Alessia D’ Andrea: “Set Me Free Set Me On Fire” Passion, Drive and High Octane Raunch

Alessia D’ Andrea: “Set Me Free Set Me On Fire” Passion, Drive and High Octane Raunch

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Italian singing star Alessia D’ Andrea, has won some of the most important music festivals in Italy, such as the “Mia Martini Award” and the “Musicultura Award”, the major prize for Italian songwriters. Alessia has performed and recorded with acclaimed music stars such as Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull, Lubo Kirov and Dj Molella.

Furthermore Alessia D’Andrea has been receiving international approval since her single “Time To Pray” (remixed by Molella, Future Funk and other Deejays) was released throughout the world in Countries such as the UK, Romania, Australia, Spain, Poland, Norway, South Africa, Canada, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico, Singapore, Czech Republic and Israel.

The talented singer however has not stopped there. Alessia has performed throughout Italy as well as across its borders with significant success. In Warsaw she performed in front of more than 100,000 fans, as well as appearing on both national Radio and TV, in and outside of Italy. She is particularly popular in the Eastern European Countries.

Her self-titled debut album “Alessia D’Andrea” (Renilin) was distributed as far afield as China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and Canada. While one of her music videos, “Tonight”, in the duet version with Lubo Kirov, was selected by MTV Europe for the World Chart Express. She was also the special guest at the Fabrizio De Andrè Tribute concert held at the Opera Theatre in Sofia, in front of the country’s major National Authorities. Alessia has also released a DVD of her acoustic-electric show entitled, “Live in Studio” (Renilin).

During January of this year Alessia D’Andrea released her latest single entitled, “Set Me Free Set Me On Fire”. The single has been released in three versions, the Original, the Dubstep and the Progressive House mix version, all of which are getting prime airplay on a host of radio stations around the globe. The Dubstep and Progressive House mix versions, which were mixed by Dj Bsharry is also raking in support and popularity across clubs in the U.K.

In collaboration with Antonio Notaro, Alessia has created a superb single. “Set Me Free Set Me On Fire” is a two-set single that contains all the necessary ingredients to make it a surefire hit. It is a power-pop scorcher, revealing her energy and rawness, under a highly polished performance. The Gromee arranged single, which was mixed and mastered by Stephan Zeh, presents Alessia D’Andrea, in all her passion, drive and high octane raunch.

“Set Me Free Set Me On Fire” is a snapshot of a self-assured artist with a powerful attitude, a sexy aura and a voice that can melt vinyl. Never before has her voice been wrapped around such quality but accessible and melodically powerful material, as on “Set Me Free Set Me On Fire” , making for a consistently enjoyable single with broad appeal. Her emotions and talents are neatly packaged on this and I thoroughly recommend it to you as an essential part of any musical collection. (Main picture by by V. Stefanov, single cover picture by N. Milev)







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