“Hollywood Drunks Christmas” Captures All The Fun and The Excitement Of Xmas

“Hollywood Drunks Christmas” Captures All The Fun and The Excitement Of Xmas

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It seems like every season we come to accept the force-fed nostalgia of Christmas originals we’ve heard a million times or worse, sugary covers of these done by “contemporary” artists. Now the Hollywood Drunks give the word “contemporary” back some dignity. Our proverbial tree now has a set of holiday tracks that rock hard and good.

What if there was a Christmas record that you actually wanted to listen to for more than just some sullen nostalgia? Sure, there’s a slight touch of nostalgia here with the boy’s own covers of the classic tunes. But there are also some major surprises great guitar riffs, thumping basslines, killer drumming, and a chance to hear Eric show off his vocal chops.

Galen Shostac (Keys), Sebastian Sheehan (Drums and Percussion), Mark Drews (Bass), Lloyd Stuart Casson (Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keys) and Eric Winzenried (Vox), together better known as Hollywood Drunks, have delivered the definitive pop-orientated Christmas album. The Hollywood Drunks Christmas album was produced by Lloyd Stuart Casson, Eric Winzenried, and Jason Roberts, except “Winter Wonderland” which was produced by Sebastian Sheehan, Eric Winzenried, and Lloyd Stuar Casson.

They really do rock the house here. Listen to Sebastian bash away on the drums, while Lloyd’s guitar decks the halls with riffs. Mark‘s bass pumps along at full throttle while Galen more than tinkles the keys and Eric croons in modern urban mode. This is obviously not your average piped-in holiday music at the local snooze-fest!

There is much to enjoy on this album. Hollywood Drunks Christmas delivers a much needed kick in the Christmas bells, to the often tiresome festive music industry. It’s the perfect antidote to the sugar-coated, holiday elevator music. If you like your seasonal music hot and spicy rather than sugary-sweet and you prefer it played-out rather than piped-in then you should spend your Christmas with the Hollywood Drunks!

Every year, we hear the same Christmas songs and although we know them and love them, it’s always nice to hear new and rare versions of even the most loved favorites. The Hollywood Drunks are giving you both new and rare versions!

Just when you think you’ve heard every version you ever wanted to hear of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”, the Hollywood Drunks deliver their electric punch flavor of the classics. You’ll love their arrangements. The quaint, original song versions of these classics really make this album a great modern listen. There is a little something for everyone on this “classic in the making” Christmas CD.

This is the album that you reach for automatically when the party starts; the one that will capture all the fun and the excitement. Simply put, it rocks!



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