David Trust: “Breaking the Broken Heart” Displays His Lyrical Croon

David Trust: “Breaking the Broken Heart” Displays His Lyrical Croon

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David Trust is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist hailing from Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas. Known for his commanding baritone, accompanied by what has been described as, an Americana/Folk/Rock sound. David Trust illustrates his songs through narrative stories and creative approaches to the music. After forming two different projects, David recently began focusing on his solo work. Over the past few years he has gone through many different approaches and changes in his writing, recording, and on-stage persona. From simple songs put to demos, to elaborate concept works.

Breaking the Broken Heart is a five track Ep capturing David Trust’s singular retro-rock vision, where he assimilates influences from Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, early Jim Morrison and Nick Cave. Here he digs into what seems his favorite subject, heartbreak. Lashing the listener with tormented love, fear, desire and anguish.

Trust displays his lyrical croon, while the minimalist music structures are wreathed with trembling acoustic guitars and ghostly reverb. From the opening track “Amidst the Mystery”, there’s a folk-rock jangle to the tracks, that are forlorn, with a disarming directness to the aching song titles, which slowly but surely begin to burst with fevered agony, by the time we arrive at the closing title “Home (Acoustic Version)”.

In the middle David Trust takes us on a journey through “Chaos(Acoustic Version), “Lonely Sight (Slow Version)” and “Remain Kind”. Tracks that simmer, boil and haunt. Trust’s explorations of heartbreak and the misery we inflict upon each other are ever present. Whatever you’re feeling bad about, listening to Breaking the Broken Heart or any other tracks from David’s website, will take the edge off, leaving you feeling safe in the knowledge that someone else understands exactly how you’re feeling. Trust’s soaring vocals and deceptively simple arrangements, conspire to engage the listener in a spiritual and emotional pursuance.

Trust is deft wordsmith, able to delineate subtle shades of meaning and complex emotions in simple melodies, and in a very short period of time he will have wormed his way into your heart and mind. The disconsolate lyrics are delivered against hollow, jangling tunes that enhance the sense of isolation and loneliness delivered in the words. Trust’s words and music continually belie each other throughout his songs, accentuating the message that love and desire, both good and bad, is ultimately always more complicated than what we bargained for.

This album is unique in that it is the perfect complement to wintry wet days, but also a great backdrop to a few long, and laid-back sunny hours just doing nothing. David Trust dug up the prism of emotions within himself and refracted its light all across Breaking the Broken Heart.

A beautiful, melancholy, romantic, despairing, and strangely hopeful thread runs through the songs, and in particular, through David Trust’s highly unique and nostalgic voice. This is not like anything you’ll hear on the radio or down at your local club. Trust’s music is surreal and twangy, especially meant for daydreaming. He will however, add an irreplaceable dimension to your listening experience.




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