The Tube Media: The Video Channel Where Music Never Sleeps!

The Tube Media: The Video Channel Where Music Never Sleeps!

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Music videos are amazingly popular online, even more so than offline these days. The majority of the most-watched videos on the Web are official music videos. The only other videos that can compete with music videos for online viewing are movie trailers. The problem is finding these music videos, especially if you want to watch the latest music in high-definition.

Of course, you could go directly to YouTube the granddaddy of online video. Owned by Google, and owning everyone else in the sector, YouTube is the first destination most people will check out, when searching for videos of all different kinds. Problem is you’ll have to navigate through a whole lot of funny and bizarre things before you reach the section wholly dedicated to music.

There’s also Vevo, which is an attempt by three of the four major record labels to take control of how official music videos are played and watched. Sony and Universal are joint partners, with EMI also licensing its content to Vevo. Warners decided to do its own thing and ink a deal with MTV instead. Vevo has its own website, but also powers music videos on several other sites, including YouTube.

The third power is Vimeo an online video site with a strong and dedicated community. It’s like the smaller version of YouTube. It also provides a platform for content creators to showcase their work. This includes music artists, many of whom share their music videos on the site.

On the other hand, you have a simple and independent choice for exclusive and complete music video satisfaction The Tube Media. The Tube Media, which brands itself with the phrase – Where Music Never Sleeps, so it’s hardly surprising it’s a great resource for watching the latest music videos around the clock, many of them in HD.

You can sift through the huge range of videos on the site by ‘Best Ever’ and ‘Rock Ballads’, ‘RO Dance’, ‘Heavy Metal’, ‘Latino’, ‘The Tube Media Top’, ‘Movies Video Clips’, ‘89s 90s’ or stick to the new releases on the ‘Home’ page. There are also playlists based on the website’s ‘Top 40’.

The Tube Media is powered by YouTube. You simply type your channel choice into the search box or on the homepage, and let The Tube Media do the rest. What you’ll get is a stream of continuous HD music videos to chill to!

So as you can see the major music video providers don’t offer wall-to-wall music videos, but that doesn’t mean you have to watch all the bizarre homemade videos and do-it-yourself promos. Instead, head online and watch the music videos you want to watch. Thanks to small independent resources like The Tube Media, you’re able to enjoy only the best music videos you want to watch. Without all the extraneous trash and advertising lumped in with them.






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