“Love you Soon” – Depth of Expression from Frank Topper, Drew Corey and Jimmy Kraft

“Love you Soon” – Depth of Expression from Frank Topper, Drew Corey and Jimmy Kraft

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Frank Topper, who lives in Greenbrae, California, is an organizational development consultant. He writes lyrics as a hobby and finds artists willing to make songs which he posts on YouTube for fun. Just a couple of weeks ago we reviewed another one of Frank’s songs, “Race of Love”, and quite honestly, if he does this for a hobby, I wonder how successful Frank is with the things he does on a fulltime basis!

“Love you Soon” is brought to life, musically by Drew Corey, with the help of vocalist Jimmy Kraft. Drew has done almost a dozen songs for Frank including “Stops Me Breathing” and “Wish I Did”.

The song, apparently one of Frank’s personal favorites, is about a woman’s last words on the phone to her loved one. She says “love you soon” as she drives to meet our hero. While talking, she loses control of the car and dies.

The pointblank outpouring of the human soul – in a state of anguish, disbelief and  mourning – receives its full measure in this simple but exceptional piano arrangement by Drew Corey;  sung with truly unique voice inflections and intonations by Jimmy Kraft.

We hear our hero conceptualizing that the accident “never happened”, to conciliate his loss and hurt, as he keeps remembering his loved one’s last words “love you soon…”

Jimmy Kraft’s silky utterances easily immerse the listener in the strength and power of his heavier vocal chords – when he pours it on, “Soon hasn’t happened, won’t happen again. Time isn’t going anywhere and neither are we.”

Frank Topper’s use of the imperative within the lyrics is so forceful and direct; it heightens the impact of the song, and renders us as wrung out with catharsis – as our hero is.

The angelic-like female harmony accompaniment, builds plot and ‘grief motif’ within Drew Corey’s piano arrangement, while Kraft’s intensity, his passionate vocal affirmations becomes a powerful crescendo towards the end of the song.

The depth of expression from within Frank’s lyrics – together with the artistic performances- causes us to grieve, as we listen to the final refrain and empathize with the hero’s loss.

“Love you Soon” is simply engulfing. You’ll be drenched in the emotional culmination of this song each time, upon re-playing it. And with the click of an icon, on Youtube or Soundcloud, it is yours to enjoy whenever the mood is right.

Thanks To Frank Topper’s part-time hobby!

Drew Corey
Drew Corey

About Drew Corey:

Drew Corey is a composer and performer from San Francisco, CA. As well as being an accomplished singer and pianist, she composes music in a unique way. She feels the vibrations from the piano strings in her arms and bases her note choices partially on how they sound and partially on how they feel. This technique allows her to create music that should sound dissonant, but instead is replete with rich clusters. Her music is able to balance chordal density and beauty without losing its ease. Currently, Drew is enrolled at the California Institute of the Arts and is pursuing her BFA in Music Composition. Drew hopes to continue to expand her upon her skill-set by combining disparate genres in new ways and progressing on her sensory music project.

Frank Topper
Frank Topper


Frank Topper



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