Many Are Connected: “Syncd Dreamz” Is Groovy, Driving, Epic and Danceable!

Many Are Connected: “Syncd Dreamz” Is Groovy, Driving, Epic and Danceable!

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Many Are Connected (M.A.C.) are a group located in Washington State, who has been making music for over 3 years collectively. The members currently are, Andy Cantrell, Roc Omega, Christine and Chris Schols. M.A.C. have just released their sophomore album, “Syncd Dreamz” after last year’s well-received “Dream”, which contained 18 tracks that drew from influences such as Dubstep, Trap, Trance, Hardcore, Hardstyle and New Age.

“Syncd Dreamz”, the second album in the Dream trilogy, climbs up a couple of notches from the previous release, with added styles such as Drumstep, Progressive Trance, Drum & Bass, Ambient and Epic Electronica, all contained within 15 tracks.

It’s a curious thing about the electronica genre: how quickly that which sounds new and fresh becomes old and stale and virtually unlistenable. Every month dozens of productions, compilations and mixes are released onto the market, each with the latest hits of a particular sub-genre—-in essence, a snapshot of a particular moment of that which will almost certainly sound dated within a couple of months. The audience for the EDM genre is voracious, continually lusting after the next to-be-released digital elixir.

You almost get the sensation that there seems to be a deliberate mechanism on the part of producers and DJ’s in orchestrating substandard albums so as to keep their audiences ready and waiting to shell out for their latest tour de force of banging anthems.

This is not the case with M.A.C., they didn’t deliberately hold back on their previous release. They put out an extremely rhythm orientated debut without any dull spots. The difference this time around, is that they just got better, by raising the bar on production standards within their tracks. Tracks alone, of course, don’t make a great EDM album. The Producer’s ability to arrange and mix the songs into a cohesive statement or story is what makes or break an album. And this is another department in which M.A.C. has become technically better.

They bring out the epic, emotional, human element in their sets and it elevates the quality of the tracks to another level. Listen to “Dreamz Of Mine”, “Set The Trap”, “Hypnagogic”, “Drumdreamz”, “Making Contact” and “Together” for my personal standouts.

“Syncd Dreamz”, surpasses the quality standards of “Dream”, and sets a new high, almost compelling Many Are Connected (M.A.C.) to continually raise the musical bar in future. In this mix, you will find subtle, spacy craftiness, as well as intense and seriously grooving rhythms that will literally make your body move without you realizing it. There is also one or two beautiful, emotional passages that will induce daydreams.

“Syncd Dreamz”, is groovy, driving, epic, and danceable. The vibe as a whole is very engaging and the flow of the album is extremely irresistible. You will find your ears and mind completely absorbed.





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2 thoughts on “Many Are Connected: “Syncd Dreamz” Is Groovy, Driving, Epic and Danceable!

  1. Drumdreamz, Living In A Trance, Manking Contact, Set the Trap, Hypnagogic my favorites! Adding to my playlist for sure! Good job guys!

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