Monster aka Nikko J. Anthony: #Tha Monster EP

Monster aka Nikko J. Anthony: #Tha Monster EP

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Monster aka Nikko J. Anthony is probably an underrated MC and lyricist. He has a somewhat prosaic approach, never bothering to switch his flow and delivery too much, instead Monster spits hardcore and social subject matter along with some deep heartfelt tracks that really pull the listener in.

As you go on through the album you’ll hear a whole collection of different sounds, as there are no similar tracks to be found here. Monster’s choice Producers are pretty unique, making sure that the beats are not repetitive at all. There is also a surprise guest appearance from Lynch Mobbin’ on “Black Sheep”, an incredible track and beat.

All through #Tha Monster EP, the production is amazing; the beats keeps building and changing, confirming the great work done by Funky D.L., Souls of Mischief, The Raj Mahal, Kustom and Sir Meelf, while the lyrics are very well constructed and melded into the rhythms too.

Something about #Tha Monster Ep reminds of the powerful hip hop that came from the 90s, with its creativity and awareness, where flow and swagger meant a less than the subject matter. Monster raps the way mainstream artists should be rapping today, because the strongest aspect of this album is its ability to breach a wide variety of topics and contain a diverse group of songs.

As I mentioned before, not a single track sounds similar to any others. The beats are impeccable and the lyrics, breadth, range and topics Monster breaches, are truly astounding. He shatters all of the preconceived notions that machine gun rhyming together with, nothing less than diamond cut flowing, is what makes a great rap album. Wrong! They certainly do help, but in the end ‘Content is King’, and it exists in bucket loads on this Ep, offering fans something significant to enjoy.

#Tha Monster will manage to captivate audiences with Monster’s uncanny ability to speak his mind, regardless of any repercussions that such an activity may introduce into his life. Monster contemplates concepts and subjects many of us are wary of messing with, and subsequently relates and chronicles his thoughts and experiences to his audience.

Many rappers sell a gimmick, a facade. There are also some that sell elaborate images only idiots could be attracted to. On the other hand there are rap artists interested in telling stories and painting lyrical pictures of the world that surrounds them. And that’s what Monster does across the eleven tracks on #Tha Monster Ep.

My favorite tracks are, “Ambidextrous”, “AssUMe”, “Prince” and “Black Sheep”, but this is an all-round original offering from a unique artist, and it’s a great listen.



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