“NABI Releases New Music Video for International Hit “Make You Dance”

“NABI Releases New Music Video for International Hit “Make You Dance”

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NABI (Nabi-Issa Watanane) is an up and coming International Artist from Burkina Faso (West Africa) who is taking the Atlanta music scene by storm. He has recently released his new hit single, “Make You Dance” from his EP “BEYOND THE DREAM” which can be found on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google music. NABI’s music video for the song was shot on location in Atlanta, GA.

This is a far above-average recording, as NABI’s fusion-sound embraces the refined aspects of R&B, reggae, urban poetry and pop. His silky voice is fluid, consistent, and sexy. Let’s face it R&B/Hip-hop has been really stale recently. So why are so many R&B/Hip-hop artist afraid to draw from other influences in different genres of music? NABI doesn’t suffer from this problem, as he infuses the best of all music worlds and succeeds handsomely in doing the crossover; emerging as a unique act in an overcrowded market.

I was tremendously impressed by “Make You Dance”, which will open your eyes to this artist. NABI is also very serious musically. He is not too poppy or overly brimming with false glamour. He is a true and simple artist, moving his way forward. NABI ‘s style is also tremendously unique. You can feel his passion for the music, and the fact that his vocal style is one of the most original heard in ages, only sweetens the deal.

If you haven’t heard NABI’s style and don’t know what I’m talking about, you must listen to him. He is a spectacular artist, and it comes shining through on the video too. Also, the lack of a star-struck production leads to a simpler tune, which equals a better song for the average listener.

My point is NABI doesn’t seem to be so much obsessed with the fame as he is about the music, and that is probably the best thing he has going for him at the moment. Give him a chance to make an album as good as this single, and the world will take notice of his unmatched talent. I checked the song “Paper” too, just to make sure I was on the right track. And sure enough, NABI doesn’t stick to just one beat and one style, he changes it up and down letting people see the other sides of him.

NABI really brings a refreshing tone to the Urban Dance genre with songs you can relate to while combining Reggae, Dancehall, Hiphop and R&B together with a unique West-African infusion. He presents a rare moment of originality in today’s music industry, within his genre.

While you await the release of the upcoming Ep “BEYOND THE DREAM”, you can enjoy this first single release off it, “Make You Dance”, which is an infectiously catchy dance track that certainly falls into the ‘Club Banging’ category.

If you’re part of the ever increasing pop/dance culture; then you’ll feel NABI’s soul and passion in this particular genre. Enjoy the single and video, spread it around and let NABI’s wave come flowing through! It’s strong, its uncontrollable and it’s all around you, with “Make You Dance”!



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