Rapper RAY BANKS Is Making Waves With “L.C.P.”

Rapper RAY BANKS Is Making Waves With “L.C.P.”

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Ray Banks is a 17 year old unsigned hiphop artist from Brooklyn New York. He takes pride in his unique style and knack for manifesting creative ideas. He can spit at the highest levels of lyrical ability while also being able to make great music. Not only did he invent his own flow and style of hiphop, he produces, and has written over 85 songs already.

The classmate of many current famous underground MCs , Ray Banks is blowing up quite fast with his 1st official video, featuring Keys Crook, “Liberty City Prophet/Profit” or simply L.C.P. Gaining over 40,000 views in 2 weeks.

Rather ironically named, Banks and Crook, the two rappers blend together well on this modern, East Coast back-beat. Where they ebb and flow like smooth waves on a cool ocean.The jazzy drums and bass in the background give the music a warm and organic feel, in sharp contrast to the canned beats that predominate in hip-hop.  Instead of focusing too much on establishing a threatening image or blasting the listener’s eardrums with mindless and overbearing basslines, Ray Banks employs the seemingly contradictory smooth groovy beats and rap, with even more musicality and intelligence than anyone would have a right to expect from such a talented a seventeen-year-old.



Instagram: @raybanks

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