The Magic Cube: “Starfighter” Intoxicating, Powerful and Hypnotic Electro!

The Magic Cube: “Starfighter” Intoxicating, Powerful and Hypnotic Electro!

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I’ll get this off my chest quickly, so that we can move on, “Starfighter” by The Magic Cube is a great Ep, it’s extremely danceable with wonderful melodies and a very hard edge! The main reason this Ep hits a home run, is just because it is so tight and well made, and so extremely rhythm oriented, there are no dull spots. Dull spots are the primary weakness of bad electronic music.

While a lot of “electronica” goes on far too long, becomes self-indulgent or pretentious and really doesn’t mean much. The Magic Cube crew has crafted a beautiful compact 6-track Ep that has lasting power. I can pop this in time and time again, go to any track, and feel as if it’s my first listen. There aren’t many electronic artists than make music that will do that. My words aren’t going to really mean much if you don’t listen to it. It’s not hard to get into, but it’s extremely hard to forget.

Combing their unique style of electronic music, The Magic Cube manage to stay true to a crossover techno and dubstep sound (with many other influences incorporated!), without moving into the land of crummy vocal samples and lame, boring beats that populate so much modern dance music these days.

“Starfighter” begins with an interesting, atmospheric introduction, then progresses into a barrage of epic and rhythmic arrangements.  The sounds on this Ep are actually a combination of many things which evoke a response. You could describe it as energetic, euphoric, nostalgic, adventurous, and futuristic. An interesting thing about The Magic Cube’s music is that it often manages to sound classic and futuristic at the same time.

If you are not already a fan of some electronic, techno, trance and dubstep music, or haven’t even heard much at all, this album may get you off the mark appropriately. Though I’m not a club addict, I can imagine how much these rhythms would drive you relentlessly across the dance floor. The beats spin around your speakers enveloping you into a euphoric aura of sound that few others can rival. A great introduction if you are just getting into this kind of music.

“Starfighter”, which is released on the Critical Imprint Recordings label, also has a great atmosphere to it, very cinematic in fact. Each song has so many levels to it and yet remains so unique that you’ll never find yourself waiting for a track to end. This is simply a plug-and-play Ep. Put it on, press play, and leave it at that! It is one of the most intoxicating, powerful, and hypnotic electro albums I’ve heard in a while.

I won’t give you a track by track run-down, leaving this absolute pleasure of discovery for your own personal satisfaction! What I will say, is that “Starfighter” is a great Ep release, with fantastic keyboard effects, loops, voices and insanely strong, pulsating rhythms. What more could you ask from electro? Another The Magic Cube album maybe?



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One thought on “The Magic Cube: “Starfighter” Intoxicating, Powerful and Hypnotic Electro!

  1. Not heard of these guy’s before, but took a listen and it sounds like a film soundtrack. Not much dubstep but holy cow.. bites hard!! Will check them out.

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