Marty McKay: “Sin’s Disciple” Intense with Huge Musical Muscle and Venom to Fuel the Emotions

Marty McKay: “Sin’s Disciple” Intense with Huge Musical Muscle and Venom to Fuel the Emotions

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Marty McKay is a conceptual artist, singer, rapper and writer. He is the driving force and executive producer behind his latest creation: Project 7. His love affair with music began in the early 1990′s which led him to discover some of the greatest rap and hip-hop artists of our time. His favorites include Public Enemy, Ice-T and Big Daddy Kane, just to name a few.

After experiencing a few of life’s most difficult challenges, Marty began exploring more aggressive forms of music for release and relief. He began DJ-ing, turntablism and experimenting with different sounds. Feeling a need for vocal expression, Marty added rapping, singing and screaming elements to his musical arsenal.

Project 7 is a multimedia conceptual project which includes a complete soundtrack and a stunningly-illustrated novel. Each part is an entity unto itself, an independent work that stands alone. The project examines the 7 Deadly Sins as portrayed in contemporary society, the struggles of those defeated by these sins and the strength needed to oppose them. These sins are timeless, still defining the weaknesses and torments found in each and every one of us: Pride, Gluttony, Envy, Lust, Greed, Wrath and Sloth.

Sin’s Disciple interprets the deadly sins and other growth-stunting emotions. The album contains 13 genre-breaking tracks which dishes out huge satisfaction. Everything about it is great: McKay’s voice is aggressive, vitriolic and just downright convincing; the beats, the guitars and bass are dialed in to just the right frequencies, so each delivers equal power, and the jaw dropping drums add support and dynamics to it all.

Marty McKay’s sound is intense with huge musical muscle and plenty of venom to fuel the emotions. He delivers each line with a cohesion and clarity, above propulsive instrumentals which combine to thunderous effect.

Deceptively skillful and endlessly creative, Marty McKay delivers a powerful mix of rap, and rock that has energy and groove to spare. Power tracks that are hard to resist include, Unleashed Rage, Who Can You Trust, Illusion Of Power, Emptiness Returns, Turn Up My Sex, Can’t Get Enough and Untouchable.

Even though Sin’s Disciple is filled with hard hitting power, the last three songs, Agony Will Do, Givin’ Up and The Aftermath defines a slower melodic and hypnotic variant within the album.

Sin’s Disciple is great, quite simply because it doesn’t sound like anything else out there. There is a powerful message in every song mixed with wicked beats and riffs. It is an excellent combination of creative rap and superb rock melodies and rhythms melded into cinematic expression.

This heart pounding action packed musical thriller doesn’t stop until the very last note of the last song, as Marty McKay explores modern society and it’s imperfections through cutting edge music.

Sin’s Disciple is unique, in sound. No residue of my mind could confuse any of these tracks with that of any of other album or band. If you are looking for a concept album with a generous amount of individuality, intelligence and exhilaration guess what, you’ve found it!



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