Saul Behan-Dunne: “You Keep Me Warm” – The Power of Understatement

Saul Behan-Dunne: “You Keep Me Warm” – The Power of Understatement

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Saul Behan-Dunne hands us his first offering as a solo artist. Following on from 2011’s Songs in Silence (The Sigh Co.) and subsequent Sigh Company releases, Chris adopts the Saul Behan-Dunne moniker and gets raw and intimate with this beautifully quirky song of love and friendship.

On “You Keep Me Warm”, SBD’s voice which sits somewhere between the offbeat nonchalance of Bob Dylan and the gravelly magnetism of Rod Steward is beautiful, and in its human imperfection, conveys deep emotion. The lyrics too, are deep and they burn, while the acoustic finger-picking guitar arrangement is sparse and splattered with evasive trumpet interludes.

When I look back in a few years’ time at the music that most impressed me in 2014, the name Saul Behan-Dunne will probably jump out at me like a sore thumb; quite simply for the fact that it goes totally against the grain of the beat driven releases that are being produced today. It takes a lot of courage to deliver an arrangement that for current trends, may reek of commercial suicide.

Saul Behan-Dunne relies on the power of understatement to convey strong emotion on this song and it works, rendering it quietly, evocatively, insidiously magical and wondrous.  “You Keep Me Warm”, connects and seduces effortlessly at a primeval level. This is not the usual type of mainstream, hook-filled, radio-friendly music that instantly grabs your attention, yet somehow it becomes an essential, almost daily listen. It’s languidly beautiful, achingly emotional and endlessly rewarding.

I found it fascinating that this single was so far removed from Chris’ collective, “Songs In Silence” album, which is soaked in walls of vocal-free electro-ambient synths. It makes you wonder how someone could create and deliver an acoustic song of such beauty and depth, armed with little more than a guitar and some unique vocals, coming from that previous album’s experience.

It’s the almost too-simple-sounding arrangement that ultimately makes SBD very easy to listen to. The fact is, “You Keep Me Warm”,will worm its way under your skin until you find yourself listening to it alone on a Wednesday night, wondering if the way you’re feeling is really what you’re feeling, or if you’re only feeling it because Saul Behan-Dunne’s music makes you feel it.

If like me, you enjoy some toe curling music, on those occasional lonely nights, don’t miss this release by Saul Behan-Dunne!


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