Dead Sea Souls: “Brave / The Comet” New Single Release

Dead Sea Souls: “Brave / The Comet” New Single Release

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Upbeat and bouncy melodies will fill the room when you tune into Dead Sea Souls. The cool, but driven and hypnotic rhythm that Dead Sea Souls bring is unattainable by many other artists of their caliber. What separates this indie band from the many, many others out in the world is the band’s approach. The band consists of Gary Burns on bass and lead vocals, James Sweeney on guitar, David Clark on the drums, and Colin Sneddon on guitar and vocals. Each member exerts his own style into every second of the music. The most recent and most enchanting release from Dead Sea Souls, on Platform Records, is a double A-side with two tracks, titled Brave / The Comet.

In the first single on the double A-side, “Brave” shows that it is a song that emits a strong and fierce attitude with gorgeous and intoxicating melodies. The song slides into an easygoing flow through the verses but then picks up flawlessly throughout the choruses. The singer’s voice resembles that of Death Cab for Cutie’s front-man with an unmistakable Scottish twist. The track is catchy, uplifting, and prizes its way into the listener’s heart rather quickly. “Be as bold as you can” is the highlight line of the entire song; these words will stick with the listener for days.

The Comet” compares to the first track with its great attitude; however, the song itself expresses a different kind of feeling. Dead Sea Souls manage to ooze positivity from what could be considered heartbreaking lyrics, while still maintaining their catchy guitar riffs and memorable rhythms. Gary Burns, who continues to sing the line of “You live life like a comet just waiting to crash,” manipulates his voice to sound as bold as it does in “Brave,” but with a light and sweeter lilt.

This double A-side release may just be the perfect pair. The feeling of familiarity that surrounds you while listening to Dead Sea Souls is relieving and undoubtedly satisfying. “We now have two tracks that are completely different,” says Gary Burns, “which is awesome as we wanted to see where we could take this new batch of songs and do something you maybe wouldn’t expect from Dead Sea Souls.” As Burns states, the two tracks take on different meanings and melodies while still capturing that Dead Sea Souls flair.

The double-A single is just great in all realms. It’s moving, emotional, and can pull at your heartstrings. But it’s never overly dramatic. The songs are arranged and produced in a way to give you that ‘comfortable and familiar feeling’. Normally a trait found on successful hit records.

In a word, both of these upbeat and inspirational tracks take Dead Sea Souls to new heights. With undeniable positivity and proof of passion, Brave / The Comet proves to be the strongest release to come from the band yet, and could just be launching them into a new dimension.



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