VideoMusicStars Independent Music News Headlines Fri, 29 Apr 2016 20:28:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Irma Seleman: “My World” – rich with soul and technique! Fri, 29 Apr 2016 20:28:12 +0000 Nobody would disagree that Irma Seleman would make a great soul singer of the 70s. I honestly have to say that Irma is one of the most underrated singers out there today. The album “My World” is phenomenal. I mean, the lady can blow, and there is nothing neo about the soul she brings to the table. Irma Seleman is a remarkable artist whom the music world will be benefitting from. She has taken classic R&B and funky melodies and fused them with fresh lyrics and creative vocal and musical arrangements that pay homage to excellent old school music.

irma-seleman-myworld-300The end result is that she is keeping real music in the forefront, showing young people where our musical roots come from and as well as convincing us that there is no substitute for just plain good music no matter how modern or old it is. Notice her infusions on “Don’t Be Messin’”, “Take It Slow”, “Without You”, “Make It Go”, “Indie Ladies (Live)”, “The Price” and “Let Me Go”. It is quite obvious Irma Seleman not only appreciates her musical roots but takes care to reinvent musical themes in their best light. She is a wonderful lyricist, a powerful vocalist, and an incomparable arranger.

She has taken Soul, R&B, some Funk and Jazz, as well as her other special ingredients and blended them into one beautiful mix. Irma’s rich, textured, soulful voice adds so much beauty to these songs that it becomes clear that talent like hers cannot be taught. It is a joy to hear R&B and Soul music that you can groove to without all of the booty-slaps, hoochie references and nasty lyrics that most artists today believe are necessary. Irma Seleman bares her soul on this album with beautiful lyrics and downright funky rhythms. Yet at the same time her sounds retains a smooth elegance.

Most people might have heard her single “Don’t’ Be Messin’”, a funky up-tempo number, but it is only when you get to the slower stuff on the album, that you will be automatically drawn to her soulful, breathtaking, and beautiful lyrics, and voice – case in point, “Make It Go” or “The Price”. I got the impression that is a project in which she was able to express herself perfectly.

irma-seleman-myworld-350From the first note of the first track, to the very last note of the ultimate track, “My World” will captivate you in ways few R&B or Soul albums have done in recent years. Irma Seleman’s voice is so rich with soul and technique that it really makes it hard for you to stop listening to this modern wonder work.

MORE ABOUT: Born in Penang, Malaysia, Irma Seleman was raised up in a small town in Bangi, Selangor, MY. As a daughter of a musician, her dad gave a lot of exposure to every kind of music from traditional to contemporary. In 2008, Irma enrolled in the Berklee Transfer Program at the International College of Music (ICOM). From there she went on to accomplish many things including, being the lead vocalist for the ICOM Celebration Series Tribute to The Eagles, Michael Jackson, U2, Queen and ABBA.

In the Fall of 2011, she enrolled in the Berklee College of Music and was awarded with a scholarship. Irma has been featured in many TV shows including the Mentor Talent Showand Hitz TV, as well as magazines such as WWS Magazine and Marie Claire. She also performed at the Michael Bublé Crazy Love Tour’s pocket stage, as well completing her Euro Tour supported by Berklee and Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory. Irma was featured in theClose Encounters Festival and Cultural Festival by the US Embassy in Helsinki that took place in Helsinki, Tampere, Finland and St. Petersburg, Russia.


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Deamer: “Southside of the Bridge Volume 2” tells stories of struggles Fri, 29 Apr 2016 18:12:30 +0000 Deamer is one of the very few new rappers out there that knows how to tell compelling stories. He is an unsigned rapper from South London of Kurdish, Turkish and British origin, but this is a real man that has something to say about the world and not just the same juvenile struggles that mainstream rappers try to do.

deamer-southside-frontDeamer tells stories of struggles from his view, from his parent’s point of view and real issues about being an immigrant that not a lot of rappers out there would even attempt to address nowadays. However Deamer does it in such a clever fashion that it is undeniable that this young MC understands the world in a much broader sense than your college scholar.

At first listen, I will admit Deamer is not the easiest person to listen to at times, his voice and personality takes some warming up to if you haven’t listened to his music before, but once you do, it is just smooth sailing from there on because this young man is one of the best underground rappers to come out of the UK.

“Southside of the Bridge Volume 2” is a sort of concept album that revolves around the narrative about the lives of Deamer, his family or different people in the same situation, who will ultimately end up in destruction with no viable solution if they do not defend their rights. This is evident from the first track, “Where Do We Go Ft. Conor LD” and expanded upon on “Dear Dad”.

deamer-southside-backThe production on the album is incredible to say the least, every track is different which is what I love about the album. You have some smooth tracks like “Come On Ft. Picasso”, but then there are signs of aggression with tracks featuring rough and rugged beats such as “They Don’t Help Us”,Why Ft. Ard Adz & Sho Shallow” and “Tell Me What You Want Kid” which just goes to show how lyrically raw Deamer is as a true emcee.

But the real heartfelt tracks with stories such as “Mistakes in Life”,Fragile Ft. Conor LD (Cover)”, “Nights In The Bando Ft. Pablo Mulla” and “Burning Bridges Ft. J.Bee” is where Deamer capitalizes his amazing artistry. He raps with such wit and speed that he only propels as the album goes on. His flow is awesome; he can easily switch up at almost any time with no sign of deficient slack. Deamer really knows how to paint vivid pictures filled with social commentary and real positive messages despite the overuse of the ‘pussy’ word.

There is a lot of substance on this album and Deamer, or ‘the curd with a vision’, as he likes to call himself, is so thought provoking that the cursing is simply in context.  Just when I can’t praise “Southside of the Bridge Volume 2” enough, I will say that this is the direction Hip Hop music should be taking; it is really exciting to see what Deamer has in store for listeners in the future. He seems to be wise beyond his years, and considering the other crappy mainstream hip hop artists around, Deamer brings a breath of social realness to the table.


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Spook The Banshee: “Would You Come Back” is fitting to be cranked up to eleven! Fri, 29 Apr 2016 02:23:39 +0000 From the South-East suburbs of Melbourne, Australia, and formed in late 2012, Spook The Banshee is predominantly a Hard Rock/Metal band taking inspirations from Evanescence, Skillet, Lamb of God and many more. The band members are Lead Guitar: Stephen Crichton, Lead Vocals: Karlea Romanov, Drums: Cale Burke, Rhythm Guitar: Leroy Porter and Bass Guitar: Trent Newport.

Spook-The-Banshee-ProfileI will start off by saying I enjoy all rock music, and I especially appreciate a strong female power-voice. So when I was exposed to the band’s single “Would You Come Back”. The song pushed me over the edge. When it played it, I had to turn my player to the limits. Spook The Banshee is by far one of the most creative, adrenalizing, original and in-your-face young Metal/Rock bands around today, with tremendous cross-over potential.

The vocal range of Karlea Romanov is incredible, while the abilities of the rest of the band are equally impressive. The song moves from pounding drums and roaring vocals to melodic interludes, crushing riffs, and everything in between. Karlea’s voice is rich and sweet at times, and knife-sharp and heavy at others.

If you want smoothing vocals and enjoy elevator music then “Would You Come Back” is not for you.  This song kicks you in the balls and leaves you wanting more. It has a bass-line that you can feel all the way in your nether regions.

Spook-The-Banshee-300However, even though the song is heavy with gritty guitars, a banging beat and some wicked vocals, all fitting to be cranked up to eleven. There are also subtleties in this music that reveal themselves with every play; moments in the notes and the words that betray deft composition and emotional gravitas. With musical variety and experimentation of sound, balanced by a consistency of style, there are very few things out of place in this recording.

If you like hard rock, metal, and just plain awesome guitar riffs and solid drumbeats this track is for you. Many people complain that rock music isn’t what it used to be or that there isn’t any good rock music around anymore…those people would be wrong…if we consider Spook The Banshee.

“Would You Come Back” is one of those songs that just leave your jaw dropped in awe. It would be interesting to see what their future endeavors shall bring to the forefront of metal and rock.  I can only hope that somewhere out there Spook The Banshee will get the play and develop the following which I feel is greatly deserved.


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Treez drops the single “D.O.P.E” from “The Life Of Treez – The Hustler” mixtape Fri, 29 Apr 2016 00:25:17 +0000 Treez has dropped the single “D.O.P.E”, produced by Butla Beats from his “The Life Of Treez – The Hustler” mixtape.  To me this era’s emcees are dead, recycled and washed up, but the production is extremely good. So what hip-hop really needs are storytellers and lyricists who can match the music to make the formula work. I’ve listened to this mixtape a few times now, and the first run through caught me off guard. But now I can say that Treez has done a great job on “The Life Of Treez – The Hustler”, where he opens up about his life and other things going on right now. Of course, his production is on point with a ton of crazy songs – “D.O.P.E” being just one of them.

Treez is not attempting to be the most conscious lyricist out there but with a combination of some great production and his unique way of flowing and putting simple words together to make it sound catchy, puts his music over the top. The most important part I feel about this song, and the mixtape on the whole, is Treez doesn’t step away from what he’s been doing in the game. He just makes it sound better.

The mixtape cover artwork

The mixtape cover artwork

I feel like it’s impossible to not like Treez. His lyrics are charming tales of hustling and grinding.  Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds like real talk. “D.O.P.E” is a very tight song too, and that only adds to the pleasure of listening to the entire mixtape, which on the whole, is so much better than a lot of the other mainstream hip-hop albums that are out right now!

Treez born Christopher James Cohen was raised in a small neighborhood called Needmore Community, located in Greer South Carolina in 1984, in a single parent home with two older siblings. Being raised in a single parent home he witnessed the struggle face to face. Treez started out hustling candy bars at an early age to help his mother out on bills and small things around the house. He was raised up around music all his life.

His aunt ran a liquor house so music was always a part of his life. After being shot and almost losing his life, having run-ins with the law an overcoming it all, Treez found himself with a lot of time on his hands and one hell of a story to tell.  He says he is blessed in so many ways.

“Music is a gateway to people, so listening to my music hopefully helps someone or just motivates somebody to never give up,” says Treez. “God will never put more on you than you can handle. Hear my testimony thru my music.”

OFFICIAL LINKS: BDE Marketing YouTubeStream/Download

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Award-winning Rachael Hendricks Releases “How You” Produced by Drawzilla Wed, 27 Apr 2016 17:50:09 +0000 Rachael Hendricks

Rachael Hendricks

Rachael Hendricks is a singer-songwriter originally from Ohio, now living in the New York. She takes pride in writing and recording all of her own records. She has influences that range from Pop and RnB to even Country music.

Very focused and committed to her music she learned how to mix and record herself and now is Co-Owner of Drumline Studios, a recording studio in Poughkeepsie.

Rachael Hendricks has just released a new original song entitled “How You” which can be found on Spotify, iTunes, Tidal and more. She has won independent artists awards, had numerous radio interviews and done plenty of shows including opening up for Rnb sensations, Mario and Genuwine along with Cassidy and Juelz Santana.

Listen to How You – Single by Rachael Hendricks on @AppleMusic.


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D.FRANCISCO: “I Want Ya” – there’s more to it than meets the ears…or even the eye! Wed, 27 Apr 2016 16:47:53 +0000 D.FRANCISCO is one of the newest and most talented musical artists to explode onto the pop-dance scene with his brand new single and video of “I Want Ya”. His diversity is clear. D. FRANCISCO has spent a lifetime perfecting his craft behind-the-scenes. His background consists of years of diligent training; starting with private instrumental lessons, moving to touring internationally with the celebrated Phoenix Boys Choir, and culminating with an opera internship in Rome, Italy.



FRANCISCO is about to prove to the world that with dedication, diligence and patience, anything is possible. His discipline and hard work will no doubt bring him to the top of the charts. He is not merely a new sensation, but a presence to be reckoned with for the future. D. FRANCISCO pulls from Pop, Latin, Opera, and even elements of EDM.

It’s all about the song and whatever fits. For this, his debut single, which is dropping in both English and Spanish versions – he has pulled out all of the stops and has done an incredible job – on the writing, the orchestration and the performance! So what you get is an amalgamation of essential Anglicized music formulas that’s been blended with a passionate dose of Latino flavors, and there’s more to it than meets the ears…or even the eye!

D. FRANCISCO is far from being just like any of those poster-boy pop stars that are out today. This guy has soul, integrity, passion, and boundless energy. The lyrics, rhythm, and musical instrumentation on “I Want Ya” are a fresh departure from what we are being force fed by the current pop star machine that almost always leaves us feeling empty inside.

The single cover

The single cover

D. FRANCISCO’s unbeatable combination makes for music that will surely high-ride the international airwaves, out-move the trendy dance-floors and vivaciously seize our video screens. Considering that the sizzling video clip of “I Want Ya” features Ana Carla Sinclair better known as a contestant on Mexico’s ‘The Voice’, as well as renowned dancer Nayara Nuñez.

This crossover single has a quality that very few songs have, that is originality and the courage to experiment with different musical styles like Opera, EDM, Pop and Latino rhythms. D. FRANCISCO ventures into this new-found sound with confidence, inspiration and significant technical experience under his belt.

His mesmerizing vocals are an extension of his soul and what he’s feeling deep down inside. This wonderful and emotional voice can quiver like a flame and boom like thunder. The sensual passion and stimulating exuberance flow right through “I Want Ya” from start to finish with honesty and an artistic quality that is probably unmatched by any other debut artist today.


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DJ Wutam: “The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” will invoke very intense emotions in you Wed, 27 Apr 2016 13:15:00 +0000 Electronic and house music producer, mixer and DJ Wutam purchased his first set of Technics 1200 turntables and began DJ’ing professionally throughout Florida and the East Coast in the early ‘90s. Wutam has held residencies in major electronic and house clubs throughout the U.S. and collaborated on releases, tours and other major projects with talented artists including J-Break, Dynamix II, Jackal & Hyde, DJ Fixx, Infiniti, Filth & Splendour, Sasha and many others.

DJ Wutam has studied under Grammy-nominated EDM mixing and mastering engineer Luca Pretolesi, has taken an advanced mix and master class with renowned producer Daniel Wyatt and recently attended Dubspot for mixing and mastering. He has also recently launched his own label, Prism Recordings, which will feature his own music and collaborations with other artists as well as products for the audio industry that are in the development and prototype stages.

Wutam-PrismWhile working on his new album, DJ Wutam has dropped his latest track, “The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” – a blend of Dubstep and Rap. Available on Beatport, this is a track that should be purchased without question. DJ Wutam is in a league all by himself. Looking through his catalog on Soundcloud, it is clear that he has been consistent and creative. DJ Wutam’s work ethic is mind-boggling and it’s just ridiculous how he makes so many tracks with fresh ideas that sound so damn good.

“The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” is full-on Dubstep madness hosting gut-busting rhymes from a thunder-like rapping voice. DJ Wutam alone has an amazing sound that will leave you craving for, add-in the raspy rhyming and this track is an absolute double threat. In my search for truly outstanding and well produced electronic music, I look for a few things that normally capture my attention – variety of style, original instrumentation and samples, cinematic qualities in scale and quality of sound, plus quality of transitions, swells, breaks and tempo changes.

DJ Wutam gets a full house of stars due to the immense amount of production value and quality and for hitting all of the above points. What you get here is quality over quantity. The thing is I didn’t want this track to ever stop. The journey it took me on and the movements my body was guided to do all are great and inspiring. This is the kind of music that will draw people out of a crowd when played in public to ask who the artist is. There is clear evidence that the future is bright for DJ Wutam.

You will be attracted to the heavy use of drum and bass synths and how well the beat and rhythm flows. The pure energy of voice and music will invoke very intense emotions in you.  “The Intrinsic (Feat Messinian)” hyped me up and got my adrenaline going, and it isn’t even a fast paced tempo. Yet it was almost euphoric. A seriously epic track – beautiful, brutal and punchy, with an amazing soaring rap melody you’re not even expecting.  The sheer levels and quality behind this music will have you floating around the room.



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P DIGGA: “Like a Stripper” ft. DJ CHOSE – word-play skills, swagger and versatility! Wed, 27 Apr 2016 11:26:47 +0000 P DIGGA means word-play skills, swagger and versatility. He will remind you of Fetty Wap, Beanie, Slim Thug and Lil’ Wayne rolled into one, but expresses himself on a different level and with a different voice. You can listen to his music from start to finish and just groove along. He definitely has talent and he brings a fresh new sound to the world of hip-hop and trap music.

pdigga-stripper-250P DIGGA’s latest track “Like a Stripper” ft. DJ CHOSE has been on constant repeat for a few days and I still haven’t gotten tired of it. It can be hard to sort through P DIGGA music because he puts out so much quality material. This track is definitely one of the best though.

MORE ABOUT: “Ugo” better known as P DIGGA is a US-based Nigerian Rapper, Producer, Singer and Entrepreneur. P DIGGA was born and grew up in Nigerian before relocating to United States to pursue his career in the entertainment industry. In 2012, he released a mixtape titled “Show me the psycho” which was hosted by New Mexico Dj (DJ ZERO). The Mixtape features 12 tracks with productions from Eno Will, Barron and as well as P DIGGA himself. Several singles from the mixtape had several spins from music radio in Europe USA and Africa. P DIGGA is also an aspiring actor/director. He has acted for both stage and Television and is working hard to transform the film industry with his visual effects. He is also in the studio working on new material.

Snapchat: itspdigga

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Harrison Miller: “Like The Wind” takes the dance world and mixes it with story and statement Mon, 25 Apr 2016 09:56:08 +0000 Antonio Altissimi alias Harrison Miller, born in Ronciglione, is an Italian composer and singer who combines classic guitar with electronic music. He divides his time between teaching and his passion for music. Miller writes a variety of tracks, from singer-songwriter to dance songs gaining large audience approval. His latest composition “Like The Wind” is distributed on all digital stores and is supported by a great video clip on YouTube.

Harrison Miller builds tracks acoustically then adding his vocals to the dance rhythms…or vice versa. Whatever the method, the result is as impressive as ever. “Like The Wind” may utilize a familiar formula, but when it sounds this good it is anything but negative.

Harrison Miller

Harrison Miller

In fact, what I enjoy most about the new album is the creativity with which he pushes the musical envelope with this track. Mixing dance, pop, electronica, killer hooks, a sprinkling of acoustic guitar and reverberating vocals, he has crafted solid dance track.  If you’re just starting to like electronic music with acoustic influences, you’ll probably benefit from getting this track.

“Like The Wind” is a mix of acoustic and dance music that will have any electronic or even pop music fan on their feet. Harrison Miller is truly innovative, taking the dance world and mixing it with story and statement, creating a wild ride of musical flavors.

The vocals are easy-going and delicious and so is the acoustic guitar riffs sprinkled around the beat. More important than the electronic synth sounds, is the overall uplifting vibe and feel of the song. Harrison Miller is not just your usual singer or band; he writes, performs, produces, and pretty much pulls it all together from what I can gather.

You don’t have be into EDM to enjoy “Like The Wind”, as Harrison Miller has definitely taken his music to another level. It’s dance music for sure, but it is a legitimate song with vocals and lyrics that aren’t just an after-thought of the beat, as Miller sings about always being on the move and far away from home. If you’re a total sucker for catchy melodies and upbeat dance tracks this record hits the nail right on the head for you.

I think there’s a very fine line between vocals and instrumentation, too much of either and a track can suffer. Harrison Miller has struck a solid balance that is showcased throughout this song. Vocals are spirited and meaningful while not taking away from the rest of the production. “Like The Wind” has maximum replayability with no crushing weaknesses in sight.


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Radio Techno Zagreb – highlighting fascinating electro sounds and promoting a sense of community Mon, 25 Apr 2016 00:53:40 +0000 Listening to the radio remains an intimate and enjoyable past-time, even in an era of excess in which every piece of music you could ever want is readily available at your fingertips. There is just something genuinely enjoyable – even communal – about knowing that you are listening in on something that other people are concurrently tuned into. It’s a feeling that no amount of downloading can ever replicate.

radio-techno-zagreb-djsThe internet has made this experience even more transnational than ever before, as pretty much every radio station worth checking out is available globally simply by downloading an app for a smartphone or visiting the respective station’s website.

While the rise of online radio has seen an increasing interest in “tuning in”, there are many stations that you may not even know of that are highlighting fascinating sounds and promoting a sense of community. One of them is Radio Techno Zagreb.

A progressive radio station that specializes in electronic and club music, Radio Techno Zagreb showcases a number of partner radio stations on their website as well a list of live camera streams, including one from Buffalo, NY. They also have music, marketing and advertising links for readers to find and follow.

Moreover the radio station’s mission is to offer Promoters, Dj’s and Producers their own show to host every week. Music makers already hosted on Radio Techno Zagreb include MISTYC RECORDS, JOHANN COLENETZ, FERRER FERREIRA, ALEXEY SYLVANO, VELVET SINNER and KWIBUZZ.

radio-techno-zagreb-350Focusing on electronic music, Radio Techno Zagreb draws on a wide variety of knowledgeable regular presenters and incredible guest Dj’s and Producers to produce non-stop mixes of the hottest new club sounds around. Anyone with a good idea is allowed to take a slot on the show, whether it’s a one-off or a long-running serial. Contents range from lengthy pumping club mixes, to unusual Chillout and laid-back beats, with everything in between covered.

Clearly Radio Techno Zagreb will be growing into a community radio station with various independent Promoters, Dj’s and Producers joining in and publishing shows and mixes on the radio website. At the same time partners and advertisers can add their web links to the radio website free of charge for increased PageRank and traffic, as well as being in a business directory.

However if you just need to tune in and listen then you will find that electric grooves and repeated beats are the order of the day on Radio Techno Zagreb as they deliver the rave with a perfect combination of tunes, guaranteed to satisfy the needs of any electronic music lover.


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