Vinnie Maggiano: “Dreamz 2 Reality” – a wide range of easy on the ear soundscapes

Vinnie Maggiano: “Dreamz 2 Reality” – a wide range of easy on the ear soundscapes

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Born and raised in Los Angeles California, Vincent Maggiano has been wrecking the music business for 20 years. Finally dropping his new mixtape entitled “Dreamz 2 Reality”. As a singer, songwriter, beat maker, and hip hop artist Maggiano has his hands full. Well-equipped with over 1000 songs, he has plenty of music for his fans and listeners.

The album cover artwork
The album cover artwork

You have to love Vinnie Maggiano, he has amazing technical rapping skills, he sings his own choruses and showcases a great laidback personality through his music, and of course the beats go perfectly with his style. With his distinctive, narcoleptic vocals, Vinnie paints vivid pictures of singular problems on smooth world beats.

Excellent examples of his almost metaphysical approach to hip-hop can be found on tracks like “Now They Play It”, “Relax Me” and “Look at What I Found”.  The resulting jams roam through a wide range of easy on the ear soundscapes, including frothy jazz and hot-buttered soul. This music is infectious, often humorous, and an intricately-woven continuation of Maggiano’s own musical path and signature sound.

At first, all of the songs sound the same, but eventually, you begin to see the individuality in each song, and moreover recognize Maggiano’s unique voice and lyrical style. Simply put, Dreamz 2 Reality has an amazing vibe that is totally different any rap music you’ll hear right now. Vinnie Maggiano can loosely be described as the Michael Franks of hip-hop. He has that same easy-flowing unobtrusive sound that can be anything you want. If you keep the volume down, you can read or just chill to this stuff. Yet if you turn it up, it’s good enough to ride out to!

I would have to say that Vinnie Maggiano delivers on all levels with his soft, melodic songs. Personally it’s a fresh, very mature project which hits home with the listener, as Maggiano shares his personal experiences through his music. With each and every passing track, you can feel the passion he has put into these songs.


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