99 WAVES Records Emerges As Preferred Independent E-Label

99 WAVES Records Emerges As Preferred Independent E-Label

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99 WAVES Records, an Italian based Record company has emerged as the most preferred alternative when it comes to independent e-labels.  The record level company is also a part of the Midi Mood Group, which is a renowned name among Indie Dance, Nu Disco, Minimal, Deep and Techno genres. The company was founded by two Italian independent producers David Ravalli AKA Edo Mela and Massimo Masi AKA Code Nemesis. Both the producers are related with different music styles; however, their passion for good music is what resulted in the coming up of 99 Waves Records.

When contacted, David Ravalli, said, “We are very happy that people like our efforts of offering them best music. I and Massimo both focus on discovering new talents and introducing them to the world. 99 Waves Records is not only about presenting global dance scene. We are geared up to release all new recordings that are set to become future club classics.” He further added, “We aim to provide the most revolutionary and innovative productions from various talented artists from around the world. We also aim to be the primary name in breakthrough EDM, and expect to develop the horizons of dance scene via extraordinary productions from a range of outstanding and unique artists.”

Sources confirmed that 99 WAVES Records has presented a number of renowned songs till now. The music they have brought to the world includes Valentine Khaynus feat. Alex Able – Fear (Radio Edit), Valentine Khaynus feat. Alex Able – Fear (Original Mix), GOSH CRASH & Max PRIDE feat Kir Angels – Over&Over (Original Mix), Vincent Vega feat. Max Magnum – Do You Think I’m Sexy (Original Mix) and many more songs of other artists.

The company has worked with a number of talented artists such as Valentine Khaynus, Vincent Vega, Gosh Crash, Rosso Fallen, Freak Fabrique, Tanya and KiBo, Dj MORTIC, Orkhan Nasibov AKA Oku, Speechless, mr Wood, Your Noise and Masterminders to name of few.


About 99 WAVES Records

99 WAVES Records is a Record company located in Italy. The company is a renowned independent e-label and founded by producers – David Ravalli AKA Edo Mela and Massimo Masi AKA Code Nemesis.

Contact Information: office@99-waves.com

Website: http://www.99waves.biz/  &  http://midimoodrecords.com/group/

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