Saints of Bliss Are Ready To Tear Up The Airwaves With “Don’t Hide Your Love”

Saints of Bliss Are Ready To Tear Up The Airwaves With “Don’t Hide Your Love”

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Saints of Bliss have been performing regularly over for the last few years and their exposure has been international; appearing at events in South Africa, Namibia, Scotland and Ireland.The Saints have produced and released 2 albums, of which 5 singles reached #1 on several radio stations around South Africa.

After ending their 5 year record deal with Sting Music, The Quinton brothers, David Quinton (Dr Groove) and Jonathan Quinton (Jono) headed for the UK to take their music to the next level. They were soon joined by an accomplished musician, David Shaw (Shawzyee), from Scotland, who has now became the official 3rd member of the band.

The Saints of Bliss have dedicated the last 6 months of their life’s full time into the production of their new single “Don’t Hide Your Love” and it’s official music video. The new single is available on iTunes, Amazon MP3 & Google Play etc.

The emo-pop-rock combo are unquestionably one of the most exuberant and exciting outfits of the day. Since moving to the UK they have been preparing to knock out crowds across the globe with storming gigs and fiery recordings. Now Saints of Bliss are ready to tear up the airwaves with their much-anticipated single, “Don’t Hide Your Love”. This one is fit to burst with unstoppable hooks, melodic punk vocalizing, and shout-it-out-loud choruses.

If you like Blink 182, Sum 41 or Green Day, you really can’t miss with this band. These guys are polished musicians. The sound is crisp but still has a live feel to it, which you need in any music that you want to rock out to! Saints of Bliss has it all — outstanding energy, clear talent, and consistency.

“Don’t Hide Your Love” embodies the no-pretense attitude of the band perfectly. The hooks are irresistible even by pop standards, paving the way for some crafty songwriting by the Saints. Once again I have to insist that this single is an absolute must for fans of the Ataris, New Found Glory, Good Charlotte, Green Day, Blink182, Fenix TX, The All-American Rejects, or anything remotely in the pop-punk realm.

Sure there are a lot of bands out there with the same style of music, but none as good as these guys. Saints of Bliss rocks. They are easily the nicest bunch of guys in the business, as well as being amazingly talented.

Their style of emo-pop-rock is simply impressive!



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