Drunk Souls Video “Human Race” , Blows Over 2 Million Views On YouTube!

Drunk Souls Video “Human Race” , Blows Over 2 Million Views On YouTube!

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The French reggae-infused rock band, Drunk Souls’ debut album generated over 100,000 downloads, and the group have been compared to artists like Manu Chao, Gorillaz, Damien Marley and Red Hot Chili Peppers. Djamil Ramdane and Julien Mur are the band’s two core members. The additional players are: Pierre Pesin (Trumpet), Jean Marc Layani (Keyboards), Fred Albertini(Bass), Julien Heurtel(Drums), Morello(Trombone), Philippe Bonnacier, and Kevin Garcia.

“Human Race” is the newest single from the critically acclaimed Drunk Souls CD “Revolution”. The music video supporting “Human Race” has currently reached over 2 million views, and it’s viral momentum has allowed the band to sign a clinch with HIP Video Promo, who have also worked with Bon Iver and Death Cab For Cutie.

Several songs by Drunk Souls are used in the award-winning documentary, directed by Sébastien Montaz-Rosset,  “I Believe I Can Fly”. The documentary is about the Skyliners, a team of French adventurers who specialize in tightrope walking, basejumping, and mountaineering.

Founded in 2002, Drunk Souls is one of those bands that know how to combine great, catchy, hooky songwriting with immaculate recording/production techniques, and deep-thinking lyrics! Besides having a strong cult following, I’m surprised that the band hasn’t gleaned a more widespread mainstream audience than they already have. Their upbeat version of funky, soul-dripping reggae is light and refreshing; yet poignant and powerful. It’s an awesome combination that goes straight for the heart, head and soul!

The 16 tracks on the album “Revolution” transcend any musical style. Great melodies, intelligent and meaningful lyrics, talented musicianship– it simply does not get any better than this. It has a very fresh distinctive sound with the infectious vocals simply a joy to hear. Every song here is truly a five out of five.

Besides having wonderful songs, what really stays in your mind is the message Drunk Souls bring to you, whether you are a Reggae fan or not. Right off the bat, from the first track, “Drifter Song”, the band is in synch and grooving and they stay that way all through the album. Let there be no doubt whatsoever though, that my favorite track on the album is the soul-searching “Africa”.

Innovative and unique in their styling of reggae rhythms blended with rock, Drunk Souls gel perfectly on this indie masterpiece. Clever lyrics, seductive beats and that familiar reggae styling, leaves not a weak spot here. There is nothing strange or gimmicky such as spacey dubs or dancehall silliness, just very, very good music.

Just sit down, relax and enjoy the journey. Jah Bless the Drunk Souls!







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