MariSoul Delivers Raw, Honest Music!

MariSoul Delivers Raw, Honest Music!

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MariSoul is an independent artist/songwriter/singer from Milan Italy. She has worked with various Italian artists, though mostly in the hiphop genre. In 2010 she was invited to perform on TV in Italy. Currently MariSoul is working on her project with Virtual artistic technics (v.a.t Rec), an independent Label in Milan. She is also open and available to work with artists around the world if the occasion arises.

MariSoul has released material in both English and Italian. Her recent, popular English tracks include “Bullshit” and “Satisfy My Senses”. These tracks seem dead-set on focusing on the artist, not the production team or beats. Vocally and lyrically up to par, MariSoul slides through these latest releases with savvy and control.

Her recent music seems enriched with more emotion, more experience, and possibly, more passion. While running through her catalog you notice how she switches up and has Pop, RnB, Hip Hop, Old School, and Ballads in her collection.

MariSoul is a talented performer, who musically manages to express herself better in English. The Italian language being more suited to melody, MariSoul’s vocals lends itself better to the sound of rhythm. Many of her songs are both radio ready and at the same time they don’t have to be, because they stand on their own and are fine for club appeal.

MariSoul seems to have had what it takes to survive in the music business. Once you listen to the soulful, heartfelt deliveries on throughout her songs you will know that she is not just all talk and that the voice, is one of a woman with a spirit that is genuine.

With songs like “Strong Alone” and “Passion” anyone can relate to the situations she is crooning as they serve to evoke memories of a woman on fire. Likewise on tracks, like “Bullshit” she tells it like it is and stirs up all of the angry emotions felt from hurting relationships.

I like many other people have been turned off R&B, Soul music in recent years, because of the garbage that has been released. The problem with this music nowadays and  in general, is that every artist is following one formula, you have no options. You turn on the radio and every song sound’s exactly the same, so you say to yourself what happened to music and who’s responsible for this mess.

This implies that we continue to demand a better quality of music so when someone like MariSoul comes along and delivers raw, honest music and you can feel her emotion through the sound waves coming down the speakers, and the subject matter is as real as it gets. You need to open your ears and give her the chance to shine as much as she deserves to!



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