Nature Ganganbaigal: “To Where Tengger Leads Me”

Nature Ganganbaigal: “To Where Tengger Leads Me”

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“To Where Tengger Leads Me”, is just like a movie, in a woven tapestry of cross-genre and cultural influences

Nature Ganganbaigal, a Mongolian music composer from China (Chinese name: Tianran Zhang). Nature writes music for commercial clips, trailers and games for both indie studios and large media firms such as China Central Television. His wide range of music styles includes traditional orchestral music and electronic influenced modern film scores. As a former Microsoft UI designer, Nature has the strong sensibility on visual media and filmic language. Nature is currently studying at New York University, finishing his film music graduate degree. As the winner of the 2014 New York University Film Score Competition, Nature’s film score was performed in Broadway.

“To Where Tengger Leads Me” is the first solo album from the Mongolian musician Nature Ganganbaigal. To interpret Mongolian traditional music in a more modern and international way, Nature blends Mongolian horse-head fiddle and throat singing with Symphony, Electronic and New Age music, creating a cinematic feeling for the Epic Mongol Empire. You will hear the galloping steeds, the blowing blizzard, the riding warriors, and the thundering drums under the great welkin!

Soundtrack fanatics know that every once in a while you see a movie that has a soundtrack so powerful, so amazing, that as soon as the first track plays during the opening scene of the film you exclaim to yourself “I must have this soundtrack!” The hunt for the said soundtrack can last for days, months, or even years.

“To Where Tengger Leads Me” has exactly the opposite effect. You’ll be searching for the ‘movie’ of this ‘soundtrack’ for many moons to come! Throughout the album, the sound is weaved intricately with familiar orchestral sounds, electronic interludes and a few instruments that are fundamental to the Mongol culture.

Some of the soothing melodies have a strong Asian flavor, while others are just playfully imaginative, inventing themselves as they go along, unbound by rhythm or convention, and taking full advantage of the rich tone of the instruments.  There really isn’t any good way to describe this music except to say it is colorful, beautifully layered, and utterly uplifting.

From the opening strains to a crash of percussion instruments, this work leads you to burst with emotions. Here, the powerful and intense drum work leaves you breathless in the Legend On Horseback,  My Horse, Far In The Distance and Galloping Steeds . While the strings weave a blend of magic together throughout the main themes of the 12 tracks.

As previously mentioned, the music of “To Where Tengger Leads Me”, is just like a movie, in a woven tapestry of cross-genre and cultural influences. I think people who feel stirred by original ideas, sounds and moods are most likely to be captured by Nature Ganganbaigal powerful and multi-faceted scores. This is music that makes you feel placed on a totally different plane than where you’re normally used to listening!

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