Radio Drive: ‘A Taste of Heaven’ -Excellent Production and Mixing Work!

Radio Drive: ‘A Taste of Heaven’ -Excellent Production and Mixing Work!

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Radio Drive is a blend of alternative rock music with influences from The Beatles, U2 and Coldplay. With the release of 4 independent CDs Kevin Gullickson, as Radio Drive has received rave reviews, radio play both online and on radio stations around the world alongside major artists.

Kevin has just finished his latest single “A Taste of Heaven”, produced by Chris Garcia (credits include gold and platinum recording artists Celine Dion, Katy Perry, Santana and more) and recorded in LA with some amazing players like, Nick Lashley, Alanis Morrisette’s guitarist) and Ben Rose the LA Session drummerThe Hollywood Music Awards nominated “A Taste of Heaven” as Best Alternative Song for 2014; Al Walser featured it on his Hollywood Top20 Countdown radio show; and Radio Drive is currently #1 artist on the Reverb Nation charts for Alternative Rock, #2 Nationally and #5 Globally.

In “A Taste of Heaven”, Kevin Gullickson, aka Radio Drive has produced a single that is both simple and elegant at the same time. The guitars are stripped down and subtle, acting as a nice counterpoint to Kevin’s superb vocals. At the same time there is plenty use of harmonies and keyboards, while the drums and bass actually act as a neat rhythm section instead of heavy artillery.

The lyrics are straightforward yet sophisticated when Kevin sings of timeless themes like love and hope, never seeming trite or derivative in doing so. The end result is a single that clearly showcases how passion, talent and professionalism produce quality artists, not gimmicks, grinding guitars and screeching voices.

Radio Drive somehow exudes the same down-to-earth honest, craftsmanship that bands like The Travelling Wilbury’s have been trading around over the last few years; lots of good music and very little gadgetry. “A Taste of Heaven” resonates with the same pure, uncluttered songwriting. As a musician, this to me is the pinnacle of honest sound and honest performance.  Kevin Gullickson’s biggest asset though, is his unfailing voice that lends itself so effortlessly to multi-layered harmonies.

The sound quality is also brilliant reflecting excellent production and mixing work.“A Taste of Heaven” resonates with relaxed confidence and joyful wonder. In fact, what’s so striking about the song is how invigorated the melodic music that surrounds Kevin Gullickson sounds, yet Kevin radiates a peaceful aura, a serene feeling that is so utterly contagious.

You won’t be able to get this song out of your head. All-in-all “A Taste of Heaven” by Kevin Gullickson, aka Radio Drive is another strong release by an artist who excels in creating simple yet masterful music!

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