HER:  “Gold” Extremely Addictive and Ass-Moving!

HER: “Gold” Extremely Addictive and Ass-Moving!

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Monique AKA HER born and raised in New York City began writing at age 9 and had her first gig at NYC’s Legendary CBGB’s at age 13. From that day on, being a songwriter and performer was deep in her veins.

To date, she has performed in thousands of bars, clubs, and even arenas around the world. She was the front women/lead singer and songwriter for HER & Kings County a country/rock band she started with her producer Caleb “KBC” Sherman back in Brooklyn who later inked a record deal with Warner bros/Elektra and had a single “White Trash Country Boy” that charted at 26 on the Music Row Break out Charts.

HER is as confident as she is shy, and as proud as she is humble. Like many, her music provides a breath of fresh air for those who have an appreciation for music with genuine substance. HER music is unique and carries no boundaries. Her Influences are full of the music she grew up listening to, country, classic rock, and hip hop.

When asked her goal as a musician, she confidently replies, “ I want to climb over boarders, I want to drive outside the lines, I want to make people feel connected. I want to tell a story – everybody’s story”.

The HER 10-track album “Gold” is out on the 17th of September. This album is the perfect combination of party pop, rock and dance songs and ballads. Imagine if Avril Lavigne and Joan Jett recorded a hip, pop- rock album together with Katy Perry, then you pretty much have an idea of what HER brings to the table.

This is an extremely addictive, ass-moving, impeccably produced dance-rock record with wit and provocative power. And if all you want is a fun, sarcastic, and irreverent album loaded with up-tempo music, you’ll get that too!

“Gold” is catchy, thrilling, and even beautiful at times. HER is a proven songwriter, and she’s smart to develop songs to their full potential via collaboration with Caleb “KBC” Sherman. The end result is a cohesive, meaningful collection of amazing songs. Thanks to Sherman, “Gold’s” sound is tight and powerful, and together with HER’s beautiful natural voice, makes for a most polished album.

All the songs on “Gold” express an awareness of what pop music can be when extensive work is put into both performance and production. Each song is crafted. The hook presents itself almost immediately, followed by clever, catchy verses. The lush vocals are often layered and harmonized to perfection, realizing a soundscape of voice and beats. Each song embraces captivating bridges, solos and percussive elements that redefine what you just heard. Then you’re back at it again, hard and heavy!

A thorough examination of HER material will uncover an intelligently crafted blend of cynicism and a tongue-in-cheek look at the indulgence of decadence and personal relationships. There are layers of drums and guitars effortlessly intertwined with a variety of electronic sounds to keep the album hip, but primarily “Gold” is guitar –driven with chunky grinding riffs giving the arrangements a truly organic feel.

Standout tracks abound here, my favorites being: “Mine All Mine”, “Tramp Stamp”, “Separately”, “Ring”, “Jimmy Jones”, “Addicted” and “Alive”.

The pop-rock genre would be given a great service if each performer and producer paid as much attention to their efforts as Sherman and HER did here. The album remains consistent throughout, to hold your attention, and offers the right amount of variety to keep you interested later on.

HER bridges the gap between electro-heavy pop, country elements and classic rock, where many others have failed, rapidly moving her musical credibility towards excellence.

With variety, honesty, and maturity “Gold” fits HER like a glove and sounds like the album she’s always wanted to make, and that’s why I give it five stars!




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