4FLO MUSIC – “Blinded” Possesses both and urban edge and a cinematic ambience

4FLO MUSIC – “Blinded” Possesses both and urban edge and a cinematic ambience

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4FLO MUSIC is musical project by Ben Partington. The singer-songwriter from Manchester, blends Motown and Soul, with R&B and flavors of the 80’s, which he fuses with hip hop. His latest release is the single, “Blinded”, which is set to be part of a forthcoming album. Right off the bat, this man’s voice, energy, style, and delivery will make you listen to this song over and over again. Partington is definitely one of the defibrillators that the music industry is always in dire need of. He has a voice like molten lead, and he’s equally comfortable singing or spitting bars. Already, from the get-go, you get a sense that this will be different to what you’re accustomed to listening to on the radio, and the intrigue begins to build as to what direction 4FLO MUSIC is going in on “Blinded”.

Described as a song about “the power imbalance and inequality in our society”, the artist never resorts to cheap melodrama or clichés. His delivery is nuanced, his lyrics profound and well thought out, as he advances his view of the world surrounding him.

His music has authenticity, creativity and most importantly, it seems to come straight from the heart. 4FLO MUSIC proves that there are still unique sounds to be made and new directions that urban music can move in. “Blinded” is a perfect illustration of Ben Partington’s intelligent disposition together with his reflective approach to making music.

The track has an instrumental that possesses both and urban edge and a cinematic ambience. Partington’s affinity for soul, retro, hip-hop and everything between, is evident throughout the track. 4FLO MUSIC throws a ton of content into this song. Musically, thematically and lyrically it is spectacular.

Along with strummed and picked guitars, and an almost alt-rock urgency, the song features epic synth tones and a pleasant electronic thump that pulsates alongside the backbone of the beat. Partington’s ability to make a song cohesive while mixing key components of several genres is special.

There’s few artists today who are capable of making a song that is this sonically pleasing, artistically complex, with topical subject matter. The fresh instrumentation also makes a huge difference, as we’ve become accustomed to a lot of overused samples and loops today.

Partington’s talent is unquestionable and any headway he makes in the business will surely be well-deserved. Listening to his latest single, one gets the feeling that there’s a great playlist waiting to be assembled from his upcoming tracks. I’ll certainly continue to follow his musical outings.

I believe “Blinded” is a high quality single that showcases the talent and versatility of 4FLO MUSIC. It shows what Ben Partington is capable of, and has the possibility to go down as an important moment in his career. In addition, the song shows that there is a new direction that this particular blend of music can go towards, and it sounds damn good when 4FLO MUSIC takes it there.

Released on October 18th, “Blinded” can be pre-saved on Spotify: http://bit.ly/2kJ5JhY


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