Singer-Songwriter García López is from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Singer-Songwriter García López is from San Juan, Puerto Rico.

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García López studied at the Music Conservatory of Puerto Rico, where he mastered the art of composition. The piano was his main instrument and first nurturing ground as a composer. While the Nueva Trova genre was influencing most of his writing, his composition style received great influenced of Reggae, Salsa, and other Latin and Caribbean genres.

In the midst of an intense search for his identity, he began to delve into the Native American, Shamanic and Buddhist philosophies, where he started to discover new rhythms and ancient sounds. García López called this a stage of “existential convergence”, where he founded some beliefs that began to appear in his philosophical and artistic thought. This led him to his first musical project: Mala Herencia .

The singer-songwriter García López is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. His interest in music started around two or three years of age. Both his father and his mother were key people in his development as an artist. From his father he inherited a musical ear and music appreciation, especially for the music of yesterday. While it was his mother who began to teach him the techniques of contemplation and meditation; tools that would help him to clarify many of his existential concerns and develop his first songs.

Garcia’s first instruments were the drums and piano, instruments that he learned to play by ear. Due to his high level of creativity, or ‘hyperactivity’ (according to his teachers), school was always a big headache for him and for both his parents. After many failed attempts, his mother decided to remove him from the system and help him find his purpose in life; his ‘reason for existing’.

A little later, in his teens, one of Garcia’s childhood friends with knowledge in music began to teach the subject. It was then that García López began to create his first songs. At that point Reggae had begun to capture Garcia’s attention significantly, becoming one of the most influential genres in his career.

Mala Herencia is a twelve-track album released last year and available on all major digital download platforms.


Album Credits

Recording:         NAL Studios

Producer :          García López

Lyrics :                 García López

Music :                 García López

Arrangements:  García López

Mixing:                 Jesús Alex Hernández (DRS)

Mastering:           David Rodríguez y Jesús Alex Hernández (DRS)

Intro:                     Digital Recording Services


Bass :                             Harold Hopkins Miranda (PUYA)

Trumpet:                     Rafael Rodriguez (SOYA)

Trombone:                  José Roque

Minor Percussion:   Luis y Carlitos (Perros de Pavlov), García López,  Arnaldo Rivera, y Alberto Díaz

Bomba drum:             Marcos Penaloza (Tambores Calientes, #4, #10)

Piano:                            García López

Rhythm Guitar:         García López

Lead Guitar:                 José E. Colón

Vocals :                          García López,  Cheryl Michelle (#6)

Lead Vocal:                  García López







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