With constant mood swings the new compilation album Daisy by Lackpro Records is a full range of emotions and brilliant song writing.

With constant mood swings the new compilation album Daisy by Lackpro Records is a full range of emotions and brilliant song writing.

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“Rock is dead.  Who’s got the Will?” is currently the headline on Lackpro Record’s main page promoting the album Daisy.  I assume the statement is intended sarcastically sense Daisy is living proof that rock is still alive.  Even the albums Americana band, The Harmed Brothers, are doing a rock song disguised as folk. The headline seems to be playing on the on going discussions regarding the possible end of an era.

Lackpro Records has always focused primarily on the rock genre, but not to any specific style.  They have given us folk-rock, indie-rock, heavy-rock, synth-rock, and so on. Daisy represents everything Lackpro Records has to offer. Some of the songs on the album are from previous releases.  For example the Wondernaut song No One But Me

was originally released on the critically acclaimed album Paradigms In The Design.  Despite this there are plenty of new tracks on this album, and several artists that haven’t previously had releases with the label.  Psychotic Reaction, Killer Gandhi, Sticky Stranglets, Teenage Daydreams, Skinny Bitches, and Brian Cagle each bring their own style and brilliant music to assist in further rounding out the Lackpro sound.

lackpro-logo-400I first became aware of Lackpro Records 3 or 4 years ago when they were promoting an album that they didn’t release.  It was Solid Gold by Kite Flying Robot.  I was working at a college station and we received a copy of the album. It was the cheapest demo I have ever seen: a CD-R in a plain white paper sleeve.  Honestly so many albums come into the station there is no way to listen to all of them.  If something doesn’t catch your attention right away, then the CD will likely get overlooked.  Solid Gold stood out because the packaging gave literally no effort to standout.  It was a brilliant move on the part of Lackpro because it made me listen to it, as did many other DJs.  The album was magnificent and ended up becoming the number one requested album at our station.

After that I would notice each time we received a demo with the labels logo (a barcode with a daisy in the middle).  Even if the album wasn’t a style that I preferred, each one had an authentic virtue that could not be denied.  Lackpro takes a grassroots, back to basics approach to music.  The song is all that matters.  The new album Daisy is a continuation in that tradition.  Like most samplers it doesn’t stay in one specific area.  The influences on this album are vast and wide-spreading, but each song is a single.  Each song will be well received in its individual genre.

I no longer work in radio, but if I did I can guarantee you Daisy would easily find a place in my rotation.  Another brilliant marketing move on the part of Lackpro Records because no matter the stations programming (other than Christian or Hip Hop) there is something on this album for everybody.

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