DOMINO GREY: Dance Or Move In Natural Order!

DOMINO GREY: Dance Or Move In Natural Order!

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D.O.M.I.N.O. Dance Or Move In Natural Order G.R.E.Y. Generate Rhythmic Energy Yourself. In two simple words DOMINO GREY. Domino Grey is an Electronic Music producer from New York. His influences range from HipHop to Deep House. He is part of a group that releases instrumental music under the name Fallout Shelter and producing records as Drew Spence and Dynamics Plus. His newest project is contributing to the soundtrack of the Mark of the Griffin web series and comic book. It’s about a regular guy turned into a vigilante-like superhero that’s not so super. After creating the video, Domino adds his music as the final signature.

I’ve been performing, producing and writing about music for almost 30 years now. Back in the old days I hustled my way around the major labels, while today I have chosen to work in the grinding indie music market. Throughout all this time I have come to distinguish two types of music artists. There’s the genuine musician who simply creates music he feels, and let’s everyone else put their own personal label to it. All he cares about is the music. Then there is your ‘hope to make it big’, hype-and-image variety of artist, who is so unsure about what everyone else will call what his doing, that he labels himself. Just in case everyone else gets it wrong (?)!

Ninety-nine percent of the time, I know who’s making music worth listening to, before I even hear a single note, just by listening to, or reading how artists introduce themselves. A few days ago a kid approached me and asked: “Hey, I’d like you to review my music, I’m a Deep Soulful House artist, do you think you know this music well enough, to handle it?” My answer was, what it has always been for the last 30 years, and taken from a phrase I heard somewhere as a kid. “Unfortunately I only know two types of music. Good and Bad. If you fall into one of those genres, send your music along!” Needless to say, the kid was flabbergasted, and it took him a while to understand.

Today music is divided into so many genres and sub-genres; they often seem like places of refuge when artists have a lack of pure, crystal clear talent. I’m happy to say that Domino Grey does not fall into this category, and it was easy to understand early on, as he introduced himself as an “Electronic Music Producer whose influences range from HipHop to Deep House.” The keyword being ‘influences’, it is clear that Domino Grey does not pigeonhole his creative talents. Now, almost certain that he falls into the ‘music worth listening to’ category I proceeded to explore to his EP, “Butterfly Affect II Pretty Imposter” which is part of a series of releases.

The mood Of the Ep is set by the cover notes, which begin to unfold a plot and setting; “They had never met in person and finally agreed to have dinner. He sat down and waited. The girl looked nothing like her profile and he was pleasantly surprised. She used a fake picture to make sure guys were interested in her for the right reasons…”

The Ep which kicks off with “Much Ado About Nothing [La Cocina Redux],” is a flawless mix of high quality melodic house, eletro and techno. This Ep never reaches ecstatic dance floor status, but that isn’t what it is intended to do. This is creative nourishment for the mind, where each track seems to slowly and majestically build up, putting you into a specific mood, and getting you ready for what’s to come on the following track. It’s more like igniting a spark and watching the flame grow into a fire. Listen to “Call It Off,” “Right Before She,” “Guided Me Home” and “Common Sense She Senses [La Cocina Redux], which undoubtedly confirms his affirmation.

“Butterfly Affect II Pretty Imposter” can move every nerve in your body with balance, beautiful rhythms, and mixture of synth and electro vibe elements, which make this album quite unique and inspiring. The driving force in Domino’s work here, is that he really knows how to draw out those sounds to their fullest extent, leaving a trance-like layer of melodies and killer bass lines with an uplifting force behind it. It’s simply beautiful and exciting. I love all the tracks, especially “Right Before She,” probably because its set at 132bpm and comes across as more hard hitting and energizing. Most of the tracks on the Ep are at a moderate pitch speed of 128bpm, which sets a stimulating but relaxed mood.

Whether you find yourself rocking to and fro in your favorite armchair on a mind trip, or grooving enthusiastically across the club floor, this Ep acts as a really nice soundtrack. Atmospheric and spacey, Domino Grey illustrates his profound grasp of Electronic Music, proving he is able, to incorporate exquisite beat pulses and sounds into his intelligent motifs.

In other words, “Butterfly Affect II Pretty Imposter” is not by any stretch of the imagination something ambient, and yet it totally is! The unobtrusive bpm used throughout this Ep, simply propels the music, which takes the forefront…and that’s the sign of pure, crystal clear talent!










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