Man Gillian: “The Distance” Electronic-Pop Mix

Man Gillian: “The Distance” Electronic-Pop Mix

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Man Gillian is an electronic duo who has been inspired by French bands like M83 and Air. Their debut eight track album, received good reviews in 2011. Each of the tracks on the album was so uncomplicated and even raw sounding that it could have been thought of as quickly sketched ideas, for the future.

The music consisted of ambient pieces, dark house rhythms, and even cool 80’s Vocoders. The songs were all trendy sounding, but missing that intangible ‘something’. Now this duo has returned with their second LP “The Distance” which should be released in May.

New videos from an intimate live performance have surprisingly, already been released on Youtube. The band sounds solid, and more mature, like a good pop-band should. On the latest sessions, the duo has also exposed their vocal prowess to the public.

Man Gillian maintain their big mix of styles, which is now well produced, energized, and full of melodies that could easily become ringtones. Just listen!



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