VideoMusicStars Independent Music News Headlines Sun, 29 Nov 2015 14:15:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Bruce Cohen: “Three BC” – A third solo album in his continuing series of instrumental ventures Sun, 29 Nov 2015 14:15:16 +0000 “Three BC” — In a Trance is The Reds® eccentric, reclusive keyboardist Bruce Cohen’s third solo album in his continuing series of instrumental ventures. His earlier albums, “One BC” and “Two BC”, both explored the various genres of electronic music with every track inspired by a story or theme. Cohen’s inspiration for this album surfaced after his record label suggested he create a couple of EDM tracks for his next project and he agreed to explore the idea. The result was Cohen enjoyed writing the material so much that before he realized it he had enough songs to present an entire album to the label. Even though Three BC has twelve stand-alone tracks, the album plays like a twelve-song suite. His approach to composing on Three BC is much different than his earlier albums where his love of film comes through with an almost cinematic quality with a lush, ambient theme behind each song. Three BC focuses on the popular, and somewhat controversial, EDM genre that’s all about the beat. Cohen’s quirky stamp of electronic keyboard scrapes and grooves, combined with his rubbery bass playing, gives the genre a unique twist.

The cover artwork.

The cover artwork.

On tracks “Blue Stomp”, “Shoot First”, and “Dead On” the keyboards and sounds set the tone, but the beat and bass provide the anchor creating some pure danceable pleasure. “Happy Dog”, “Witches Brew” and “Just Be Boom” are tracks where the beats and drums start the song, while the keyboards and those Cohen noises sweep in and out along with the big bass. To add something diverse on This is the One Cohen brought in Peter Lucas, the guitarist from Big Fun 3, to play some vicious metal chords, knowing that Lucas’s imitable thrashing style would compliment the bass and drums. Cohen provides the experience of one relentless groove on the other tracks with the common thread throughout being his technique of layering and building the keyboards on top of keyboards that meld into one spacial sound. With an array of synths both hard and soft he auditioned hundreds of sounds until he found just the right ones to perfectly fit within each song. His approach to the beats and bass were worked through the same way until he found exactly what he wanted to hear.

While most EDM artists are DJ’s or producers, Cohen attacked the genre from a keyboardist’s perspective, and he found it fascinating to create in a new way. Recording in a genre outside his comfort zone was challenging, but ultimately very rewarding. The album has become his best work yet, and make no mistake about it, Three BC is an EDM party album, so put on your earbuds and dancing shoes because it’s Cohen’s party and everyone is invited.



Bruce Cohen is a founding member of the Philadelphia band, The Reds®, whose first album on A&M, entitled “The Reds,” is a combination of textures dense with electronic chaos brought to the edge of madness. The album, produced by David Kershenbaum, showed the band’s impressive sound . . . a blend of Rick Shaffer’s guitar, and Bruce Cohen’s keyboards, into an interestingly textured drone, short guitar and keyboard figures, rising then disappearing back into the drone, while Shaffer’s voice provides the punch and definition for their overall sound. The album was supported with live appearances with such diverse acts as The Police, Joe Jackson, Blondie, The Ramones, The Psychedelic Furs, and Public Image. An EP, Green With Envy, followed featuring The Doors song, “Break On Through,” which suggests some of the band’s roots. (Universal Music digitally re-released The Reds, and Green With Envy, August 2012.) After leaving A&M, The Reds® went forward with two indie albums, “Stronger Silence” and “Fatal Slide” (Stony Plain/RCA), that continued The Reds® sound, receiving critical acclaim internationally.

They next recorded a tense and powerful album for Sire/WB entitled, “Shake Appeal,” produced by Mike Thorne (Blur, Soft Cell, Wire). This forcible record led the band to work with director/producer, Michael Mann. Mann incorporated numerous Reds songs into episodes of Miami Vice. The impact of the songs led Mann to hire Cohen and Shaffer to write songs and score for two motion pictures, “Band Of The Hand” (Tri-Star) and “Manhunter” (De Laurentiis), based on the novel “Red Dragon.” Soundtrack albums from both films were released on MCA, a “Manhunter” CD (with an added Reds track, “Jogger’s Stakeout”), was released by Intrada Records, March 2010, and Universal Music released both albums digitally in August 2012. (Band Of The Hand includes the title track written by Bob Dylan, and performed with Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.)

Solo projects at this time for Cohen included writing score for the productions, “Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde” and “Down The Road” at Philadelphia’s Walnut Theatre; “The Speckled Band,” starring Quentin Crisp, and Charles Busch’ play, “Vampire Lesbians Of Sodom” for NYC’s Pulse Theatre Company; and a forty minute electronic film noir piece for “Goodbye Johnny Staccato.”

The Reds® next album, “Cry Tomorrow” (Tarock) reunited them with British producer Mike Thorne. It captures the driving intensity of earlier albums and the ambient, atmospheric feel from their film scores, resulting in a stark, surreal album, with a sense of mood and mystery. The pulsing opening track, “Terror In My Heart,” was featured in the film, “Nightmare On Elm Street 2” (New Line), directed by Jack Shoulder.

In 2007, the critically acclaimed album, “Fugitives From The Laughing House” (Tarock) was released. Written and produced by The Reds®, the album is a straight forward raw nerve reflection of life in America. In 2008, “Lethal Dose” inspired British director, Peter McAdam, to shoot an independent film short, also entitled, Lethal Dose.

The Reds® February 2009 release, “Early Nothing” (Tarock), was also written and produced by Cohen and Shaffer. The album has a hypnotic quality, that leaves the listener free to let their subconscious play itself out, no matter where it goes, while maintaining the simplicity of the moment. This album again inspired McAdam to create a film short of, “So Long.”

In a totally different genre side project, Cohen, along with Rik Myers (guitar), and Brandon Cruz (drums), formed a heavy, psychedelic, Hammond organ jazz trio, called Big Fun 3. The Miami based group is signed to Ropeadope Records. In 2013 Big Fun 3.2 was released with new members Peter “Babe” Lucas, and Tony Foster. Followed by another album, Fade Out, in July 2014.

For his solo endeavors, Cohen likes to experiment with German electronic minimalism, and the atmospheric landscape of ambient textures. His first solo album, “One BC” (Tarock), was released August 2009, and contains all atmospheric, ambient instrumentals in the tradition and style of Brian Eno, Peter Gabriel and Klaus Schulze.

His 2011 solo venture, “Two BC” (Tarock), expands on his earlier ambient themes, yet are even more experimental, and danceable. The album contains tracks that go from spacial, lush, ambient soundscapes, to metal space funk, with every track receiving the special Bruce Cohen treatment.

Cohen’s 2015 release, “Three BC — In A Trance,” focuses on the popular EDM/Trance genre that’s all about the beat. Cohen’s quirky stamp of electronic keyboard scrapes and grooves, combined with his rubbery bass playing, gives the genre a unique twist.

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Jariah – “Cash Out” ft. Duece Dub – explicitly descriptive leaving nothing to the imagination! Sun, 29 Nov 2015 13:33:43 +0000 Without the overwrought production and excessive use of trite catch phrases that typifies the output of today’s corporate rap elite, Jariah’s innate raw power can’t be masked. His track “Cash Out” ft Duece Dub, serves as an antidote to the flood of insipid hip-hop/R&B combinations and clogging the airwaves. The NJ rapper’s gritty message, slick narrative, honest spirituality, and unrelenting fascination with street ingenuity, all come out on “Cash Out”.

Jariah-CoverJariah has a ruff, raw and rugged style, bringing enough lyrical mass every time that you can’t help but listen. You’ll find this on tracks such as “Smoke Sumthen” as well as on “Vaped Out”. He raps about what he was feeling and doesn’t seem to be concerned about commercial success, but rather, more about being heard.

Jariah’s tracks are not songs with beats that make you only want to focus on the beat and the hook – if the hook compliments the beat – but his songs makes you focus on his lyrics and the message of the tracks. This is what happens with “Cash Out” ft. Duece Dub too. He tries to keep it real and does the track the way he wants to do it, not the way mainstream would probably want him to do it.

Jariah raps positively without losing his street credibility, and does so with a flow that is paced and even, at times even understated. His rhymes are explicitly descriptive leaving nothing to the imagination. It’s a nice blend of introspective, hardcore, and emotional lyrics. Another thing I love about this track besides Jariah’s voice is the sparse, dark production. This is probably one of the reasons Jariah’s flow comes across as strong as it does without him having to rise up to a preachy, shouting level.

Don’t overlook “Cash Out” by Jariah ft. Duece Dub, if you don’t already have it. It’s worth a purchase.


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Steven Blane: “Kill Me Nice” – is the kind of music that makes one say “Ooh!” Sat, 28 Nov 2015 15:39:31 +0000 From the moment I viewed the album cover of “Kill Me Nice”, I knew we had winner from Steven Blane, a jazz performer who writes, sings and plays the ukulele, piano as well as the guitar. I was drawn immediately into the warmth of his unique, tender and catchy style and incredible lyrical poetry. The excellent band gives sterling support and the beguiling light pop-jazz rhythms are just magical. I really can’t stop playing it. I listen in the lounge, in my studio and it’s also very relaxing on my car journeys. Every track is a gem, my favorites of the moment being “Coffee Understands”, “Too Beautiful For Words”, “You Once Killed A Guy” and “Spark”.

Steven Blane

Steven Blane

Apart from being able to turn up the intensity and energy when he wants, Steven Blane is a poet masquerading as a terrific songwriter and his slower songs perfectly celebrate his warmly sophisticated vocals, which is why I adore the above-mentioned songs. Steven never misses a beat. His timing is on key. The melodies ooze from his musical pores. He’s ability to ease up and down on notes is absolutely effortless, while the words emerge from his lips like a vintage rhyme. He speaks from the heart, and sets it to music.

Steven Blane’s, is the kind of music that makes one say “ooh,” as the blood pressure comes down, the shoulders relax, and the stress melts away with each note. Also worth a mention is the absurdly high quality of the recording itself. Every nuance of sound is captured here with incredible clarity, detail and warmth. Taken as a whole, the mood that is set, the instrumentation, the production and the topics of the songs add up to one awesome album.

Steven Blane

Steven Blane

I will be honest; my expectations were extremely high considering that Steven Blane is an experienced and world-weary musician. Furthermore he finds himself in a genre which allows many things but does not accept technical insufficiency. However, the music is nothing short of excellent with Steven proving to be a spotless tune-oriented craftsman. “Kill Me Nice” is romantic, nostalgic, lush, and a really good time musically.

Overall, this album has much to offer the listener who is looking for a style of music that conjures settings that are graphically perceivable, where the lure of the storytelling is a powerful magnet to many of us. And one where the artist is able to describe life’s discontent, its pleasures and the beauty of what is all around him. This is an album that is richly textured, mature, and shows Steven Blane at the top of his game. Crafty lyrics and top rate musicianship is trumped by one fine voice!


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J. Evan: “Get Up” – funky tempos and great dance tunes Sat, 28 Nov 2015 13:14:24 +0000 Now you know something’s good, when you stay up past midnight with the headphones on listening and hitting the repeat button! I am so impressed by this man’s vocal stylings; words cannot express. The 4-track EP, “Get Up” by J. Evan is a must have. The more I delved into the songs, the more I enjoyed it. The lyrics are ocean deep and J Evan spans all the emotions of being in love and partying hard. The up-tempos are super-groovy, while the vocals  are as hot as burning embers of fire.

J. Evan

J. Evan

J. Evan’s voice is very powerful and unique it’s refreshing to hear someone who can actually sing with such gusto nowadays from a male point of view. He is a true singer. The unique voice he displays carries the entire EP and the production is nearly as flawless as the vocals. J. Evan’s songs are soulful and have a great melody and when you listen to him you can’t help but pay attention to the words.

This EP is tight as hell and I hope this guy does start to get a little more attention. J. Evan’s is unique in the way that he mixes old school sounds with ultra-modern electronic and Euro-beat rhythms. J. Evan can (and does) embrace any musical variation he desires. He kicks off the Ep with the title track, “Get Up”, which is a throwback, up-tempo funky soul motif and then switches directly into “Stay”, an electro dance tune that could easily dominate the dance floors at the most prestigious clubs from Miami to Ibiza.

Then it’s back to the funky-pop grindstone with “Undressing You”, where J. Evan forges all the sweet and smooth depth of his vocal armory. Furthermore the track is decked out with an amazingly warm and layered instrumental arrangement which, along with “Stay” is probably the best on the entire EP set. J. Evan closes the EP with the hook-filled vocoder infused, Pop/Euro-beat track “Lose Control”.

J. Evan

J. Evan

All-round J. Evan has an intoxicating voice which he artfully displays in the entire EP. In my opinion, the music industry needs J. Evan. We need someone to help fill the void of good R&B music meshed into dance and pop, just like Usher and Chris Brown has done on the occasion. Electropop has largely brought bubblegum beyond the dark ages. But somehow J. Evan does something with it here that actually advances the music forward.

Overall “Get Up” finds J. Evan taking Electronic music often associated with just about everything that’s flawed and disposable about dance music and applies rhythmic and melodic complication with them. That gives the music the effect of being modern enough for dance clubs, but also musically rich enough for chillout listening as well!

About J.Evan: Born in Ontario, Canada but raised in South Florida the emerging singer and songwriter known as J. Evan developed a keen interest in music and performing at the young age of 8. As a kid, he was introduced to the upbeat and energetic sounds of pop and rock music by the father of a childhood friend who owned a recording studio. He watched and learned the ins and outs of being an audio engineer, and sometimes sang into the mic. It was also during this time that J.Evan began to cultivate his vocal talent in the church choir and local performances throughout the Miami area. Years later, he started writing and arranging his own songs and decided that a musical path as singer and songwriter was his passion.


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Mark Gorenstein and TSO Announce Concerts in Japan Fri, 27 Nov 2015 00:27:03 +0000 Mark Gorenstein and Tokyo Symphony Orchestra are excited to announce 2 subscription concerts in December 2015 in Muza Kawasaki Symphony Hall and Suntory Hall, Japan.

Mark Gorenstein visits Japan almost annually, with the latest concert given on January 31, 2015. Maestro conducts Tokyo Symphony Orchestra and it was a tremendous success. Continuing the collaboration of the orchestra and the Maestro, two subscription concerts are to be given in the two most prestigious and famous concert halls of the capital of Japan in December 2015 with compositions of the outstanding Russian composers Modest Mussorgsky, Sergei Rachmaninoff and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky to be played. Soloist – Sergey Kasprov.

We are sure, that those classical music lovers of the capital of Japan to attend these concerts will experience incredible pleasure from listening to the works of outstanding Russian composers.

Kawasaki Subscription Concert No. 53 Date Sat. 12th December 2015, 5:00 p.m

Suntory Hall Subscription Concert Series No. 636 Date Sun. 13th December 2015, 2:00 p.m.

Artist Conductor: Mark Gorenstein, Piano: Sergey Kasprov


Mussorgsky: “Night on Bald Mountain” Symphonic poem (arranged by Rimsky-Korsakov)

Rachmaninov: Rhapsoody on a Theme of Paganini

Tchaikovsky: Symphony No. 5

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DCMusicCRO creates three-dimensional soundscapes for the mind! Thu, 26 Nov 2015 23:31:50 +0000 DCMusicCRO was born Domagoj Čulinović in Varazdin, Croatia. His father played the accordion in the house that hosted  accordions. Domagoj parents enrolled him into elementary music school, which opened a new world for him. Enrolling into military service Domagoj had the opportunity of spending several hours playing with top musicians, and on weekends to perform with many famous entertainers’ names from the former state.

After  graduating from the Faculty of Geodesy at the University of Zagreb in 1988, Domagoj went to work in Switzerland and start playing keyboards in a band called Walking Tattoo for the next two years. He later got hold of a GEM Multimedia Workstation, which he still has today, and created work for the German and Swiss markets. In 2011 he began recording his own music, and in January 2012 released his debut CD “Somewhere in the Cloud”. Currently working on various projects, DCMusicCRO has released the single entitled, ‘Feel The Sun’.

dcmusicro-350It’s really like going back to the past with the nuances of the present in readiness for the future. The piece is pure ear-candy; moody, melodic, atmospheric, rhythmic, and evocative. The track is a brilliant in the way that it uses musical progressions and soundscapes to create an effect of movement, as if we were descending into a storm on a planet in another galaxy. Like the best pieces of classical music, ‘Feel The Sun’ makes you think about what you are listening to at the moment you hear it. On one level, you admire the technical brilliance of the performance, and the literate nature of the music, while on another level you find yourself being moved in a way that you cannot describe.

If you like Jean-Michel Jarre’s earlier works or you’re into ambient or movie scores, then DCMusicCRO’s ‘Feel The Sun’ is a good track to add to your discography. If however you need the added pleasure of the electric guitar, then the album “Somewhere in the Cloud” is a labyrinth of beautiful keyboard textures and motifs, layered upon a rhythmic cadence of electric guitars which pitches and yaws, varying in excitement and desire as it ascends to its zenith, then falls to earth, and is again reborn. By varying rhythm, volume, texture, and adding female vocal adlibs here and there, DCMusicCRO creates a three-dimensional soundscape for the mind, which is sometimes gentle and smooth and at others, crunchy and grinding.

All his musical arrangements are controlled efforts, and shows that DCMusicCRO has made serious strides in his use of guitars, keyboards as well as electronics in general. The results are beautifully spaced out, and easily accessable to all ears. In places the tracks are aggressive and rock-orientated while still being complex and touching. They are warmer and less imitational than most of what passes for ambient or instrumental music currently. Just lay down on the couch, close your eyes and float with the music. You won’t be disapointed! Some of the outstanding tracks on the album include, ‘Diva’, Free as a Bird’, ‘Somewhere in The Cloud’, ‘Talk About’, ‘Passion Love’ and ‘Evolution’. The moody keyboards, drums and organic instruments create a near-psychedelic yet crisp progressive soundscape that wraps you in tendrils of sound that you will not soon forget.


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Manuel K Drops His Fourth Single “Follow You” Thu, 26 Nov 2015 16:47:53 +0000 Award-winning singer, songwriter drops his next powerful rock song

Manuel K just released his highly anticipated fourth single “Follow You”. After months of writing, recording, and production, Manuel K is ready to explode back on the scene with another hit song. His first three singles “Back to Guitars (Demo)”, “Tonight” and “Live Without You (2014)” have been met with tremendous fanfare worldwide. In the summer of 2013 Manuel K was Number 1 on the ReverbNation Rock charts for Switzerland for four weeks straight. His third single “Live Without You (2014)” was featured on music blogs and played by many online radio stations around the globe. From April to July 2014 the track entered the Digital Radio Tracker airplay charts in the USA peaking at #13 for their Rock Chart.

Manuel K is not only a talented singer and musician, he has been recognized in songwriting contests. “Live Without You (2014)” (Songwriters: Manuel K and Raphael F) received the Runner Up Songwriting Award for the Song of the Year songwriting contest in July 2014. In October 2014, “Tonight” (Songwriter: Manuel K) reached the Semi-Final round in the same contest. Manuel K says, “Recording “Follow You” was a great journey and adventure. I recorded my own vocal and guitar parts in my home studio. For the other parts, I worked with incredible, talented session musicians, mixing and mastering engineers from the USA and Canada to get the best result as possible. I wanted this to be a powerful rock song with many great guitar parts to get back to the roots of great rock. So I purposely went without keyboards, programmed loops or samples.”

“Follow You“ was created with recordings from well-known session musician Kenny Aronoff on drums and percussion at “Uncommon Studios L.A.” engineered by David Jenkins , Mike Brignardello on bass in his own studio “Miracle Sounds” in Nashville TN and Grammy Award winner Brent Mason on additional guitars recorded at “Gas Money” in Nashville TN by Herb Shucher. The song was mixed in Vancouver BC by well-experienced sound engineer Delwyn Brooks and mastered at “The Green Jacket” by Greg Reely.

About Manuel K

Manuel K is an independent rock singer, guitarist, keyboard player and songwriter from Switzerland. Manuel K was formerly the lead singer and guitarist of the rock band Nextmile and Rockcousins. After releasing five EPs, two singles, an album and playing many live gigs, TV and radio performances across Switzerland, the three band members decided to go separate ways in 2012, leading Manuel K to start his solo project in 2013.

Manuel K’s music is available on all major online music stores and streaming sites worldwide. For more information go to his official website

CD Baby –

iTunes –

Google Play –

Amazon –

Soundcloud –

Reverbnation –

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AM2PM – “Turn Me Out” (Radio Edit) – great background sounds and incredible mixing and mastering! Thu, 26 Nov 2015 14:46:21 +0000 The brainchild of Dj-Producer Matt Kye and vocalist Alec Sun Drae, AM2PM has 30 years of collective experience in the Club industry. They are a production duo, remix outfit, a club LIVE ACT and hosts of weekly radio show HOUSE ARREST with AM2PM on HOUSEBEAT RADIO UK. Their sound is inspired by a mix of underground 90s, Classic and Deep House with a touch of Garage.

AM2PM-turn_me_outSince joining forces in 2013, Matt and Alec have had releases on a multitude of record labels. Their release “Remember The Good Times” hit number 1 spot on Beatport in the House category of ‘Top 10 Must Listen Tracks’. They also had Top10 success on the Traxsource Soulful Charts. AM2PM has also worked with artists such as Dolly Rockers, Electronic Youth, Ross Couch, Tom Gianelli, Code3000, Richard Earnshaw and a host of others, as well as having performed in a series of prestigious venues all around Europe.

A few days ago Carrillo Music – a hot, on-the-rise, American independent electronic record label – dropped a preview of the track “Turn Me Out” (Radio Edit) by AM2PM. Tracks like this don’t come along often. I’m impressed with the way AM2PM has evolved, comparing their earlier works to this one. These two put out so much of a rush for the mind, body and soul. “Turn Me Out” is just splendid, from start to finish.

I had to play this track 3 times in a row to listen to everything, because Matt Kye put in so much to hear, while Alec Sun Drae’s voice is to die for. Her thick, lush vocal is haunting, yet soothing, and far better than the normal “out of breath” style used by so many EDM singing queens.

Vocalist Alec Sun Drae and Producer Matt Kye

Vocalist Alec Sun Drae and Producer Matt Kye

Whenever you see a musical product that carries the name “Carrillo Music” you know that you are going to get something that bit special, and “Turn Me Out” (Radio Edit) by AM2PM is no exception to the rule. It is incredibly catchy and clever, staying in your head for days afterwards.

The track is refreshingly crisp, containing amazing musical moments, melodies and phrases one has come to expect from one of the UK`s finest modern-day electronic duo’s – Dj-Producer Matt Kye and vocalist Alec Sun Drae. “Turn Me Out” can lay claim to being a dance anthem. The way this particular track builds to a crescendo is superb, and an extra plus is that this track has great background sounds and incredible mixing and mastering!

What you will come to realize is that this is a track of extraordinary depth and talent that seems richer with every spin. Unlike most EDM music which grows dated in months, I have a feeling this one will go down as a classic. It’s hard not to be excited about what AM2PM has in store for us in the future!

Carrillo Music Online:

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Muzik Genesis: “Retrospection” – rich and layered, combining complex sounds and structures Tue, 24 Nov 2015 22:12:20 +0000 Muzik Genesis is the musical alter-ego for Pablo Orozco-Castro. Muzik Genesis recently released its 13-track album entitled, “Retrospection”. Influenced by such diverse artists as Frank Zappa, Serart, Tom Morello, Serj Tankian and Victor Jara, Pablo started production work on the album in 2008 cultivating its themes which deal with psychology, politics, immigration, travel as well as life’s lessons and hardships. All songs were written, performed and produced by Pablo Orozco-Castro, “at his home studio with no fancy equipment,” adds Pablo. Let me start by saying that I understand why a lot of fans may be frustrated with this album, and the various directions it takes. The truth of the matter is you won’t always like what an artist does all of the time, every time, especially when you find an artist like Muzik Genesis, who pushes the boundaries and challenges listeners.

Pablo Orozco-Castro

Pablo Orozco-Castro

Sometimes we’re just too lazy to follow a style and sound which is a departure from the norm. Muzik Genesis mixes and mashes genres and styles crushing all perceptions of their distinction. He can move, back-to-back, from the progressive rock of “Desert Journey” to the ambient Rap of “Taken Away By Waves of Melodies”, or from the grungy spoken word of “Retrospection” to the piano-driven Hiphop of “Growth Process”. Not to mention the videogame and drum and bass sounds of “Experiment 3014”.An argument could be made that just because an artist can be this creative, doesn’t mean that they should be. That is not the case here though. While it pushes the limits this album was the right choice.

It is rare that an artist steps this far and this aggressively into such a diversity of in the same album and do it so brilliantly. What most people don’t understand is that this album actually makes perfect sense for Pablo Orozco-Castro. He is an artistic and progressive musician at heart (or at least makes one hell of a case for being one). His music is rich and layered, combining complex sounds and structures that are not the norm to create simple harmonies that fill the pop senses. Muzik Genesis has far more layers to his music than mere social commentary. While I won’t deny that there’s such commentary throughout the lyrics, there exist emotions above and beyond this social commentary. There are moments of melancholy and curiosity, eloquently conveyed by Pablo Orozco-Castro’s offbeat voice. The man can rap his lyrics, but he can also slow and draw his singing voice out into a despairing line, calling emotions up in the listener, as he does on “Shiva on the Ganges”.

Muzik-Genesis-200Unlike many commercial minded musicians, Pablo Orozco-Castro takes the chance to explore his own vision on this album, and by applying his own complex muse Pablo has made the sound more personable and eclectic. If you are someone into radio singles, this isn’t going to be for you. The structure, balance and emotion of the music requires your undivided attention if you are to be entranced by this album in any way. After the third or fourth listen you’ll be hooked and catching little intricate parts that you might’ve missed the first time through.

There are a wide range of songs on his album, from the hyperactive ones, to the more emotional offerings. You’ll also find a couple of truly bizarre songs, and while initially strange to the ear, they will become supremely catchy highlights of this album after a few listens.Rather than tuning into radio stations and allowing yourself to submit to their playlists, search for and find artists like Muzik Genesis that at first presents itself as impenetrable, but later reveals itself to be ingenious!


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Chalcedony: “Chapter III” – a fantastic work of art and blending everything together in an awe inspiring manner Tue, 24 Nov 2015 15:37:08 +0000 For me, “Chapter III” is one of those albums where you kick yourself for not listening to it sooner. There’s a little bit of everything on here; powerful riffs, sing-a-long choruses, great verses, excellent lyrics, and possibly my favorite ingredient, a few of the songs truly have that ‘epic’ feel to them. Since playing “Chapter III” for the first time I haven’t stopped listening to it and it only gets better with each further spin. I only find myself saying “Ooh, now there’s a good song,” after each and every song! It’s been a long while since an album has evoked this kind of emotion in me.

The album cover

The album cover

Being new to Chalcedony, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into so I just put the album in and let it play. “The Roman Road” came on and, well, it’s beyond the most perfect opener. It has that ‘epic’ feel I mentioned and Chalcedony’s delivery only elevates the song more. Past that, if you’re looking for some more epic tracks, “The Bird That Spoke”, “A Thousand Times” and “Never Fall Again”, are all right up your alley. Feel like a ballad? “Left Side of the Pier”, “Long Way Home” and “Genie” is among the most ethereally tasteful I’ve heard recently. As for the rest, the orchestrations on “Mother Gaia”, “Fifth Conquest” and “Be The Light” are all extremely impressive as well.

This talented androgynous musician from the south-east UK, has combined powerful lyrics and themes, to create a nearly cinematic mix that comes together to make a mature, complex, well-thought-out and very well executed album which ‘tells the story of an agoraphobics journey to a promised land and the adventures encountered along the way’. (Editor’s Note: Agoraphobia is an anxiety disorder involving anxiety and intense fear of any situation where escape may be difficult, or where help may not be available.)



To get anywhere close to what Chalcedony is doing, you’d need to mix the three E’s – or rather Enigma, Enya and Epica! Chalcedony takes care of the vocals, pianos, drums and keyboards while Chris Wilson handles the guitars. It’s clear that Chalcedony puts a lot of work and time on each and every song he writes. The production values are over the top, and the song writing is phenomenal. Chalcedony makes most other symphonic rock bands sound bland, simple, and weak. The onslaught of instruments and melodies will fill but never overload your senses. The lyrics are poetic and passionate and most beautifully sung by Chalcedony throughout. The vocals are strong but ethereal without becoming whiny.

Every person I’ve introduced to Chalcedony has gotten hooked on the album. Though not mainstream or cheesy in any way, with songs as catchy as those on the album, its amazing Chalcedony does not get massive airplay. But I guess the music is simply too sophisticated and complex for radio. Overall “Chapter III” is a fantastic work of art and blending everything together in an awe inspiring manner. Chalcedony proves he has what it takes to be an international music sensation.

This album has it all: drama, emotion, rock-out songs, moving power ballads, and captivating lyrics with just enough dark edge (and pop-like hooks) to ensnare new fans. If you’ve never heard of Chalcedony or have even the slightest interest in seeing what he is about, start with “Chapter III”. It’s a truly phenomenal piece of symphonic rock!


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