“Love Clouds EP” is the Debut Release From British Electronic Music Label Voidance Records

“Love Clouds EP” is the Debut Release From British Electronic Music Label Voidance Records

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Amanya Amariel
Amanya Amariel

Love Clouds EP is the debut release from British electronic music label Voidance Records co-founded by Lost & Found and Hammy Havoc (of The Orion Correlation). Love Clouds is an Italo-disco inspired modern electronic infused love song written and produced by Chicago dwellers Anton Mitchell and Amanya Amariel, Love Clouds is truly an international collaboration also featuring friends from Chicago Peter Myers and Sam Stith as well as the UK based Lost & Found and Hammy Havoc of The Orion Correlation.

Amanya Amariel
Amanya is a Chicago based songstress who loves to dance as much as she loves to sing, when not in the studio then she can be found performing at smaller clubs in Las Vegas. Amanya is primarily known for performing at President Obama’s inauguration party.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found
Lost & Found is a tech house producer and co-founder of Voidance Records. Outside of his career releasing music of his own and remixing the works of others, Lost & Found also scores commercials and film with Hammy Havoc of The Orion Correlation, they’re inseparable best friends and have a curious tale of how they were brought together.



The Orion Correlation
The Orion Correlation is Hammy Havoc’s new band fusing house and rock with a full band for live shows along with DJing solo on a regular basis. Hammy is based just across the water from Liverpool, home of The Beatles, in a pleasant seaside town called Hoylake.

Hammy Havoc
Hammy Havoc

The Orion Correlation will be announcing their new full band lineup in the next few weeks as well as showcasing their debut house-rock EP featuring energetic club-shaking beats with walls of guitars and synth punctuated with uplifting pop-rock vocals. Outside of music Hammy runs several successful businesses, scores commercials with Lost & Found and is also the co-founder of Voidance Records.


Peter Myers
Peter is a house and hip-hop producer who lives and breathes the city of Chicago, he is the personification of Chicago and what it means to live there. Without Peter there would be no Love Clouds, it’s a long and controversial story that he and the other contributors would love to share for an inside view into the modern music industry. Peter is an avid crate-digger and social activist who seeks to improve the community he lives in on a daily basis.


Sam Stith
Sam Stith

Sam Stith
Sam is a Chicago based producer who also teaches music at a local college, he also enjoys crate digging for new samples.

Anton Mitchell
As well as producing music in Chicago, Anton is also a filmmaker who has shot quite a number of independent music videos for Mitchell Lee Films in the past two years.

Voidance Records
Voidance Records was founded on October 11th 2013 by Hammy Havoc and Lost & Found in response to an industry that just didn’t understand nor respect the vision of an artist in this modern age where technology has been adopted by the majority of consumers. Our vision understands that there is more to music that iTunes and Beatport, we aim to cultivate a movement defined by quality and thinking differently within the electronic, rock and hip-hop scenes.


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