J.P. Kallio: “The Call” – Brilliant storytelling!

J.P. Kallio: “The Call” – Brilliant storytelling!

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J.P. Kallio is one of the best indie songwriters and lyricists making stripped-down acoustic music today.

J.P. Kallio was born, and grew up in the capital area of Finland. In 1996 J.P. backed his backs and guitar and headed to Dublin, in Ireland which has been his home since then. He has had an extensive career in music touring with several bands, performed thousands of shows and appeared on TV in several countries. In 2014 J.P. set out to release a song a week for the year. He has since released three solo albums, with the fourth, “The Call”, released on the 2nd of December 2014.

J.P. Kallio is one of the best indie songwriters and lyricists making stripped-down acoustic music today. Yep, a lot of it is slow on this latest album, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. Every song is packed full of words that mean something and read like poetry; check out the brilliant storytelling in “Take Me As I Am”, “You And I” or “Just Friends”.

“Drowning Man” is probably one of J.P. Kallio’s most lyrically deep songs -at first listen I was blown away by the desolation and world-weariness embodied in his well-crafted verses. “What Are We To Do” has one of those golden priceless, questioning musical moments, that you won’t want to let go of.

All in all, I think “The Call” stretches J.P. Kallio’s songwriting and lyrics farther than he’s gone before. The music across this album is stripped down to the bare, and to be honest I prefer it that way. I can personally do without the overboard productions, as some instruments and extra backing vocals don’t really add to the atmosphere of this kind of singer-songwriter album.

Regardless of production though, J.P. Kallio has what many other artists don’t have -depth and skill at songwriting, and an ability to write material that has merit outside the trappings of glossy studio production.

The album is takes some work to get into, but that’s part of what makes it so enjoyable. If you want music you don’t have to pay attention to, “The Call” isn’t the right place, and quite honestly, it would be a total waste of time to have an artist with the caliber of J.P. Kallio playing and singing, with no one really listening carefully.

“The Call” may be slow and quiet at times, but J.P. Kallio’s words scream louder than power chords and rapid rhythms ever could. Once again he delivers a stunningly powerful album from start to finish. Whether you want to chill out, reflect or brood, J.P. Kallio is your guy. I personally recommend all his stuff, especially his first 3 albums which were uncannily underexposed, to my mind.

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