Hassan The Composer: Rich And Sweepingly Beautiful Orchestrations

Hassan The Composer: Rich And Sweepingly Beautiful Orchestrations

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Hassan The Composer was born in Casablanca – Morocco, and now lives in France in the town of Le Mans. He studied Music Theory at the Arab Music Conservatory and in 2002 he joined the orchestra in Moroccan Arabic song.

At the same time, Hassan continued to write and compose his own original songs for his debut Album “NOSTALGIA”.  Hassan The Composer’s style is an innovative mixture of Eastern music, European Classical and World music.

He says of his latest single release: “LIGHT OF MY HEART,  is my perception of the love of a conquered heart, loving and seducing every day despite the distance and believes that Love is the creative power which cannot be removed by force! 

Hassan The Composer’s scores reaches out and grabs one’s soul at the first listening; this is instrumental music that soars even without having the benefit of voices or any film imagery to support it – this is the craft of a master-composer at work.

With his songs, Hassan The Composer crafts scores that capture the spirit of his place of birth and of the world that constantly surrounds him; the orchestrations are so very rich and sweepingly beautiful when describing the passionate love of “Light Of My Heart”, including the use of ethnically melodic ideas throughout the score. The lush string transitions provide the listener with cues that puts him or her right into the ever-increasing intensity of Hassan’s personal perception of ‘a conquered heart’. His steady rhythms and piano runs shatter the ominous stillness, though he never travels too far away from the beautiful string textures that really characterize this work, as we are able to savor the triumphant spirit of it all.

Most of Hassan The Composer’s works are purely beautiful, simply stirring music that soars from the sound source directly into your soul; and you are definitely exposed to his passion and love for humanity and his native land, which runs subtly through all of his releases, not least, “In My Heart” which forges hypnotic Arabic melodies over a splendidly modern arrangement.

There are moments of enthusiasm, commotion, beauty and tenderness such as I have not heard in years. This is music that would perfectly suit movie soundtracks, as it is stirring and almost graphic in its expression. Hassan also has a new album coming up for release soon. It is entitled “This Is Me”.

Hassan The Composer’s scores are for people who love powerfully suggestive music with an exotic flavor. This is sincerely passionate and soulful compositions which everyone should treat themselves to.



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