Crystal Dawne: ‘Lovelution’ Evocative Pop with Lush Electro-Triphop and RnB Influences

Crystal Dawne: ‘Lovelution’ Evocative Pop with Lush Electro-Triphop and RnB Influences

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Canadian-born singer/songwriter, Crystal Dawne, is turning more than a few heads in the music industry since the debut of her first single, ‘Lovelution’. Crystal Dawne is unlike any artist you’ll likely to hear this year, with her unique blend of rich, majestic, and evocative pop together with lush and roomy electro / trip hop and RnB influences. This combination instantly resonates with her audience and is quickly building momentum. ‘Lovelution’, released January 21, 2014, has hit the ground running with a full spectrum of music videos and multi-media.

Crystal grew up in Winnipeg, Canada, and was initially encouraged by her grade school principal to sing and perform at the age of 12. Armed with only her youthful ambition, a passion for music, and the encouragement of her principal, Crystal’s first performance was met with harsh criticism from two of the popular boys in her school. Humiliated, Crystal walked off the stage and vowed never to sing again.

Many years later, while working on a short film Crystal wrote and produced, the need came for a soundtrack. During a meeting with an artist Crystal began to softly sing along to a track that the artist was playing. Immediately, the artist heard her talent and they sat down and wrote what was to become her first song ever. They soon went into the studio and recorded the song and the rest is, as they say, history. Ironically, the song she sang as a child was “Be Not Afraid”.

‘Lovelution’ by Crystal Dawne is now available globally, on the most important web music platforms.

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Crystal Dawne


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