, doing you and not trying to fit into societies little boxes is what this song is all about!” – Overdose & The Lady Capri Stay tuned for more from ESP Evolution, coming soon!

About The Artist: Overdose and The Lady Capri, have come together with the sole mission of saving the world from the monotony of manufactured sound! ESP EVOLUTION creates music that will evolve your musical taste buds and make you groove outside the box.

Overdose, who has produced for artists such as Tank, Aaliyah, E40, and Fat Joe among others, formed ESP EVOLUTION with The Lady Capri in 2010. Overdose and The Lady Capri now create music together with the sole mission of uniting people through music. Inspired by the phrase the “Mikakuye Oyasin,” which is sacred among the Native American Lakota people and translates to “we are all related,

ESP EVOLUTION brings an eclectic hit filled infusion of pop, rock, hip hop, r&b and some reggae to the world. ESP Evolution has had the pleasure of playing many of LA’s top venues like Whisky a Go Go, House of Blues Sunset, House of Blues Anaheim, Molly Malone’s and a host of others.

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Nicky Ash: “Beautiful” – brings personality and effort to every bar Mon, 19 Mar 2018 13:32:29 +0000 South African born singer-songwriter and recording artist, Nicky Ash, has been performing since she was four years old back in 2001. She has gone on to win awards as well as receive critical acclaim for her works and performances. A qualified make-up artist, currently studying Cosmetology, 20 year old Nicky has linked up with accomplished music producer Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production who is managing her as well as producing her upcoming EP, to be released in the first quarter of 2018. They have now dropped the single “Beautiful”, written by Nicky for her mother – “A strong, independent and well-rounded woman who has been through a lifetime of hell. And who in her lifetime has given much more than she has received.” Through this song, Nicky wants people to relate to the fact that no matter what they have been through or are going through at the moment or in the future, they will always remain beautiful. Lattanzi handled all instrumentation, production, recording, as well as mixing and mastering duties.

Dante Lattanzi knows that the big-lunged upcoming diva’s nuanced voice sets her apart from the competition, and he has taken every opportunity to show it off by keeping the background music to a piano-driven minimal. With an instrument as powerful as this, there is an understandable temptation to over-sing but Nicky Ash manages to keep it under control.

Her voice is pleasant, powerful, and it demands attention. As a result, she turns in a great vocal performance on this track. But she also deserves credit for being confident and unafraid to express herself. Both Lattanzi and Ash do nothing short of a masterful job of balancing the modern and the classic in her sound.

Without over-emphasizing the point, Nicky Ash is a truly gifted singer who brings this song – entertaining in its own right – to a new level. She brings personality and effort to every bar.

Whereas many of her contemporaries shade their voices with distorters and other various effects, making heavy use of autotune, Ash and Lattanzi, know that her voice is her strongest point and as such it is the unequalled focal point of “Beautiful”. Along with the track’s story-line and message of course, which should not be diminished of its importance.

For those who probably don’t remember, the turn of the century ushered in roughly billions of interchangeable female pop acts. You couldn’t tell the difference between one and the other, except for the amount of clothing they refused to wear.

The last couple of years has also ushered in a series of young female artists locked in on making a difference musically – with excellent songwriting and empowering lyrical themes that go well above the clichéd nonsensical sugary pop star status. Nicky Ash, it seems, has already learned the art of subtlety which provides her an edge over her peers. She is not peddling a mere hook but an emotion.

“Beautiful” is a challenging piece of understated pop that manages to look backwards and forward at the same time. Good taste in production and a voice that has the capability to head heaven-bound all combine to make this a consistent, and ultimately rewarding listen. Its demonstration of certainty makes for a powerful single. “Beautiful” surges through its vocal performance, and evolves slowly through its musical production.


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Trey McLaughlin Music Announces The Official Release Date For Trey Connor Video “My Ghosts” Mon, 19 Mar 2018 00:23:47 +0000 Trey McLaughlin Music (TMM) announced today that Trey Connor will release the official music video for “My Ghosts” on Saturday April 14, 2018. This video relates the story told on the 5th track of Connor’s debut EP; that everyone faces demons, and too often, the darkness that haunts a person, is not apparent to those around them.  We should all be aware that many people who appear to be living life effortlessly, are often waging a silent war with their inner demons, in the darkness, and alone.  Fans can learn more about the upcoming release by monitoring the artist’s social media pages in the coming weeks. Images captured during the making of the video will continue to be pushed out on the artist’s social media pages during the next few weeks and the video is planned for promotion at several online locations (to be announced).

The 6-song EP “While Everything Is Now” is an action packed collection of tracks offering something for everyone, including punchy pop/rock, a stirring ballad, and a larger-than-life, electrically charged rock anthem. Pop/rock delivered with guitar driven grit and creative production quality, these songs are smooth but also raw and edgy. Amazingly simple, yet deeply profound, this powerful pop/rock makes you want to get up and move.

Trey Connor is a 21-year-old fast rising pop/rock artist who amazes audiences of all ages with crystal clear vocals and artful guitar work. Leading his former band of young teens (Bulletproof Snow) to receive the Detroit Music Awards, People’s Choice Award in 2015, Trey was also invited to Universal Studios LA for casting finals week for Season 10 of “The Voice”. One of the final 100 artists selected from 46,000 auditions, Trey did not appear on the show because the teams filled up before he had his opportunity to deliver his “BLIND AUDITION” for the celebrity coaches.

Trey McLaughlin Music is the Hartland, MI based music artist management and publishing company for Trey Connor.

Relevant web sites:

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WiseguyEnt Presents The New Album Reposing Jay – “Sumthen Diffrant” Tue, 13 Mar 2018 22:01:01 +0000 REPOSING JAY is a member of the label WiseguyEnt and a stand out artist originating from and representing Dallas. His musical content consists of consistently well-versed conscious compositions! REPOSING JAY is an authentic MC that embodies old school Hip-Hop, R&B, enlightenment and self-preservation.

“I’m an artist from Dallas who embodies conscious raw rap. However, I also feel that I bring a Hip-Hop and R&B Wave that’s different than artists of today. I enjoy using my raw vocals cause it’s authentic, no one can duplicate your voice,” says REPOSING JAY.

I take pride in knowing that my sound is unique and cannot be recreated. My true passion is enlightening others from past experiences. When someone listens to a song from me, I want that individual to connect with it in a way that they feel they know me personally.”

Checkout the new 10 track album entitled “Sumthen Diffrant”, from REPOSING JAY which can be found on PANDORA, SPOTIFY, TIDAL, ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY and AMAZON.

Follow REPOSING JAY at WiseGuyEnt and on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM social media and check out his tracks on SOUNDCLOUD.

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Davy Knowles and 1:9 Technology Announce the Release of Interactive 360 Live Concert Virtual Reality App Sat, 10 Mar 2018 21:47:24 +0000 Jacksonville, FL. Blues Guitarist Davy Knowles – dubbed the “modern-day Blues Man” has accomplished a lifetime of achievements at just 30 years old. His music was selected to broadcast from Mission Control into space on the International Space Station. He has shared the stage and/or played alongside with countless legends including Joe Bonamassa, George Thorogood, Buddy Guy, Kid Rock, Joe Satriani, Warren Hayes, Jeff Beck, Chickenfoot, Sammy Hagar, Peter Frampton, The Grateful Dead and more.  He was on the bill on Bonamassa’s prestigious “Keeping The Blues Alive at Sea II” cruise. He produced and released a documentary called “Island Bound” featuring Martin Simpson, Richard Thompson and Peter Frampton. He was named a top 10 modern blues artist by Gibson Guitars.  He appeared on CBS Morning Show and Jimmy Kimmel.  He’s had 3 top-5 Billboard Blues charted albums.

AND NOW, he has yet another amazing accomplishment to add to the list.  Davy Knowles’s new fully-interactive 3-D, 360/Virtual Reality concert experience app developed by 1:9 Technology was released this week.  The app offers music fans the ability to watch, on demand, the entire Davy Knowles show recorded in 360 ° at Higher Ground in Burlington, VT.

A truly unique experience, the app can be used with google cardboard in 3-D 360 ° – or without in 2-D 360 °. A truly interactive experience, the user has the ability to select individual songs, or to watch a behind-the-scenes interview with the artist, allowing the user to be completely immersed in the experience.  In app controls include Play, Pause, Return Home, or move to a particular spot in the video, giving full control to the user. For those who do not own a Google Cardboard headset or prefer to watch in 2-D 360 ° on their mobile device, a non-Virtual Reality mode option is available from the app’s home screen.

To get a peek of the app, click the link here:

1:9 Technology’s CEO, Tim Hogg said on the release: “There truly is nothing like this available on the market today. It’s exciting to be at the forefront of the future of Virtual Reality in the entertainment industry.”   It will also be available for purchase on Vimeo, viewable on a desktop or in Virtual Reality through the Vimeo app. Future releases will potentially include Oculus Rift and Gear Virtual Reality compatibility.”

Get a peek of the app at .  It’s available for downloads on Google Play for Android and in the iTunes app store for IOS.

More information and updates on Davy Knowles at:  Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram, Reverbnation and his official website

About 1:9 Technology LLC: 1:9 Technology LLC is a Jacksonville, FL based virtual company specializing in 360 video interactivity and immersion. Formed in early 2017, 1:9 Technology employs a variety of talented individuals with backgrounds in software and VR development, as well as film production and editing. Using the latest in 360/VR technology, 1:9 Technology strives to bring innovative and exciting experiences to audiences at an affordable rate.

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Check the Hot new Video and Single: “Snapchat” by Carolina Red Fri, 09 Mar 2018 23:48:36 +0000 Check the Hot new Video and Single: “Snapchat” by Carolina Red ….Also when you scan the cover you can add and snap him and let ‘em know you rockin with ‘em… And Ladies show sum luv’!

Carolina Red is an upcoming artist from St. Paul’s N.C. His passion for music comes from his darkest times after losing a cousin in a car wreck following the loss of his grandfather and uncle to cancer. He took his pain and made it art. Since the age of 14 he’s been doing much foot work.

Battling on his hometown’s radio station Foxy 99.1 as well as multiple shows all over the Carolinas and out of state shows. Opening for artists over the years but it’s not enough, this time he’s grinding over the hump to push himself to success and won’t stop till his music reaches the masses.


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