JEERK: A Treat For The Rock Senses!

JEERK: A Treat For The Rock Senses!

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JEERK was formed 2002 in Gothenburg, Sweden, by a group of multi-instrumentalists/tap-dancers. “The JEERK Show” has been performed in Italy, Switzerland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Turkey, Romania, The Dominican Republic and the US.

The members of JEERK all have a versatile background as rock musicians, tap dancers, musical theater performers, music producers, and graphic artists. Their vast experience ranges from playing in garage bands to directing musical theater. Moreover, they have composed, choreographed, and produced shows for product launches at corporations like Volvo, SKF, Lindab and CLAAS.

“Famous” is JEERK’s first full-length rock album and demonstrates the group’s versatility and impressive vocal ability. The album was recorded and produced by Nikke Karlsson during the winter of 2011-2012 in JEERK’s studio in Gothenburg. The songs were picked from ten years of JEERK material.

“Famous” is a treat for all the senses. It is instantly likable, deeply emotional and moving, with some very “visual songs.” The lead voices are rich, pure, and very strong. Nikke Karlsson (Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar, Bass), Thomas Bergstig (Bass, Piano, Accordion, Back Up Vocals), Mikael Johansson (Lead vocals, Guitar, Bass), Johan Regnell (Drums, Percussion) and Kristian Lindin (2011 – 2013 Lead vocals, Guitar, Bass) have done an outstanding job with powerful guitar riffs, energetic drum beats , melodic keyboards, rock-solid bass runs and so much more.

Songs like “Famous,” “You Wait To Live Another Day,” “Beautiful Tonight,” “You Learn” and my favorite “Go Out In Style” are all highly addictive, as is the whole album itself.

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This album is awesome and I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. It keeps you listening because the band really connects with you by sounding so convincing in what they do. They reach everybody in some way, with every single song. Every lyric tells a story and all the music is so energized and exciting, you’ll want to listen to it over and over again.

“Famous” is a rock and roll album that has influences of power pop, americana, and classic rock running through its veins, throughout. JEERK demonstrate the same epic rock power of Bon Jovi’s catchy riffs and rhythms, plus they add the beautiful soaring vocal harmonies of legendary groups like Boston and latter-day Chicago, to make their sound absolutely irresistible to any melodic rock music fan.

It is so refreshing to hear an album that exceeds your expectations in every way. Every song on this album is worth every minute of listening time. You’ll be hard pressed to find a rock album, indie or major label, with a set of high quality vocals like that found on “Famous.”

JEERK don’t put a single note or sound out of place, every arrangement is tweaked and produced to perfection. Nikke Karlsson deserves a special mention here, for completing an impressive job indeed.

If you’re in search of really great rock music, that truly has an uplifting sound, I advise you to purchase this album. It only costs a couple of dollars, but the joy and inspiration you’ll draw from the music found on “Famous” is absolutely priceless. JEERK are by far superior to most of the mainstream musical artists currently sucking in the dough!








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