Damo Entertainment Presents “The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success”

Damo Entertainment Presents “The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success”

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David Morris created the Damo Entertainment Label to try and help artists get their music out there. David has had several talent shows searching for artists that have the best music and he also travels from venue to venue as well as search the internet trying to find some of the hottest Underground Music. He has also created a radio show called HotHitzRadio, so that artists can get more exposure.

One of Damo Entertainment’s hottest releases has been a compilation album featuring various artists entitled “The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success”; eighteen crackerjack tracks, meant to virtually blow your mind. The album is a great blend of Rap, R&B and Hiphop, with nothing missing here for sure. It features high performance appearances by some very talented artists.

A very interesting appearance comes right from the start with Murphy Lee and Legend Camp on the song “Ain’t Nuttin’” . Other heavyweight deliveries come from the likes of CKDK on “Smokin’ N Drinkin’”, Chip Smith on “All I Want Is Presidents”,  Cu Cruz on “Fresh And Fly”, G on “Back Out”, J-Mar on “Stuntn Like Super Dave” and LMK on “She Got It”. But the list of standouts is endless with appearances by Fugi, Huey, Cipha Da Don, Ruka Puff, CKG the Don, N.O.T.E, Smooth Kat, Syrys, Tak, Vito Money and Will Victory.

After listening to the “The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success” album, I’m convinced that these artists are the most slept-on crew in the game. Every performer spits fire, and they each bring something new and different to the table. All stars shine bright as you can feel the emotion each artist brings to every track. You can also sense the hunger in the performances, as it sounds as though they pour their souls into the songs, not afraid to let the listener into their personal lives, which is quite rare of most emcees in the game today.

This album is a joy to listen to and every beat is as chunky as it gets. “The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success” will surprise you and will make you spin it all the time. I have to say that Damo Entertainment has put together straight banging music. Don’t expect Raekwon’s longwinded story telling or overdoses of hilarious Freddie Foxx punch lines, this is an album that is pure music to your ears with hot beats and swaggering flows which sounds solid all the way around. Go on and get this one!

“The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success” is straight fire. The album is tight and focused with some shining moments; full of melodic and soulful beats. I would highly recommend The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success” to anyone who loves cash, bling, and booty…and that’s pretty much all of us!

David Morris of Damo Entertainment
David Morris of Damo Entertainment







One thought on “Damo Entertainment Presents “The Struggle 2 Succeed = Success”

  1. Appreciate the review on the album. I just try and put together great music for albums that people can listen to from beginning to end without skipping a track. The album is definitely a project that I am proud of and everyone that has listened to it from family, friends, DJs, and radio show host, etc. have given me props on the album.

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