14-Year-Old Emerging Star Sophia Daniz Drops Her Debut Album “Day Dreaming” On iTunes

14-Year-Old Emerging Star Sophia Daniz Drops Her Debut Album “Day Dreaming” On iTunes

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A 14-years old songwriter and performer, Sophia Daniz becomes more and more popular thanks to her tender voice and unique musical talents. Sophia is only 14, but she is already a star thanks to her extraordinary music gifts and her youthful eagerness to prove herself to the world. Her hard work gave results and now she is viewed by music experts as an emerging artist with her own unique style and sound. Her album, “Day Dreaming”, is gaining popularity in iTunes.

sophia-350Sophia’s natural knack for different musical instruments was noticed in her early ages. Music critics compare her performances with Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, and Jennifer Hudson. She is young, ambitious, hard working and extremely talented – all these qualities shoot her right to the top.

For only nine months work with Jessica Drake Mosher, she confirms that Sophia is already an artist that sets apart from other young artists with her own vision. She started to record adding specific perspective on feel and sounds, and even adding her own rhymes and notes into the composition. Sophia is different from others with the fact that she does not copy anyone else… she is just herself – unique, brave and lively.

Although still too young, her life experience helps her bring more material in the music industry. Her first album is combination of full spectrum of emotions that young people go through. The questions that her songs provoke will stick in the listener’s head for days with their meaningfulness and innocence. She is only at the beginning of her performer’s career, so there is much more to come from this promising talent.

To find out more about Sophia Daniz’s talent and performances, please take a look athttp://www.mtv.com/artists/sophia-daniz/


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