Angelle Releases New Single – “Gold”

Angelle Releases New Single – “Gold”

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Angelle is a recording artist, singer-songwriter out of Brooklyn, New York. Growing up in a musical family, she was always encouraged to follow her dream and aspire to great things in life, as well as in music. By the time Angelle was five years of age, she knew that singing was what she wanted to do, and by the age of ten she was writing her own music. Her biggest influence might have been her father, who believed in her dream from the time she was a little girl. Not least of all, two of her uncles enjoyed great commercial success in Haitian music, a legacy she is determined to carry on.

Angelle has won several awards for her songwriting abilities, starting in high school with the Grammy Day competition, and more recently making it to the semi-finals in the Song of The Year 2013 contest for her original song “Why”.

Inspired by the iconic voices of Whitney Houston, Aretha Franklin, Angelle is channeling her voice is all ways possible. Her EP ‘Rêvé (Life’s But a Dream)’ was released in 2015 and that was just the beginning of great things.

Angelle has performed at major places like: Webster Hall, Melrose Ballroom, The Wick, and Milkriver. Angelle is also a graduate of the University of Albany in which she received her BA in Sociology and minor in English.

Angelle’s long awaited debut single, “Netflix- N- Chill,” was released October 28, 2016 and her music video was released also on January 10, 2017. Angelle just released her new single ‘Gold’.


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