Jena Rose Raphael: “You For You” Like A Breath Of Fresh Air!

Jena Rose Raphael: “You For You” Like A Breath Of Fresh Air!

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There is no question that Jena Rose Raphael is an extremely talented singer, while “You For You” is a catchy song with an infectious melody. It has been a long time since I was captivated by a young voice as beautiful as Jena’s. The first time I heard the single, I was blown away not only by the lyrics which are fantastic, but by the sheer beauty and depth of her voice and the way she put her soul into the song. If she gets the airplay that she truly deserves, watch out world!

Jena Rose Raphael, a 12 year-old singer/songwriter from Plano, Texas is a musical child prodigy. With a natural gift for songwriting, and a unique indie pop style, her melodic strolls captivate and enchant her audiences. With poise that is well beyond her age, she has left her fans in disbelief with performances at the House of Blues, American Airlines Center, Hard Rock Cafe, and Six Flags over Texas. Jena has also won Overall Best Musician award two years in a row at the Septien Entertainment Group Commercial Artist Showcase and Overall Best Musician at the 2013 Master Showcase.

Jena Rose Raphael is a breath of fresh air in a day and age of “off-the- assembly-line” chart dominance, this very young songbird may be a welcome addition to the radio airwaves. A talented, untainted singer-songwriter, with a beautiful voice; sound like a novel idea?

At first I liked the fresh energetic voice, but when you listen to the “You For You” you realize quickly that there is more to it. Every time you listen to it you discover a different aspect of it. I believe that even at her young age, Jena has what it takes. She can sing a variety of songs slow, fast, loud, and soft, you name it. She can do the whole variety without sounding mechanical or an imitation of somebody. Her rendition of John Mayer’s “Gravity” is a perfect example of this. She gives the song a completely different lilt and atmosphere, yet still maintaining its original intensity and pace. Singers twice her age have difficulty in achieving these subtleties.

Jena has the main ingredients needed for success; a clear voice, a talent to manipulate her colorful singing tones and great songwriting ability. You may argue that the song arrangement itself seems like a fail-save composition for the mainstream pop market. But do I believe that she first needs to find wider spread recognition before eventually risking arrangements that may (or may not) take her to a ‘higher artistic ground’. So the musical road she is taking in these initial stages of her career seems to be the right one.

Listening to Jena Rose Raphael perform is a true delight, her voice is impeccable and she really is a good performer. Her talent, which she has in bucket loads, is equally balanced by a humble, rather soft, yet determined nature that engages you as a viewer. This is clearly evident in the video of “You For You” currently viewable on Youtube.

Jena Rose Raphael has an amazing talent and a very, very long future ahead of her! I look forward to her next venture, which hopefully will be an album release!







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