InteGRITTY 2: NOBI has perfectly executed all aspects of providing a solid mixtape!

InteGRITTY 2: NOBI has perfectly executed all aspects of providing a solid mixtape!

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Nobi is an artist and also the owner of Grittylyfmusic LLC. Born in the Bronx, Raised in Queens and ran the streets up and down Rockland County New York. His Work ethic and continuous Grind has enabled him to work with some of hiphop’s elite such as Havoc (Mobb deep), Tragedy Khadafi, Ali Vegas, Jimme Wallstreet, Scram Jones, Joel Ortiz, Doe Pesci, GQ Beats, Krutch, Smack, DJ Whoo Kid, Jovonn the Last Don, Sire, Cinemax, Adam Deitch, Boe Skaggz and countless others. He has over 10 Videos and over 25 albums and mixtapes that have been released from 2002 to 2013.

The ‘Intro‘ opens up Nobi’s new project InteGRITTY 2 and sets the tone for the mixtape with his strait honesty about his Adderall usage, daughter, character defaults and where he is from. Right out the gate the Bronx/Queens/Rockland County native is delivering bars over an !llmind produced beat. If you were fortunate enough to get a hold of part one to his inteGRITTY series then you should know this song is the perfect lead off for part 2.

nobi-300Tracks like “Monster Inside Me‘, “Tonight” and “Unconditional” (that all feature Tone Jones) scream radio singles. Nobi and Tone Jones seem to be on the same page in the studio on these records, and the beats are radio friendly while the lyrics align perfectly. “Monster Inside Me” is just an ‘animal’ of a track ,as he steps out of his inner self and delivers a real banger for song number 2. The sound effects throughout, adds the extra flair and gives you a clear mental image of the song and the lyrics behind it. The switch up toward the end of the beat just makes it that much better.

With the production done by Tone Jones this song is a heavy hitter and should be in your playlist. With “Tonight” And “Unconditional” being the lady driving songs on this mixtape, the females shouldn’t have a problem vibin’ to these stand out tracks. As Nobi displays his softer side, Tone Jones gives the songs an extra push over the top with the smooth melody and bridges to match. If you want 2 records to put into your iPod for those lazy Sundays with your girl, these are them.

Let’s not confuse who Nobi is though, as he paints a picture on every track and speaks on quitting alcohol and staying focused as he moves forward in life. The song “Unplugged” is a perfect example of this, expressing he is not interested in a record deal but more importantly keeping both his family and his Grittylyf team as his priorities.

Nobi doesn’t fall short of keeping to his roots and gives us 3 solid street records that are all produced by Boola (Roc-A-Fella In House Producer) called ‘No ChillKilling Fields and “4 Walls“. These are the records that the blocks should have on repeat with hard-hitting lyrics and beats that will rattle trunks.

Nobi revisits his “Niggativity” track and gives us the remix to his controversial song also on InterGRITTY 2. As if the first one wasn’t enough the remix is just as powerful. This song will leave you thinking that we all are equal and just in different skin color. He speaks on racism, bigotry and stereotypes and the kind of world we live in.

All in all, Nobi has perfectly executed all aspects of providing a solid mixtape for his fans and soon to be’s. You can tell he put a lot of work into this 15 song mixtape and we personally think this is his best and our favorite project to date. From street records to thought provoking melodic topics and of course, giving the ladies something to ride out too; Nobi’s word play and approach doesn’t disappoint. You can hear the growth and the changes in his music while he still maintains his inteGRITTY.

Don’t let this project slide by you in the mix of the cookie cutter music out there. This is hip hop. Welcome To New York Gritty. –Full mixtape review available over at AshesAndDrinks


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