6ad6oi Lexi x Zillarous – “Need You” – an energetic and undeniable statement of talent

6ad6oi Lexi x Zillarous – “Need You” – an energetic and undeniable statement of talent

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Lexi Ogberagha popularly known by his stage name 6ad6oi Lexi is a Nigerian singer, Rapper and Songwriter. The Lagos based artist who is originally from the Southern region of Nigeria is on the rise since the release of his latest single, entitled “Need You”, under his new record label Sinful Saint Entertainment (S.S.E). Afro-Trap, the diasporic genre nobody really has a proper name for, is the dominant sound of young urban set right now. It’s refreshing mix of dancehall, rap, R&B, and Afrobeat sounds can be heard across playlists, charts, radio, festival stages, and more. Now 6ad6oi Lexi encapsulates that sound beautifully in his new track, featuring Zillarous.

6ad6oi Lexi is taking the tropes and style of USA trap and creating something new through his own diasporic experience. The result is that “Need You” is the kind of track that could be a hit anywhere in the world. It is an energetic and undeniable statement of his talent.

Over a twisted and gleaming production, 6ad6oi Lexi and Zillarous spit heartfelt rhymes and sing mellifluous tones. The song – a melodic earworm guaranteed to stick with you long after it ends – is like the best Afro-Trap, fun and flirty with the object of the artists’ desires held up on a pedestal.

Trap music began as a southern hip-hop phenomenon in Atlanta in the 1990s and was a term only associated with the drug-dealing lifestyle. Today’s trap is recognized by its heavy basslines, 808 kick drums and samples of dramatic classical instruments that give songs a dark cinematic effect.

Now, it is a global treasure that has knocked down the walls of mainstream culture. On “Need You”, 6ad6oi Lexi and Zillarous are flipping trap and taking it to new heights sonically. Musical exchanges between artists worldwide have been going on for decades, contributing to the evolution of music into dozens of genres.

6ad6oi Lexi is bringing his footprint, his style and his own creativity to the table on “Need You”, as solid Trap music and African rhythms crash into each other to set the dance floor alight. As the track progresses you’re treated to waves of contrasting yet synergetic, complimentary sounds.

It is almost inspiring to see just how many sounds are fused together. 6ad6oi Lexi and Zillarous’ charismatic approach to their vocals won me over from the first instance. There’s no faulting this Afro inspired trap beat with a soulful vibe added to put the perfect amount of momentum behind the track.

If you need a break from American Hip-Hop or British Grime, you’ve come to the right place, for the overall beauty of African flavored music. “Need You” is a showcase of genre-bending potential epitomized by a rising star of the genre.

This is 6ad6oi Lexi’s strongest campaign yet, and one which has met all expectations. The artist uses his command of words and melody to transform his rhymes into earworms. All persons involved in this project, are proud representations of the Afro-Trap music scene right now.


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