“Miracle” The Debut Video From SUMIKA FORBES

“Miracle” The Debut Video From SUMIKA FORBES

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San Diego, Ca. — Currently the number one ranked pop artist on Reverberation.com, Sumika Forbes, has released her first music video from her debut album, Miracle, on May 10. The album, which was released on iTunes on January 26, 2013 features Forbes’ dynamic signature sound, is a thoughtful fusion of pop and ethereal dance. Her upcoming single is a heartfelt and highly emotional dance floor anthem. It features honest and inspirational lyrics, driving beats and engaging background melodies. The song “Miracle,” which Forbes co-wrote with producer Michael Raphael, is the title track and the first single from the singer/songwriter’s debut album.

It’s been said that her lyrics are without a doubt one of the strongest components of the album. Her writings tackle feelings of self-consciousness and she turns that negativity into positive encouragement. Miracle is surely an uplifting piece of musical art and deserves to be viewed in such a way.


The music video, Miracle, was produced by JNP Productions. It’s a fun and upbeat film that will have to you wondering: What would your miracle be?
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Sumika grew up on Maui, Hawaii where she learned to sing and write songs when she was still a young child. As her passion for music grew, she learned to play ukulele and soon went on to perform at music competitions, playing her own original music. It was obvious that the young Ms. Forbes had a special musical talent and she began attracting students of her own.

As a teenager, Forbes joined R&B girl group Lo-Boy in Maui where she continued to develop all aspects of her musical abilities. She polished her skills in the studio, honed her songwriting technique, and her stage performances blossomed, as she displayed her talents at numerous public events. She moved to Southern California where she cultivated her own brand of pop music with a sound that’s been compared to Rihanna, Pink and Selena Gomez.


Listen to Sumika Forbes debut album, “Miracle,” available on iTunes and Amazon today.
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