Azuma Mazi: “Miss me on that!” – a voice like honey and a breathtakingly broad musical palette!

Azuma Mazi: “Miss me on that!” – a voice like honey and a breathtakingly broad musical palette!

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Only occasionally does a mainstream artist manage to pull off incorporating the sounds of underground electronic music without stripping it of its vitality and implementing only it’s most commercially accessible conventions. Now Smash Hits/Fearless One Records presents the Japanese / Italian rapper / singer and song writer, Azuma Mazi who is thoughtful and has a voice like honey and a breathtakingly broad musical palette on his latest release, “Miss me on that!”

Azuma Mazi
Azuma Mazi

The track sums up the qualities that give Azuma Mazi his appeal: smart sampling, superbly pitched-up vocals, sagacious rapping and a finely tuned ear for infectious beats and rhythms. Even if you’re fairly alienated from rap and hip-hop music, Mazi is extremely hard to resist if there is a musical bone in your body.

The song is perfectly written and the beat does not completely take over the song which is rare when it comes to today’s hip hop. The complex but simple instrumental, soulful lyrics and great storytelling all come together well here. Execution is the key to the success of any track and Azuma Mazi proves himself to be a perfectionist.

Azuma-Mazi-300The title fits the music quality on the track to the tee and the whole concept, sound, creativity, craft and vision of “Miss me on that!” is totally amazing and utterly genius.

The song captures moments of Mazi’s feelings and his point of view and it takes you on a ride of basically what goes on in the life, experiences and mind of Azuma Mazi.

If you’re into music that serves a purpose, great quality and really talks about something interesting, different and unique then I suggest and recommend that you purchase this single bottom line.

If you’re a fan it’s worth the hassle, worth the hype and definitely worth the money so go out and support Azuma Mazi. Don’t be afraid to experiment and try out new music, broaden up your horizons and diversity towards everything else or you’ll surely miss out on a lot of good artists in life.


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