Aze Hi – “ThroW Ya CuPs Up” grabs the listener’s attention!

Aze Hi – “ThroW Ya CuPs Up” grabs the listener’s attention!

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“Presuming that violence is a part of human nature and hence triggers an instinctive fascination in many humans that is beyond categories like good and evil, it can be stated that a large part of rap’s attraction is based on violence. Of all the different elements of rap narratives, violence and crime seem to be the most enduring ones,” wrote Emal Ghamsharick in one of his seminar papers, continuing. “The most successful rap artists were often also the ones that delivered the most realistic narratives of both elements. For as long as rap music has become a product, the lyrics and the imagery has evolved mainly about the depiction and imitation of criminal lifestyles.” Obviously it is far too simplistic to portray rap artists as perpetuators of criminal behavior without placing the artists and their life experiences in context.

However it certainly was refreshing when an artist like Michael Gould, aka Aze Hi came along with positive and inspiring music like his single “Die For No Reason”. The song directly tackled the theme of violence and the consequences thereof. It was proof that some rappers understood the impact of violent behavior enough to ask listeners to stop the violence. “Die For No Reason” became an award-winning song that has been played on multiple radio stations.

Now the rapper is back with his brand new banging, feel-good single “ThroW Ya CuPs Up”. Aze Hi aims for a style of delivery that is catchy and melodic in essence. It’s a balance that the artist confidently strikes throughout the song.

Deep and philosophical on his previous release where Aze Hi was every lyrical hip-hop fan’s dream. On this track the rapper, shows how he can switch the template with ease, throwing in tons of lighthearted swagger and groove into the mix.

Aze Hi’s layered metaphors are now joined by clever wordplay, along with his resonant voice, which grabs the listener’s attention, while it’s the energy he puts into the track that keeps them there.

As always, Aze Hi is focused on the world around him, and understands how to weave his storytelling around the listener’s ear. He truly is one of the better rappers that are out nowadays because he knows how to flow and how to make catchy music, without falling into negative tropes.

 Aze Hi is carving out his own path, which looks a lot different from the one his contemporaries are bursting on the scene with. Clean tracks and well produced songs are among the reasons why. When you listen to “ThroW Ya CuPs Up”, you know it is a hit.

The bass line underscores the banging drumbeat perfectly. All these musical components are complimented by a signature sing and chant melody that ties the track together very nicely. Honestly, Aze Hi is a breath of fresh air when so many artists currently sound the same.

Notwithstanding that this is a track for the here and now, old school vibes permeate throughout “ThroW Ya CuPs Up”. That could be why, unlike many other modern rappers, Aze Hi feels legitimate. He is the real deal. He takes his craft seriously.


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