Mark Ursa vs Presskit : “Anubis” Touches All The Bases of EDM!

Mark Ursa vs Presskit : “Anubis” Touches All The Bases of EDM!

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Mark Ursa aka Marc Vandersmissen, was born in Belgium. Mark soon caught the house virus and in the early 2000’s he started to release tracks under the names “Pornstar Deluxe”, “Mark Ursa” and “Art D’echo”, and moved to Ibiza where he started his career of DJ.

His first recorded success was the single “Welcome to Ibiza”, exclusively distributed on the Balearic Island which was played by all during that summer. It was also the first time a Belgium DJ secured a resident party in Ibiza. Since 2006, Mark Ursa shares his time between Brazil and Ibiza. He plays in all the super clubs and festivals around the world including a residency at Mark’s Attack parties at Privilege and Space Ibiza, and on the “Bloco Yes” at the Brazilian carnival where he plays in front of 3 million people.

In 2013, after 6 years without producing music, Mark went back into studio and remixed Bob Sinclair’s “Summer Moonlight” and Yves Larock’s “Zookey”, going to #1 on the charts with both remixes. Now, world renowned Belgian DJ & Producer Mark Ursa, teams up with Brazilian duo PRESSKIT, to serve up the groovy dance-floor anthem “Anubis”.

“Anubis” is easily one my favorite electro-house releases this year. It’s one of the few dance singles that holds up as a fresh work of art. There’s enough variety to hold your attention and the production is warm and sparkly. Mark Ursa, along with Brazilian duo PRESSKIT shows off a knack for stripping out the big loose sounds and just letting house music, be house music! This is good for a party, good for exercising, good for relaxing, good for commutes and is highly recommended for anyone who finds themselves unconsciously tapping their feet to music.

“Anubis” is music for all EDM fans, regardless; house, trance and anyone wanting to hear dance music perfectly produced, as well as listen to something current and relevant. If you like to dance, you should already own this this single, but if you don’t, download it now. It’s that good. This is house music done exceedingly well.

Mark Ursa and Brazilian duo PRESSKIT, along with their musical influences also have a good ear for melody. Their rhythms are clean and irresistible – they make you want to move, while the melody is fresh and inviting. Moreover their breakdowns and build-ups transport the tune on an energetic and uplifting roller-coaster, really!

Put “Anubis” on, close your eyes and you’re there, on the dance floor, right now. Mark Ursa and Brazilian duo PRESSKIT touch all the bases. Their musical knowledge of the genre is deep and impressive. They know what works and nearly everything on “Anubis” works beautifully. If you don’t believe me get it and listen. You won’t be disappointed.

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