Hiphop Producer Edward “G.Klef” Bush – Edgy Melodies and Hard-hitting Snares and Kicks!

Hiphop Producer Edward “G.Klef” Bush – Edgy Melodies and Hard-hitting Snares and Kicks!

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Born on June 12th, 1987 in Los Angeles, California, Edward “G.Klef” Bush knew at an early age that his heart was in music. Throughout his early childhood, he was glued to the radio and recited his favorite artist’s rhymes such as “Snoop Dogg” and “Dr.Dre”. By the age of 9, he started to fall in love with the idea of composing music. He joined his elementary school singing group and played the drums.

By his middle school years, G.Klef entered the school band where he learned to play the tenor saxophone and trombone. He became one of the standout students and this is where he started to elevate his talents. A friend introduced to him the programs “Fruity Loops” and “Reason” and from there it was history!

“Once I learned how to compose a full beat, I knew I would strive to become great” he states. After graduating high school, he went on to form “EliteStar Empire LLC” as his brand. He is currently working with “Da Kid Dank” of Terry Kennedy’s “Fly $ociety” imprint on his up and coming mixtape and has recently been featured in “WWS Magazine” of the bay area.

His style of production draws the audience in emotionally with his edgy melodies and hard-hitting snares and kicks. G.Klef is a very humble and motivated soul that will achieve greatness and introduce a unique sound to the music industry.

Beats are arguably the most important element of hip-hop. It’s the cornerstone of every flow, the foundation lyrics are built upon. They determine the time-signature, the tempo, the tone of the lyrics. They’re at the beginning and the end of the creative process that goes into hip-hop songs.

Over the years we’ve heard Swizz Beatz’ keyboard swipes. The clattering, sound effects in mid-90s beats, or the raw, drum machine-oriented beats of ’80s rap, right down to the crossover pop from Timbaland. Beat Producers like G.Klef are essential to the advancement of hip-hop. They inspire, influence, and are the principal impetus for the genre.





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