DION The Original Storyteller To Release ‘Artist’ Ep

DION The Original Storyteller To Release ‘Artist’ Ep

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Dion is an artist with a driven, passionate and charismatic approach, bridging the gaps between the warmth and feel of performers the likes of Marvin Gaye, Prince and Otis Redding with the modern appeal of artists such as Usher and R.Kelly.

Although his music is deeply rooted in soul, funk and RnB, Dion immediately strikes for an eclectic and personal approach, featuring elements as diverse as pop, rock and electronica within his own tracks. Being such an eclectic artist is the natural consequence of being extremely passionate: Dion takes music seriously since college, when he spent time refining his skills and talent.

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Soul music is different from any other genre, and the name itself is a great indication of that. To sing soul, you do not need a pretty face. You do not need a pretty voice. Sure, those things help, but the main ingredient, something that cannot be missing, is that special feel, and a true feeling an “Artist” carries within.

Dion is the original love teller, expressing himself through music and lyrics, combining genres as diverse as soul, pop, rock, funk, and electro. A devoted musician since college, Dion keeps improving, like good wine. Get a taste of his brand new EP, “Artist” set to be released March 30th, 2014 on http://dhargravemusic1.bandcamp.com


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