WiFi PR Group Releases “Indie Anthems Vol. 6” – Featuring Top & Unsigned Indie Artists Worldwide

WiFi PR Group Releases “Indie Anthems Vol. 6” – Featuring Top & Unsigned Indie Artists Worldwide

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“Uh huh. Okay”, thumps the lyrics and the beat of the opening song off of WiFi PR Group’s Indie Anthems Vol. 6, cultivating the anticipation of the forthcoming tracks. SXTN opens the compilation with “Got a Hold of Me” — a track that’s cleverly mixed with groove, hip hop and rap — setting the bar high for the unsigned, indie artists featured on the rest of mix. Hailing from Chicago, the two men duo brings out an east coast feel in the song, with rough beats and harsh vocals, tastefully starting off the compilation of songs and leaving the listener wanting more.

The indie mix features performing artists from the North by Northeast concert line-up: talented artists, who are up-and-coming gems. A wide array of artists, boasting different sounds and genres are featured on the mix this year, giving a taste to every hungry listener that comes across such a delicacy. Artist include DJ Cavem, Stephanie K, The Afterwhile, Rod MacDonald, Scotty Boy McCoy, Silent Theory, Nate Tao and Rashon Medlock.

The Forty Nineteens stay true to America in “Modern Romance”, with their buoyant rockabilly, ‘50s diner sound. They are followed further on by Natalie Major’s “Rescue”, which adds a soothing piece of vocals to the mix, capturing the heart strings of the broken-hearted and lovers. R & B fans would enjoy Major’s powerful vocals and enchanting lyrics. Fans of Sade would enjoy the vocals of Vinci Vibe on “Rise”, as she sets a tone of relationship regret on top of upbeat guitar riffs and piano chords. It’s all a recipe for a compilation of pure, underground, solid talent.

WiFi PR Group does well to pull together a healthy mix of independent, liberated artists from the NXNE line-up, giving the listener a clear and well-rounded idea of the musical talent the concert has to offer while exemplifying the beauty of rawness in the artists’ self-produced music.

The entire mix and previous volumes can be downloaded at http://indieanthems.bandcamp.com/

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