The Supply Drop Exclusive: Zehero – “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1” brings a stylistic sound to rap music

The Supply Drop Exclusive: Zehero – “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1” brings a stylistic sound to rap music

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Up and coming alternative Hip-Hop artist, Zehero aka Lakeside Flacko, who resides in the Flint Michigan Area, is also a sound engineer, DJ and promoter. His latest project, “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1” is a collection of bangers he had locked away in the vault for a while. The project is also a tribute to whom he calls his “big brother” and “the original Flacko”. Zehero explained that during a rough period a year ago, he had a weird dream experience about his brother. He instantly called up his passed on comrade’s mother, to request her blessing on him using the name Lakeside Flacko. The name is also partly in recognition of Zehero’s grind in the Genesee County area. Zehero aka Lakeside Flacko separates himself from the rest of the trap mob in his ability to compose heartfelt, poetry-soaked bangers.

Zehero possesses a useful street-wisdom that balances the many introspective verses he forges. When singing the anecdotal rhymes across the 5 tracks on the recording, he allows the listener to sneak a glimpse past his emotional armor. Simply put, this guy works hard at what he does.

Since dropping his debut, Zehero has had a consistent release schedule and as each release has reigned superior than its former. But it’s a logical level of transformation; take amicable growth, maturity and a hell of a starting point and it becomes difficult to deny the sheer magnitude of the artist’s constant progression.

On “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1”, Zehero aka Lakeside Flacko is the energy and motion, more so than the ubiquitous sweeping tones and the epileptic high hats of “In The End”. More than mere ear worms, such moments work well in juxtaposition to Zehero bars, which have a tendency to come fast and melodic, as they do on “Nobody”.

This brings a stylistic sound to rap music. On the surface, “Right Now Freestyle” is a straightforward procession of hypnotic trunk rattling and insightful rhymes. Zehero doesn’t mince words at all, and there’s something charming about his honest upfront delivery. There’s a magnetic authenticity to his approach.

On “Bands Up”, he makes a stylistic switch. Something you’ll respect even if it doesn’t fit your regular motifs. There are many characters in hip-hop right now who are getting people excited and allowing them to feel a renewed buzz and love for the game. Zehero can be bundled into this category with ease.

He fluidly transitions from smooth crooning to rat-tat-tat spitting on “Bands Up”. Befitting such vocal stylings, there is a kind of luxe, inky enthusiasm at work in the song’s production. Although it breaks from the EP’s dominant tones, “Watch Me Lean” ft. cadenbobaden and sac, leaves another big impression via its groovy investment.

Zehero aka Lakeside Flacko has a very different and distinct flow and style which will allow him to fill a niche that’s been empty for far too long. Beneath the beats and storylines “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1” is a recording that’s exciting, different, and worth a spot on your shelf.

This showing, has musical swagger and lyrical brawn by the ton. Zehero channels an honest outspoken side throughout and isn’t afraid to plug into more rugged rhymes and tip his cap to the underground rather than the pop charts. “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1” is full of bright moments where Zehero ideas come magnificently to fruition track after track.

From the instrumentals to the lyrics to the EP cover, everything about “The Ballad Of Flacko Vol.1” seems to be meticulously calculated with an unbelievable eye for detail. Zehero aka Lakeside Flacko is a performer who is up on his artistic knowledge and puts it all on display for his fans with almost every song on this release.

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