N-SANE & SCOTTY D The UK HARDCORE Clowning Their Way To The Top!

N-SANE & SCOTTY D The UK HARDCORE Clowning Their Way To The Top!

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New UK Hardcore duo, N-Sane & Scotty D have linked up with filmmaker Luke Prince to unleash their first music video to an ever growing fan-base. This new release comes hard on the heels of their successful debut, and free to download, collaborative album.

DJ N-Sane a hardcore producer from the south of England, who has been steadily making his mark in the genre, collaborates with producer Scotty D and vocalist Bridson on the new upbeat single, ‘Living in Ecstasy’, released through Tryed n Tested on the 27th of April.

The official video made to support the release of ‘Living in Ecstasy’, runs a gauntlet of leitmotifs and emotions; scary, bizarre and absurdly hilarious, as the masked-clown antagonists, and their wacky crooked schemes, attempt to create havoc with musical protagonists’ lives. Will N-Sane & Scotty D ever make it to the club all in one piece? Watch for yourself and see.

The video’s writer & director, Luke Prince said: “I was looking for a new film project. N-Sane & Scotty D are good friends of mine, and they were keen for a music vid. I pitched an idea of a music short film; a kind of silent movie that would play out beneath their music. They really liked the idea and that’s when the cogs started moving. We wanted to do something a bit different in terms of story.”

Apparently the feedback has been immense; fans old and new are all impressed by both the song itself and the exciting visual accompaniment.

“I’m so pleased that it’s all come together,” said DJ N-Sane, “To go from having our finished track and listening to a music video idea… and then weeks later seeing that vision come to life is a crazy ride. I think it fits so well with our song; I’m so pleased everyone loves it as much as we do,”

Arriving at this point has been the culmination of twelve months of hard work and a bucket load of achievements. So far  they have become major artists on the Future of Hardcore Records, being signed to Tryed ‘n’ Tested and their previous single ‘Take Me Away’ reaching number 14 in the top 100 hardcore tracks on Track it Down.

The ‘Diffused Digital’ album by N-Sane & Scotty D features a mixture of originals, remixes, and collaborations. It definitely jumps between all the different facets that make hardcore so appealing to so many. Theirs is all true heart pounding, ground shaking extreme music. Yet it has a non-aggressive quality to it, which just makes you want to dance and groove. N-Sane & Scotty D have captured the beautiful and uplifting aspect of hardcore perfectly, and if they maintain their sparkling musical patterns captured thus far, they will probably see an even much bigger twelve months ahead!

Check out the video and listen to the album, you won’t be disappointed!



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