Annie Fitzgerald: “You & Me & the Sun” an organic affair dealing with the raw emotions

Annie Fitzgerald: “You & Me & the Sun” an organic affair dealing with the raw emotions

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The tone of Minnesota singer-songwriter, Annie Fitzgerald’s, latest album “You & Me & the Sun”, is set between folk, pop and rock strains, in an organic affair dealing with the raw emotions around life’s inner struggles and unexpected little joys. Tinged with both hints of heartbreak and rays of hope, the album thankfully stays away from self-pity, instead taking a more philosophical and endearing view. Each song featured on this album endeavors to treat the listener to an array of beautifully written and inspiring lyrics, in combination with a myriad of equally stunning melodies. These songs demonstrate Annie’s talents as a singer-songwriter, and one who is not afraid to put her heart on her sleeve, in what sounds like very personal experiences. You simply can’t write or sing a heartfelt song like “Goodbye Now” without having been in that very place in your lifetime.

Of course, the album’s contents is heavily reliant upon slower-to-mid-tempo songs, which is what Annie does best of all. “I Won’t Walk Away” and “Spellbound” are perfect examples of this remarkable gift, and will undoubtedly conjure up emotion for most listeners because of the raw, ardent lyrics that are so vividly conveyed by the singer’s extraordinarily gracious voice.

Moreover Annie Fitzgerald performs her music to tell a story and not to earn a quick wage, which makes this album something truly unique. Listen to the captivating “Rest of Me” and the title track, “You & Me & the Sun” to grasp how Annie cleverly spins her tales.

If you’re someone primarily attracted by the sound aesthetics, and then subsequently locked in by the substance of a song, you’re in luck, because Annie kicks of the album in high style with “Be Like Tree”, a song that has one of the most engaging basslines I’ve heard in a long while – it’s as rhythmic as it is melodic.

“Listen Carefully” takes us straight into Top40 territory as Annie breezily swoons over an uncomplicated guitar and piano driven beat. Just so you know the lady has grit to spare, “Black & Blue” is a bluesy rocker filled with over-driven guitars and her soaring vocals.

A blend of Tori Amos’ intellectual appeal, Sarah McLachlan’s mystical charm and Edie Brickell’s baroque spirit, Annie Fitzgerald is able to create an array of vocal nuances, all of which she forges on “Feels Like Summer”. The echoing of her voice and the guitar strums will give you the chills.

A combination of dominant instrumentation, strong lyrics and flowing vocals make this one of the album’s most impactful tracks. Annie Fitzgerald is such a gifted artist. She really knows how to convey emotion through all elements of a song, which is totally admirable.

Produced by Danny O’Brien, “You & Me & the Sun” is a rewarding album that shows off Annie Fitzgerald’s talent through its artistically fascinating songs, making for an emotionally compelling recording. From beginning to end, the audience may feel as if it is getting an in-depth look into Annie’s personal diary, her mind and her heart.

The solo female artist market is currently headed by, well, you know who, but on this showing Annie Fitzgerald could leave them behind, as she combines fantastic vocals with infinitely more charming tunes.


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