VideoMusicStars Independent Music News Headlines Sat, 30 Jul 2016 20:44:52 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Jay Price: “Obsessed” – what many hip-hop fans have been waiting for Sat, 30 Jul 2016 20:44:52 +0000 Currently living in Boulder, Colorado, Jay Price is a Business major student, and an active skier and athlete. At 19 he is currently working on his first mixtape, while attending CU Boulder heading for his business degree. In the meantime Jay has released a single entitled, “Obsessed”, to whet the appetite of waiting fans.

Jay-Price-profileWhat do you even call this music? It’s not hip-hop. It’s not pop or EDM either. It’s a unique blend of all three that just comes together so we’ll. I can’t get over how impressed I am with the simplicity of this track. No one is making music like this, in any genre. It flows on a cool, almost surf-rock rhythm, and Jay Price leans in on the track with a melodious sing-song rap style.

“Obsessed” is a reflection of one young man’s journey and pursuit to prove his love for his craft, without all the raw aggression, explicit language and negative misogyny themes. And he comes shining through, proving that you can be in this genre, while being level-headed, light-hearted and positive.

I think this is what many hip-hop fans have been waiting for. In an era shaped largely by puffed-chested emotional lamenting and intricate sociopolitical dioramas, Jay Price is finding another home for Hip-hop as he comes off as a motivational good-vibe teacher, which is still an undervalued skill in the rap game. He may be rapping about some personal problems, but he makes it sound like water flowing off a duck’s back.

The feel-good vibe coming through Jay’s voice was so addictive I missed listening to the lyrics…even after I had pressed replay for the fifth time. You can hear the inspiration in his music and the artists that he draws from. Now you can take those names, add a few more, then turn them all upside down on the heads and that’s how you get to Jay Price, and man has he done a great job on this recording.

Jay-Price-ObsessedThe stunning thing is, he achieves this strong empathy with the listener, while bringing the bare minimum to the table. The production is crisp and solid, and catchy as hell, but it’s a straight hand-clapping beat without all the bells and whistles most are stuffing into their productions today.

Jay’s raps are perfectly paced without a single misstep, every single word being pronounced in its entirety, but it’s not transcendental, let’s say like a verse from Tech N9ne or Twister. Yet Jay Price hits home like few other rappers do.

He’s onto something, and I haven’t quite worked out exactly what it is. But whatever it is, it works, and makes “Obsessed” sound as though it should be riding high on the summer charts somewhere, anywhere…everywhere, if possible!

My eyes are set on the upcoming mixtape, just to see where Jay Price eventually takes this thing. By then I might have worked out his magic formula, in the meantime the track is blaring in my car with the hood down, and we’re just nodding our heads and singing along – “Why’d you run so far away, it’s the light in the dark, the darkness…”


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SIE drops the track “Good Luck Charm” Sat, 30 Jul 2016 15:34:10 +0000 “Good Luck Charm” says rapper SIE, “is a song that I feel like everyone can relate to. As soon as I began playing the beat it made me want to get up and dance. It also made me think of myself as a diamond in the rough evolving into a greater me.  At that point I knew I had to write about something that made people feel happy, something in which people could see themselves.

SIE-Cover“Something they could recite to someone else with an equal amount of enjoyment coming from the receiving end. Love is such a universal topic that I knew if I could share a perspective that the people want to hear, and pair that with reggae it wouldn’t promote anything but good vibes.”

The concept follows a man showing appreciation to the woman in his life by letting her know all that she means to him. In the first verse SIE says “I don’t deserve a girl like you, so mi make sure mi tell her say…” SIE believes that it’s one of the most important lines in the song because it’s shows growth as a man. It allows your significant other to see that these aren’t just words but in facts. It’s a reality of what we’re really living through.

“From a male’s prospective,” explains SIE, “It’s not always easy to verbally express our feelings, which is why I think all men can agree with its lyrics. The words allow us men to express how much gratitude we have for the “Good Luck Charm” in our life. On the other hand, women who are holding things down sometimes feel the need to be reassured.

“They want to hear how much they really mean to you and how far you’re willing to go for the relationship. I feel like “Good Luck Charm” does a great job at encompassing all of these things with its tantalizing lyrics and a sense of euphoria that is created from the warmth of the best.”


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Hot Video Release ‘Latex Lady’ New Single by Grammy Award Nominee Rhett May Fri, 29 Jul 2016 21:47:27 +0000 HOT NEW YOUTUBE VIDEO RELEASE. ‘Latex Lady’ The first single off Grammy Award Nominee Rhett May’s new album ‘Creatures of the Night’.

Rhett a singer songwriter of immense talent….RAW…and with beautifully placed guitar riffs, amazing vocals and stellar song writing…Rhett’s music has a very different flavour to the current cookie-cutter rock music…or anything else around today.

Largely influenced by the classic songwriting of John Lennon, the Beatles, Pink Floyd and the Rolling Stones, Rhett May is a rock singer who has moulded his own unique sound over several decades in the industry.

With a musical career that spans back to the seventies when his band Lucifer supported legendary rock band Queen, Rhett May is a voice of experience in a rock world which has become increasingly shallow. He has toured the world, seen the music industry from the inside and watched the dark side of the business consume those around him.

Throughout those experiences Rhett May continually turned away the excesses of the industry, choosing instead to write his own story as opposed to those who fell into the clutches of addiction.

Having spent a large part of his childhood in Calcutta, India, his guitar led songs are infused with the sounds of the Indian streets. By blending classic sensibilities with a twist of Indian culture he has created a string of upcoming singles, the first of which will be ‘Latex Lady’ to be released on July 29th off his new “Creatures of the

Night” album which will street on 2nd September.








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Sam Harvey: “Fight It” prod. by Andrew Holder displays a charisma and charm Fri, 29 Jul 2016 13:45:27 +0000 Sam Harvey is a new artist based out of Dallas TX signed to the Independent label Never Satisfied. Sam grew up on Soul, RnB and Funk music for most of his life and has been a singer-songwriter for about 5 years. He is trying to pursue soul music and give it the flavor of this generation’s style. Sam plays guitar as main instrument as well as drums and piano. He says that Stevie Wonder is a big inspiration for him, both lyrically and arrangement-wise.

Sam Harvey

Sam Harvey

It’s very easy to instantly compare Sam Harvey to older, legendary soul or R&B singers, or even the new generation of crooners. But the great thing about his latest track “Fight It” produced by Andrew Holder, is that he has found his own groove, his own voice.

Yes, those influences are obviously there, but this track is a straight up Sam Harvey and less of a derivative of other artists. Sam has created a genre of his own that mixes old school grooves with catchy pop hooks and an EDM soundtrack.

The great retro groove and urban edge, together with passion and that smooth high pitched voice comes through in full-force, it is great de-compressing music particularly in today’s stressed-out world, in that it really helps your mind and spirit run free, even if only for a while.

I’ve had this music only for a day and it certainly makes the daily commute a lot more worthwhile. I can honestly say that it was undoubtedly the smoothest music I’ve heard all week. And if that sounds like a small feat, consider that I listen to about 30 different artists each day. That’s over 200 a week!

The Single cover

The Single cover

It’s no question that Sam Harvey is a talented artist, and he displays a charisma and charm that only few young artists come close to matching. Sam’s buttery voice and sincerity is refreshing. Even when he vocally pushes himself to the limit, there is a hint of strain.

NuSoul, retro soul, blue-eyed soul, classic soul – when you get right down to it, truly good R&B and soul music is what it is. It is music that stands the test of time and transcends boundaries, sexes, colors and even age groups. Sam Harvey is living proof of that.

Clearly Sam is an artist that pours his heart and soul into his music. And at the end of the day he doesn’t deliberately copy the music trends that everyone else is doing, but he creates his own sound. Whether he is able to maintain or increase his momentum depends largely on his subsequent releases.

Soul and RNB to my mind work a lot better with albums as opposed to singles, as these are songs that need to create an atmosphere. The more time they have in your player, the more they will soothe your soul. So here’s looking to an album release from Sam Harvey in the near future!”

Social Media: 

SoundCloud, Instagram, Facebook, snapchat:


Never Satisfied Social Media:


Facebook: Never Satisfied Productions 


Email for business inquiries: 

Sam Harvey:

Never Satisfied:

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Dat Boi Walt drops the infectious “Slab Ridin” Ft. Lil Keke Fri, 29 Jul 2016 09:01:16 +0000 Dat Boi Walt aka “Da Business Man’s” music depicts life from a southern perspective. His delivery, southern brawl, and clever word play set him apart from any other artists in today’s hip hop society. Da Business Man portrays a selfless image and displays loyalty, honor, and leadership, all qualities which were sharpened during his service in the Armed Forces.

dat-boi-walt-coverDat Boi Walt has just dropped his highly anticipated track, “Slab Ridin” Ft. Lil Keke. For those not in the know, Lil Keke is one of the most influential rappers in the Houston hip-hop scene. His work on DJ Screw’s “Pimp Tha Pen” alone has been sampled countless times over the years. Lil Keke has also recently received a lifetime achievement from President Barack Obama for service in the community.

“Slab Ridin” is a good mix of a heart thumping beat and raps from a very talented rapper. Everything here combines to make a great high-energy, slow burning track that you can just ride to. Dat Boi Walt shows off a form of rapping that is really hot.

The combination of Dat Boi Walt and Lil Keke was a great idea, and the formula works. Combining soulful hooks and a solid R&B styled beat with Dat Boi Walt’s unique and refreshing non-stop style of rapping makes this record an extremely enjoyable listen.

Dat-Boi-Walt-LogoDat Boi Walt is one of those southern artists in the rap game who digs deep and presents his penetrating insights through melodic, harmonic, rhythmic, and sartorial subterfuges. Most importantly of all, he is a truly transgressive artist, as most southern fried rappers are.

He sets the mood and then rides with it…relentlessly.  For those of you looking for a good alternative to the often-sickening radio rap, you should give “Slab Ridin” Ft. Lil Keke a listen. It’s accessible, it’s catchy and it’s most definitely banging, but it embraces and air of sure-footed maturity.

The lyrics on  “Slab Ridin” are not meant to be conscious or too deeply advanced because that’s not the important thing in this song, this is about Slow Low And Bangin’ music, so Dat Boi Walt just needs to let his voice do the talking over a strictly ridin’ beat, blasting out of the sound system.

And when his voice is as extraordinarily fully customized as it is, he can’t fail to attract attention.  I dare you to listen to this infectious hit and not bob your head, involuntarily tap your feet, or otherwise move your body!


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Sleep drops the outspoken anthem “It’s On” ft. AW Fri, 29 Jul 2016 05:27:33 +0000 From ushering star comedian Tommy Davidson around the island of Guam as a rapper/host/celebrity liasion or working with the marketing team at sattelite radio with top musicians such as Trey Songs, Anthony “Sleep” Thomas, born in Southeast DC and raised in various parts of the DC, Maryland, & Virginia (DMV) areas went from playing drums on buckets cans and playing instruments at parties for various go-go bands while rapping onstage with his partners, to hanging out in the streets and nicknamed “Sleepy” for his droopy eyes and expertise in street money collections.

That nickname stuck and followed from his hustling days in High School all the way into traveling throughout the United States and overseas after enlisting in the military where he started to create a buzz everywhere he went from doing his music, shows, and radio commercials.

SLEEP-COVERSleep returned to the DMV area and started working back with his partner producer Anthony Ward aka AW (‘Aye-Dub’) whom he met in the service and recently moved from Florida to New Jersey. While AW was working as a producer/engineer over the bridge in Philadelphia, PA with the likes of artists such as Beanie Sigel and Takedown records, Sleep helped lay the ground work for his friends record label Catch My Game Entertainment by appearing on and promoting various mix CD’s and developing material focused on releasing its own artists.

After years of practice and working in many studios between New Jersey and Florida, he dropped his underground street mixtape CD entitled “Left Field” then formed a group with AW aptly named CMG Bosses, short for Catch My Game Bosses, and the pair dropped their first all original street mix entitled “Military Issue” meaning ‘the tools, and situations survived only by the grace of God, which are given in life to aid in your walk toward success’.

Sleep now doubles back with his new singles, an outspoken anthem titled “It’s On” feat. AW, and the controversial political feedback song “Power”, both produced by AW for Sleep’s new EP “Trees & Real Estate” that’s packed with a few new bangers, and some of your choice past favorites.

“Trees & Real Estate” is now available on Bandcamp, Itunes, and most online streaming sites. Big Sleep is also currently working as the General Manager of Catch My Game Entertainment, and booking various show dates around the country to perform, and host events, as he sets his sights on helping to expand the Catch My Game brand and becoming one of the biggest artists known while still staying true to his side of the map, the DMV. Now, along with a new CMG Bosses project “MI2” on the horizon coming soon, that would make any Sleep fan mimic his trademark ad lib “YAYY!!”


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Mr. Ego: “Se7en” – an unmistakable full moon of controlled hysteria Thu, 28 Jul 2016 17:09:26 +0000 Mr. Ego is a prog metal band, formed in 1995, in Ribeirão Preto-SP, by bass palyer Paulo André. Since then, the group has gone through several formation changes, accumulating over the years, the experience of having performed in several important venues, and earning the respect of public and critics.

As proven by the many positive reviews major sites and magazines, specializing in heavy metal, from Brazil and abroad have given the band. The band is formed by Paulo André (bass), Ricardo Longhi (drums), Igor (Keyboards), Iuri (guitar) and André Ferrari Anheiser (vocals).

mr-ego-coverMr. Ego has come a long way. From humble metal roots they have progressed through a myriad of sounds and styles, all the time pushing the borderline of metal, and becoming one of the most progressive, innovative and original bands in the genre.

Somerset Maugham once wrote that there are two kinds of artists in the world. One type of artist will create something with their emotions poured out. Another type of artist creates a piece of art through using their brain. Mr. Ego walks along the borderline of both on their album, “Se7en”.

Appreciated for their technical prowess, Mr. Ego also knows how to hypnotize listeners with their apocalyptic jams, as the open the album with the thrashers, “Fall On Our Knees” and “Broken Walls”, stuffed with tempo changers, electrifying shredding and soaring vocals. 

Guitar riff and melodic vocal enthusiasts will fall in love “1917” played in the best Black Sabbath tradition. There is an amazing infusion of groove added to each and every track, seamlessly infusing the sound with their already jaw-dropping, calculated Progressive Metal time signatures. Influences from bands like Tool and Mastodon come to mind frequently throughout this recording.

In “Deceived” the bruising intensity of Mr. Ego’s terrific, brutal anvil bounce is definitively augmented by the blissful delivery of André Ferrari Anheiser’s vocals and soaring choruses. While the complex power of the Brazilian band’s music unquestionably stands tall on its own, the slow absorption of the one-minute gentle soundscape that is “For The Last Time”, adds an inescapable, virulent layer to the whole sonic experience that follows in the form of “Injustice”. In fact, I found that the music comes fully alive, in an unmistakably full moon of controlled hysteria.

Mr-Ego-SingleWhat makes this album so interesting is how distinctive each of its songs are. Every track has a feature that is unique and immediately identifiable. The songs themselves are incredibly dense, but some tracks are actually more accessible than others. Take “Black Gold”, it is as straightforward as they come, but devastatingly heavy.

I could write pages about each individual song, but there are some obvious highlights. Mr. Ego are making the music they want. It’s pure creativeness, and this band has no hidden agenda or fashion statement to make. They can also switch from the total head-banging and go into sheer melodic-rock ecstasy, as they do on the mid-tempo ballad, “Tears Of An Angel”.

But where Mr. Ego truly excels is on the 3-part track, “Silence Of The Lambs” – a mastering of extremely dense and technical metal. Despite the fact of Mr. Ego’s crushing display of technical power and polyrhythmic attacks, the song remains highly accessible because throughout, the band maintains a strong thread of melody.

The album, “Se7en” is experimental and technical enough to appeal to progressive metal snobs, but it is also accessible enough to attract the masses. This band deserves more praise than it gets, and it certainly merits even greater popularity. Whether or not “Se7en” may procure the mass appeal it deserves, is still to be seen, but maybe it will set the stage for Mr. Ego’s next album to dominate the world of progressive metal!


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Sam and the Black Seas: “The Game” continues to produce genuine art Thu, 28 Jul 2016 03:42:56 +0000 Milan based four-piece, Sam and the Black Seas have released their second single through the Atomic Fat label on the 16th of June 2016. “The Game” was self-recorded with Daniele Falletta, mixed by Matteo Sandri at the Mono Studio and beautifully mastered by Giovanni Versari (Drones – Muse) at La Maestà studio.

Sam-and-the-Black-Seas-CoverIt is music that is acoustically driven; almost minimalist in its melody, complex in its arrangement and accessible in its instrumentation, and it packs a mean emotional punch – Thanks to the majestic interplay between Sam (lead vocals, guitar), Andrea (guitar), Mattia (cello) and Stefano (drums).

“The Game” is the follow-up to the bands debut single “The Love We Owe” released on May 6th.  This isn’t a plain-Jane pop record. It has the kind of hooks and lyrics you expect from a band of this quality. It has fine instrument layering, especially between the guitars and cello, as well as a radiant high-energy vibe that permeates throughout.

If you were at all thrilled by the smoldering and moody, “The Love We Owe”, or even if you weren’t, give yourself a chance to be swept away by just what Sam and the Black Seas are capable of with sound and words on “The Game”.

An anthem for independent spirits, “The Game” is tempered by an upbeat approach that bristles with electricity. Starting out on an almost neo-classical intro the song then switches up almost immediately into the pure pleasure zone.

Sam-and-the-Black-Seas-ProfileI was entranced by both the musicality and the clever and thoughtful lyrics which is a testament to the band’s charisma, honesty, and straightforward talent. But beyond all the other qualities, taken from the most basic, stripped-down standpoint, music, or any other art form really, is meant to evoke emotion. And that is what Sam and the Black Seas do almost better than anyone else in their genre.

Each phrase or lyric is placed not because it rhymes with a previous line, but because it is meant to be there. The difference between this band and others is that they’re not just telling you a story; they actually sound like they mean every word.

The plain truth is that this is a great song, full of unforgettable lines, a strong melody and crystal clear instrumental and vocal performances. After their critically acclaimed debut single, on their sophomore release, Sam and the Black Seas, continue to produce genuine art, as they go ahead, song after song, creating what will surely become a stunning catalog.

A download release only, the single is accompanied by a truly original video written and directed by BOTH (, shot with the fundamental support of The Family production (, the precious work of DOP fabio Casati ( and the marvellous partecipation of the cartoonist Alberto Ponticelli


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iAmBYRD has dropped his summer love anthem – “Cartwheels” Wed, 27 Jul 2016 15:13:12 +0000 Valdosta, GA poet, songwriter, and recording artist, iAmBYRD has an old school vibe blended with a new school feel that is quickly capturing the attention of all ages and taking his music to new levels in summer ‘16.

The single cover

The single cover

iAmBYRD received notable numbers and excellent feedback upon releasing mixtapes in 2012 and 2016; respectively titled, “Byrd’s Eye View, Tape 1 – The Take Off” and “My Word”, but decided that his music deserved to reach a greater audience.

The artist inked an international distribution deal with Uniscope Distribution & Brand Services in April 2016 and released his new summer love anthem, Cartwheels” on July 5, 2016. The single is making its way across over 120 countries worldwide on hundreds of outlets including iTunes, Apple Music, TIDAL, and Amazon.

The international hip hop artist, songwriter, and poet is partnered with and sponsored by Rudeboy. He is currently booking shows across the East Coast and aiming to expand his journey to stages around the world! Keep an eye and ear out for iAmBYRD, and request Cartwheels” on your favorite radio station today!


Get the single on iTunes today at

Connect with iAmBYRD at and the social media outlets listed below:

Facebook: @Iam Byrd

Snapchat: iambyrd2

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Magazine Gap: “Body Language” – a perfect amount of polish, elegance and soul Wed, 27 Jul 2016 02:16:42 +0000 Magazine Gap is a British rock band from London and on a particular mission: to prove that an unusual combination of their dissimilar influences can have broad appeal. The band is made up of three individuals who come from very different backgrounds and points on the musical compass but joined together with a shared desire to experiment blending a range of genres to create a distinctive sound.

Magazine-Gap-CoverWe recently caught up with the brand new song by Magazine Gap entitled “Body Language”. The subtle and syncopated guitar picking coincides with the drumbeat to evoke a sense of soul and funk into their rock roots. The intricate but smooth sense of rhythm is something that’s carried throughout the entire song, giving it a feeling of continuity.

One of the major strengths and identifying characteristics of Magazine Gap is James Keen’s distinctive voice. He has powerful vocals that create an intimate connection with the listener as he reels off flourishes of uplifting lyrics. It stands out as an instrument of genuine warmth, sweet passion and perfect pitch.

Brian McCook holds down a steady beat on the drums, while Alex Ho fills in all the textures and tones with his piano, to complete the sonic picture. Together the trio hits the auditory sweet spot, touches the heart and display many charms on “Body Language”, as they deliver articulate, succinctly adult emotions in one shot:

“Cos you know what you want, but you just got to read the signs
As you move to the beat, swaying side to side
And it feels pretty good, and you know just why that is
Cos you don’t have to speak, it’s just body language”

Magazine-Gap-350The song is sung effortlessly, and flawlessly recorded, while the instrumentation is exquisitely mixed, which leads to the almost perfect amount of polish, elegance and soul. “Body Language” provides Magazine Gap the ability to showcase all their assets, and they don’t let the opportunity go a begging!

MORE ABOUT: Magazine Gap has toured extensively around their home country, including headline performances in 13 major cities around the UK, as well as across to Ireland. They’ve also done shows across the United States and subsequently toured the Far East with shows in Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

To date the band have released  the album, “Light & Shade” – released online as two EPs (“Silver Lining” and “It’s All Good”) – with 12 songs recorded in major studios in London, New York, Chicago, Houston, New Orleans, Pasadena and Hollywood. They’ve also released their “World Tour EP”, with 6 live recordings from six different cities on three separate continents.


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