VideoMusicStars Independent Music News Headlines Sat, 01 Oct 2016 09:06:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Christopher Vincent drops the single and video for “Don’t Let Me Down” Sat, 01 Oct 2016 09:06:16 +0000 Christopher Vincent was born in Philadelphia, PA. He moved at the age of five and grew up in Gaithersburg. Vincent comes from a conservative driven family. One side heavily involved in religion and outreach, and not for profit work and his father’s side heavily engrossed in real estate, real estate investment and politics. He grew up attending private catholic and public school, which he believes is truly indicative of his character today.

christopher-vincent-250A more controlled, and subdued side, and the other side filled with fire, intrigue, and a desire to live and wanting to be more adventurous. Growing up Christopher Vincent took piano, voice, and clarinet lessons however his main passion was always singing. Due to being shy, he never really did anything with his passion for singing, and really kept it to himself and close friends.

Vincent spent majority of his life growing, working for his family and studying real estate and culinary arts. He has created his own catering business, and currently continues to establish a career in the Mortgage Banking industry. His love for music derives from R&B, hip pop, soul, jazz, rock, country, classical, classic rock, and soul.

Christopher Vincent’s vocal influences stem from Ottis Redding, Luther, vandross, Michael Bolton, Pavarotti, to Celine Dion, Whitney, Brandy, and Joe, as well as Jay Z, Notorious BIG.

Christopher Vincent is currently promoting his cover of “Don’t Let Me Down”.

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Blupa Music: “Story of a Freak” – a sound which is ultimately self-expressive Wed, 28 Sep 2016 23:43:36 +0000 Norwegian project Blupa Music created by Geir Erland Roev aka GER has just released its second EP, entitled “Story of a Freak”.  GER is the composer, producer, mix engineer and everything in between. He is joined on the EP by UK-based drummer, Will Jones and Eric on the Flugelhorn. The EP was mastered by Sola Mastering in the US. This newest release is an excellent and diverse recording that really shows GER’s talent. Though only 4 tracks, it is a musical melting pot bouncing among a range of moods.

Geir Erland Roev

Geir Erland Roev

“Story of a Freak” like most great recordings, impresses on first hearing and gets better with each subsequent listening. Geir Erland Roev’s song writing provides interesting multi-layered rockers, soulful folk, psychedelic laced pieces and beautiful melodies.

It’s like a blend of Phish, Dylan, Clapton, Pink Floyd, Ry Cooder, Tom Waits etc. for sake of reference. He is someone who deeply understands his musical influences, yet is able to fuse them into a sound which is ultimately self-expressive. And with each release GER grows and expands, as such, this record is the high water mark so far. It’s clear that he’s a driven performer and composer who exudes a passion for music.

This exciting, fresh, creative, arousing, new piece of mastery from Blupa Music and his friends is awesome. If you have been waiting for that 70’s or 80’s classic music with a nice modern alternative-rock twist to make it into this century, “Story of a Freak” is it! The opening title track throbs atop a great guitar riff with GER’s voice swaggering with sonic venom – “I trust nobody but myself. These days I’m hiding in a shelter underground. The voices in my head keep telling me I am a freak. I am a freak. I am a freak.”

Album Credits

Album Credits

“Night Train” is a guitar driven instrumental, while “Spellbound” wears a completely different set of sounds wrapped up in a folk and roots vibe with the storytelling melody being totally congenial to GER’s vocals. The Flugelhorn adds the finishing touches to a great song.

Next “Restless Wings” lays down a bluesy and psychedelic guitar soundscape with richly textured vocal harmonies, and a prominently deep bassline. There is absolutely no percussion here, and the track is so much the better for it. Quite frankly, this song alone makes it worthwhile owning the EP.

It is hands down the best piece of musical work Blupa Music has ever put down on record, according to me. “Spellbound” and “Restless Wings” are definitely the EP’s highlights.

Though this was recorded in Geir Erland Roev’s home studio, the audio quality exceeded my expectations. The drums, the bass, the guitars, and especially the vocals have brilliant separation between them, as well as rich, clear and crisp tones.  “Story of a Freak” is a muscular, punchy sonic exploration that has an attitude and edginess without any unnecessary angst.

Many times musicians over complicate music, Blupa Music has proven simple riffs and catches paired with good songwriting and the great understanding of his tools and craft will get the job done. Geir Erland Roev’s is incapable of writing one bad line, let alone a bad EP!


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Dru Paris: “With You (Alex Lustig – Light) Remix” – will transport fans into a state of euphoria Tue, 27 Sep 2016 18:10:59 +0000 Dru Paris is one of the newer urban artists emerging from the streets of NYC. Inspired by the death of his brother a few years ago, Paris released the highly anticipated EP ‘Prolific’ dedicated to him. Since its inception, Paris has continued to make his own brand of new-wave hip hop and RnB. Blending new school tempo, high energy vocals and a smooth melody to match.

Whenever I hear a hip-hop artist say he listens to John Mayer my ears and curiosity immediately pricks up and takes heed. And without hearing a single musical note or rapped verse, me expectations rise too. So when I finally push play on “With You” by Dru Paris, which is a remix of Alex Lustig’s “Light”, I’m ready for anything!

dru-paris-liveHis style might not be traditional yet his art of hip-hop, proves that there are many ways to relate to the genre and its emotions. Dru Paris rides in on warm blanket of electronic sound, over which he weaves a mesmerizing web of uplifting vibes. There are few artists of this cut and cloth around the globe who sound like what Paris does.

Everything from his style to his tone and rhythm is solid.  If you’re a real fan of trippy, dream inducing music, you’ll understand and feel this song straight off. If you’re a newbie to the positive, alternative stuff, and are still stuck in your deprecating gangsta anthems, go to your local projects, buy a bag of weed, smoke it sit back, and then listen to this track.

This is genre blurring, heart-warming stuff. Dru Paris’ musical meanderings will transport fans of both Hip Hop and EDM, into a state of euphoria. And those really open for anything profound will be left staggering at the sheer weight of his lyrical genius.

Paris turns Lustig’s track – which is already superb in its composition – inside out and upside down, giving it a whole new meaning – and an inspirational one at that. I don’t want to repeat myself, but no one sounds like him, no one makes music like Dru Paris right now. He takes all the angst and negativity out of urban music and gives it such a laid back feeling.

Paris’ talent captures your mind and makes you reflect on your own life as well as finding a deeper understanding for others. He uses his music to tell a story and express thoughts and emotions in ways that will give you goosebumps. You’ll want to wallow in the sounds of “With You (Alex Lustig – Light) Remix”, for hours on end.

It’s a great pity the song lasts just on 4 minutes. Here’s hoping for a new album!


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Sleep Keepers: “ROAR!” – cascading riffs, powerful vocals, and bouncing choruses Tue, 27 Sep 2016 16:37:24 +0000 Alternative rock band ‘Sleep Keepers’ has released the EP “ROAR!”, which contains 4 heavy dynamic tracks with elements of dubstep, female harsh screaming vocals and cipher-filled lyrics. The Ukrainian-based Sleep Keepers, consists of drummer Toshi, straight from the heart of Japan, the guitar player Ilya, from a war zone and lead singer Talana, from the capital of Ukraine. Even with cascading riffs, powerful vocals, and bouncing choruses, “ROAR!” enlists an underlining layer of trickery. Isolating these clever moments takes many listens, but inevitably adds incredible depth to the recording.

In a music industry plagued by clones and angsty teens trying to sound angry, vocalist Talana evokes the actual tone of the words she sings. For instance, whatever she sings, we as an audience can understand, sonically, her sensation. The delivery and distortion of Talana’s voice generates tangible visions of the lyrics.

sleep-keepers-roarThis furthers our attachment to the songs because we grasp the total sound and feel just as the band intended. It’s not sound for the sake of sound, but tone for the sake of emotion. You may hear hundreds of clichéd lyrics and singers trying desperately to sound emotional, instead of harmonizing the words with their enunciations. Talana confronts this concept head on and nails it.

A producer should always take bands in a new direction, in terms of sound. No one record should replicate another. The most meticulous engineered albums can still fall victim to sameness sometimes. Fans identify this easily and see it as a sidestep from originality.  I’m not sure who produced “ROAR!” but the result is unique because Sleep Keepers come off as heavy, yet incredibly transient.

Their archetype of sound can put listeners in a total trance, while at the same time explode with unbridled energy. They’re one of the few, new breed of alternative rock bands, to force fans to exist at a perfect balance. “ROAR!” flirts with the concept of ever-changing timbres and sounds throughout their tracks, going from electronic to electric, and from soft to loud, barricading listeners into some of the most emotional and driven songs in the genre.

Notwithstanding the fact that their arrangements are brimming with sonic onslaughts that arrive in multiple waves, nothing sounds cluttered or stagnant. The genius of Sleep Keepers’ songwriting comes in these ‘huge’ moments. The band centers on one or two key moments in each song to make it sound monumental and catchy at the same time.

They’re like signatures, sometimes enhanced through careful layered soaring vocal screams or ambient spoken word interludes. Instruments drop in and out to isolate what they want you to hear and feel. The most prominent of course, being Ilya’s guitars and the electronics, while Toshi’s drumming never fails to impress throughout.

You can sample all these goodies straight away on the opening title track “ROAR!” – and once the band goes full swing, at this level, their sound becomes rock art.

sleep-keepers-roar-talanaThe overall pacing of EP is flawless. Sleep Keepers control the tempo, offering needed reprieves before plunging back into the fray. These intervals, although a bit slower is not short on impact – “Kindness Can Kill” is initially disguised as a reprieve, before it explodes into a wall of over-driven sound.

“This City Needs A Hero” functions anatomically, like circuitry of our hearts. Immediate electric bounces kicks off the record with a bang. Repeating riffs and musical cues amplify the track’s reverberations, as the harmonies and lead vocals soar, sweep and dip through the verses and choruses.

The song builds to massive melodic moments, before the instruments slowly drop out to only restart their journey again, carrying the song to even newer heights. “High Voltage” is comprised of fiery, thrashy guitar riffs, pounding drums, throaty screams, and chunky breakdowns.

The tracks on “ROAR!” open the ears and heart up to the variety of textures and feelings explored throughout. There are many undeniable high points on the EP, emotionally and sonically. These songs can rattle out the windows on your car on a regular basis as well as give you massive head to toe tingles, just by the turn of a volume knob.

All-round the music is melodic, hardcore, riffing, and a good mix of production and grit, while the lyrics are quotable, pertinent and insightful. Buy the EP even if you need to sell a kidney for it!


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Beau James: “Landmarks” – intense melodies and touching lyrics Sat, 24 Sep 2016 12:19:28 +0000 From the opening track, “Broken Hearted Past”, you realize that the brand new recording by Beau James“Landmarks” – is no ordinary EP. It is one of the best independent Americana EPs in years. It has touches of classic Americana, rock and roots flavors coupled with a polished production. Each track offers great engineering, amazing vocals and a very talented group of musicians. After listening to this EP, you’ll begin to hum the tunes, which is always a great indication of how deeply music has impacted the listener out of the blocks.

The musicians along with Beau James’ spot on vocals, takes you back to when rock was great. In a word, this recording cooks, whether it is a slow ballad or an up-tempo rocker, you won’t be disappointed. This is what music is all about. It entertains you all the way through, never stopping to take a breath.

The EP Cover

The EP Cover

At the same time it gives you a peak into James’ loves and life experiences, as well as his dreams and aspirations, bundled with all the fear and marvel that is included into that emotional package. This is an exemplary work that makes you yearn for more. I first heard Beau James’ on his previous debut solo release, “Indigo Road”.

I knew from that recording that James was destined for great things – and all that greatness is showcased right here on “Landmarks”.

Beau James who handles Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Nylon String Guitar, and Banjo, plus his backup group, provide a tight sound that is inspirational and moving. The production by Mike Butler grooves, rocks and it entertains you – a phenomenal piece of engineering and mixing.

Surely “Landmarks” will become a quick indie classic that will be emulated by others, and it will stand the test of time. Songs like upbeat stompers “Shotgun Town” and “Head Start” beckons you to listen to them over and over again.

Beau James

Beau James

The smart, heartfelt lyrics and tremendous vocals on the slow-burners, “She Stayed Home” and “New Chord” will amaze you with their depth and dynamics. The music here will take you on a sojourn to bluesy balladeering heaven, where falling in and out of love is more than just a word.

The intense melodies and the touching lyrics, set to the classic, more stripped down, acoustic-driven soundscapes, works perfectly towards moving emotions.

Without a doubt “Landmarks” is one of the best things of its kind to come down the pike in many a moon, and if you’re into some knee-slapping rhythms, Beau James can comfortably deliver that too – checkout the rolling “Lost & Found” and “Cowboy Boots”.

All-round, this EP is a heterogeneous expression of emotional enlightenment with carnivorous beats. And the key to its impact can be found in the three things that Beau James seems to be able to inject into each and every song he writes and performs, in varying doses – power, grace and heart.

Out through Randm Records, grab a hold of “Landmarks” if you want to catch the emotions, sounds, and life of Beau James’ music – which is visceral and raw, yet thoroughly polished in a way that is real, soulful, and organic. If you love melodic, soulful Americana music with an edge, you cannot be without this in your collection!


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Kataztrofee: “Now” – a daringly fresh dress code and distinct musical approach! Sat, 24 Sep 2016 09:57:21 +0000 Born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, Eric “Victory” Johnson and Shannon “Mr. Arrogant” Speed make up the dynamic and colorful Hip-hop duo Kataztrofee. The two approach their craft with 360° vision – it’s about the art, but they know music is a business too. So they’ve built their very own music and film studio which they called ‘Trofee Styyle Studios’, and backed that up by launching the independent record label ‘Trofee Styyle Records’. They didn’t stop there though, as Johnson and Speed are involved in various other endeavors, both creative and commercial, which not only benefit themselves but also their local communities.

Purely artistically speaking, Eric “Victory” Johnson and Shannon “Mr. Arrogant” Speed have released various mixtapes, as well as having already performed on the same bill as August Alsina and Pusha T. As they continue their steadfast and relentless grind, the shimmering, kaleidoscope colored dressers, have released “Now,” the first single off of their upcoming debut album Headed To The Club, which the Fort Worth, Texas natives will set for release early 2017.

The single cover

The single cover

“Now,” is a good mix of a heart thumping beat and rap-singing from very talented rappers. Johnson and Speed combine to make a great track that you can just ride to. They show a form of rapping that is really hot, and unlike some of the one-hit-wonders of today who take themselves too seriously.

Kataztrofee keep things lighthearted and humorous while uncovering some basic truths – “Used to eat Ramen noodles, but now we gone shine. Couldn’t find us on Google, but now we gone shine.” This frolicsome and effervescent type of approach in communicating messages is what makes the duo even more endearing to the ear, including of course, their high-powered and energetic rapping skills.

Kataztrofee have style, swagger and swang – they have it in bundles – and they’re not afraid to show it with their daring and fresh dress code and distinct musical approach. “Now” is a fully engaging track emphasized by a twisted, southern fried rhyme scheme and a low, looped and pumping beat.

If you’re getting tired of listening to the dark and dour run of the mill type of rap music, or maybe you’re on the verge of giving up on listening to the genre and MCs that all sound alike these days. Kataztrofee will keep your interest in rap music alive with their rapping style.

Kataztrofee’s music is energizing and refreshing and this track exemplifies that – Anyone who likes good music that’s fun to listen to should get this. “Now,” is off the hook and completely tears the roof off the catchy sounds that keep crawling out from the south. In short, Kataztrofee is one of the best new things to come off the Texas block; it’s time to come ride with them!


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UH OH: “The 75th Mixtape” shows everything rap is and can be! Fri, 23 Sep 2016 14:17:19 +0000 The 75th Mixtape?  Yes, you heard it right, that’s the title… “The 75th Mixtape” by UH OH. Huh? Yes, you heard right, ‘UH OH’.  So right of the blocks we’ve got a unique mixtape title, as well as an unusual moniker. Now the question is ‘does the music match the titling hype’? You bet your bottom dollar it does!

uh-oh-profile-2Once you hit play on the first track, “Run” Prod. by $uijin, you enter into the realm of the UH OH, and you’ll find him exactly where he should be, rapping with intelligence and maturity.

On one track he seems to be angry about something; then next thing you know he’s apologizing about this or that; then he’s wisecracking and making fun of somebody or something; next he’s pouring his heart out in an emotional epic. Regardless, every song on this recording is catchy and in a few cases just plain brilliant.

“Pressure” ft. Wess Musiq Produced by Muner Beats is the first track to take your breath away, and falls in that brilliant category. You’ll be in awe of the energetic flow and rhymes, as well as some of UH OH’s colorful explanations and descriptions of people, places and situations. And he does this over a slamming beat supported by a growling bassline.

Wess Musiq delivers a verse that fits the track like a glove and goes hand in hand with UH OH’s gravelly vocal tone.

uh-oh-350Another track in the ‘brilliant’ category has to be “The Feeling” ft. Danielle Mattachini and Produced by Lilvo On The Beat. This one’s a pure banger with Danielle laying down a catchy and melodic vocal hook. The lyrics are awesome, and so is the flowing fire UH OH brings to the track, but what I really love is that mesmerizing chorus.

This is one track you cannot, and should not skip on this mixtape. “Ridiculous” Produced by Suijin, is another showcase for UH OH’s aggressive vocal prowess, his personal rhyme scheme and the slicing edge of his punchlines. His flows actually ride the beats differently, and perfectly, on each song.

This is even more noticeable on the slow-burner, “Waves” Produced by Suijin.  UH OH’s lyrics are insane, both in content and in the way he rhymes his syllables.

UH OH’s raps with precision, skill and a wealth of substantial content, while the songs on “The 75th Mixtape” are pretty concise and none overstays their welcome. Hence you will never be tempted to skip any tracks. The mixtape shows everything rap is and can be in a fiercely unapologetic way. It features smashing beats with amazingly raw, heartfelt, and soulful lyrics.


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WORLD-CLASS ENTERTAINER DEANA MARTIN RELEASES “SWING STREET” ALBUM! Fri, 23 Sep 2016 09:16:42 +0000 The Road to Her Trademark of Excellence and Charm is Paved to “Swing Street”

Hollywood, Calif. – World-class entertainer, vocalist, and New York Times best-selling author Deana Martin shows why she reigns as the Queen of Cool with her 5th musical album, Swing Street, available now via Big Fish Records. It is the follow-up to Martin’s 2013 top selling album, Destination Moon, a compilation of her favorite jazz and pop songs, plus a duet with her father on True Love.

Swing Street features several covers of swinging classics as well as five new songs by Patrick Williams. Among the classic tunes are Bye Bye Blackbird, Georgia On My Mind, Quando, Quando, Quando, and Who’s Got The Action made famous by her father, Dean Martin. Newfound tunes by Martin include Bellissima and Spooky. Produced by John Griffeth, and arranged and conducted by Patrick Williams and Chris Walden, the album features a host of A-list session players, Grammy© winning arrangers, composers and engineers, all recorded at the famous Capitol Records Studio A in Hollywood, California.

“Swing Street” is one of the finest in Deana’s canon of work. Each album sees this artist grow … take more risks … and spread her wings.

There are 15 swingin’ songs on “Swing Street” packed with all the diversity and elegance you would expect from a woman who is passionate about her music. Deana challenges herself with each project and “Swing Street” certainly proves that.

In this collection, she once again gathers her A-list of session players, arrangers, composers, conductors, and engineers … the ones who live and breathe this music, and she hands them 15 gems to wrap themselves around.

“Swing Street” is a sophisticated collection of superb performances. And, while it might not be her motivation, it sure feels like her proud Pop is giving her his inimitable smile and saying, “Ya did good, Kid. Let ‘em have it.”

Lou Simon

Senior Director, Music Programming

Sirius XM Satellite Radio

(excerpts from his “Swing Street” liner notes)

Track Listing

1. 52nd and Broadway

2. I’ve Been Around

3. Spooky

4. Hearing Ella Sing

5. That’s Life

6. Bye Bye Blackbird

7. New York State of Mind

8. Good Things Grow

9. I Know What You Are

10. Quando, Quando, Quando

11. Strangers in the Night

12. Bellissima

13. Georgia on my Mind14. Tennessee Whiskey15. Who’s Got The Action

About Deana Martin

Deana Martin is an influential American singer, actor, performer and the very proud daughter of iconic entertainer, Dean Martin. Martin achieved success early in her career in films, theater and television, then quickly added recording artist, nationally syndicated radio host, licensed pilot, business entrepreneur and best-selling author of the New York Times coveted Best Seller list with her 2004 memoir, Memories Are Made of This: Dean Martin Through His Daughters Eyes to her repertoire.  Martin and her husband John Griffeth divide their time between Beverly Hills, CA and Branson, MO.

For more information about Deana Martin please visit: Website:


Twitter: @DeanaMartin_Instagram:

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Sayera Reza’s “Urban Folks” Swings the Music Lovers! Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:41:40 +0000 Sayera Reza, a Bangladeshi versatile singer just released her 3rd solo album titled “Urban Folks” exclusively on folk songs. The album was presented by the Blue Planet Group and released under the banner of ‘Gaanchill Music’ on 5 September 2016 at a prestigious venue in New York.

sayera-reza-350Known for her unique voice signature, Sayera came to the lime-light in 2008 through her hugely popular song “Dhar Dharina”.This gifted and award winner artist has earned national and international acclaims for her many other popular numbers, such as “Ek Nimishe”, “Maan Bhangabo”, “Tui Jodi Amar Hoitire” etc. She also sang the hit song “Ore Shona” of the movie “Common Gender”.

Sayera is a dominant stage performer. Apart from touring all over Bangladesh, she has been doing concerts at various prestigious venues; London, Birmingham, Swindon, Brighton, Paris, Brussels, Bangkok, Florida, New York, and New Jersey are just a few. She has a wide range of fan base both at home and abroad.

Prominent American and Bangladeshi musicians like Stephen Tubin, Dean Bohana, DJ Rahat, Shihub Ripon and Ahmed Kislu have composed the 7 songs of this album. These new renditions of folk songs have already made waves amongst the music lovers. “Urban Folks” is available on music streaming services like Robi Yonder Music App, GP Music, official website of the artist, and, alongside services of Gaanchill as well.

Follow Sayera Reza on Facebook

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14-Year-Old Emerging Star Sophia Daniz Drops Her Debut Album “Day Dreaming” On iTunes Fri, 23 Sep 2016 08:10:19 +0000 A 14-years old songwriter and performer, Sophia Daniz becomes more and more popular thanks to her tender voice and unique musical talents. Sophia is only 14, but she is already a star thanks to her extraordinary music gifts and her youthful eagerness to prove herself to the world. Her hard work gave results and now she is viewed by music experts as an emerging artist with her own unique style and sound. Her album, “Day Dreaming”, is gaining popularity in iTunes.

sophia-350Sophia’s natural knack for different musical instruments was noticed in her early ages. Music critics compare her performances with Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Jennifer Hudson. She is young, ambitious, hard working and extremely talented – all these qualities shoot her right to the top.

For only nine months work with Jessica Drake Mosher, she confirms that Sophia is already an artist that sets apart from other young artists with her own vision. She started to record adding specific perspective on feel and sounds, and even adding her own rhymes and notes into the composition. Sophia is different from others with the fact that she does not copy anyone else… she is just herself – unique, brave and lively.

Although still too young, her life experience helps her bring more material in the music industry. Her first album is combination of full spectrum of emotions that young people go through. The questions that her songs provoke will stick in the listener’s head for days with their meaningfulness and innocence. She is only at the beginning of her performer’s career, so there is much more to come from this promising talent.

To find out more about Sophia Daniz’s talent and performances, please take a look at


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