Andreas Pareli: “Let’s Go For A Ride” – ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds

Andreas Pareli: “Let’s Go For A Ride” – ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds

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Singer, pianist and guitarist, the Norwegian artist Andreas Pareli (Helge Andreas Pareli Notland) is on a creative roll right now. After recently releasing his romantic slow rhythm Kizomba styled track “I Long for You”, Pareli bounces straight back with a brand new song – “Let’s Go For A Ride”. This song was made locally in conjunction with the school’s and culture School of Fjell Municipality as a tribute to the UCI Road World Championships to be held in Bergen, Norway in September 2017.

On the surface the theme is naturally about cycling, but on a deeper level it’s about life journeys and equal rights for people from different cultures and nations! Around 350 children and youths participate in the music video for the song!

The style and feel remind me rather of the Roxy Music albums. Andreas Pareli has the same suave coolness that distinguished Bryan Ferry. The sound is obviously richer and the production more modern.

Soulful, rhythmic bass and percussion together with clean smooth synths are featured here, as Pareli’s voice oozes with sultriness, hipness, on top of a subtle underlying techno beat. As always, there are beautiful vocals and great harmonies on the track, and enough harmonic originality to keep you interested.

“Let’s Go For A Ride” has a compellingly danceable beat, notwithstanding its smooth chill aura, and that familiar, distinctive air of uplifting unity. Real beauty pervades the whole track. In the way the instrumentation is done and the way that Pareli executes the vocals, not to mention the video clip, which adds even more empathy to the aural proceedings.

The track is as much about atmosphere and ambience, as it is about melody and harmony. Layered on top of the instrumentation are Andreas Pareli’s warm, singsong advances that can slither into the listener’s ears and instantly seduce, as only Pareli is able to do.

Always sonically adventurous and seemingly ahead of the curve by leaps and bounds,  “Let’s Go For A Ride”, is a lush single and another fine addition to Andreas Pareli’s oeuvre which is filled with songs that showcase his voice as one of the most singular and finely-honed understated sounds in indie-pop music today. Ultimately, “Let’s Go For A Ride” functions as a well-deserved victory lap for the talents of Andreas Pareli.


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